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FIONA FONG, Mental Strength Coach

Introducing Medeo’s first mental strength coach! Her name is Fiona Fong and she’s been a member of Medeo and a fencer for 8 years. Fiona graduated from Temple University as a Psychology major in the honors college. During her time at Temple, she was a member and squad captain of the Division I fencing team, aiding in their status as Top 10 women’s fencing team, according to the CF360 Coaches’ Poll. Currently, Fiona acts as an assistant coach at Medeo, leading some of the group classes. She, also, acts as an intern for the sports psychology practice Mindful Athlete Training, working one on one with athletes to improve their mental strength. Booking a private session with Fiona can help an athlete reduce anxiety during competition, train their ability to focus, and reach their potential peak performance. Schedule your session today!