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Coach Boris, besides being extremely experienced, is a positive-minded, focused, intelligent and energetic teacher. He has great communication skills and works well with all ages and levels. Coach Boris himself is extremely athletic and fit himself, evidence of his own sport-mindedness and athletic goals realized. He has personally declared his love for the sport of fencing and once you see him in action, you will see that within this world of fencing is where he belongs. We are lucky to have him here at Medeo as a coach and teacher. Coach Boris is available for private lessons on Mondays & Thursdays.


Coaching History

1981: Retires as a fencer and begins his coaching career in Uzbekistan, eventually receiving numerous awards for distinguished coaching and Masters Degree in fencing.

1991: Arrives in NYC

Coaches for the NY Athletic Club and NYU until 2001
1995-2000: Coaches Chris O'Loughlin (National Champion and member of the US Olympic Team, Pan-American team, World University and National Championship teams)
Also coached Michael Augrichtig (A US National Champion, current fencing chairman of the NYAC and current Head Fencing Coach of Columbia University)

2001: Coached at NY Fencer's Club where he coached Kari Coley, a member of various World & National Championship teams.

Boris' Personal Fencing History Highlights

1981 Gold: USSR Epee National Championships
        Gold: Class A (Div I) Competition, Italy
1980 Silver: USSR National Championships 
1979 Silver: USSR National Championships
        Silver: Class A Competition, Hungary
1978 Silver: USSR National Championships
         Silver: Class A Competition, Germany

1977 Gold: USSR National Championships
1976 Gold: USSR National Championships

        Gold: Eastern Bloc Championships
         Gold: Junior World Championships
1975 Silver: USSR National Championships
         Gold: Eastern Bloc Championships
         Semi-Finalist: World Championships



1973-1977 Uzbekistan Federal Institute of Physical Education, Tashkent, Usbekistan
    Degree in Fencing includes academic courses in physiology, psychology, biology, biochemistry and education.

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