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Goldfinch ROC D1A, Vet, RJCC March 25-26, 2023 Metuchen NJ
Junior ME (92 fencers)
Aidan Kumar 6th
Ethan ZHANG – 15th, earns B23 rating

Cadet ME (54 fencers)


Ben Mao – SILVER


Vet WE (19 fencers)

Julia Ganser – BRONZE


DIV 1A ME (117 fencers)

Ben Mao – 6th, earns A23 rating


DIV 1A WE (38 fencers)

Sarah Gu – GOLD

Junior MF (67 fencers)
Alex Ligos 3T Earns B!

Cadet MF (41 fencers)
Bora Akyamac 3T Renews D

Morris Cup Spring RYC/RJCC  March 18-19, Metuchen NJ

Y12 ME (48 fencers)


Jayden Chen – 6th

Y14 ME (65 fencers)

Leonardo Chen – SILVER

Enzo STAUDINGER – BRONZE, earns D23 rating

Judah KRAUSS – 8th, earns E23

Y14 MF (69 fencers)
Bora Akyamac 7th

Junior ME (83 fencers)

Ethan Agaon – 7th, earns A23 rating

Arya Reddy – 31st, renews D23 rating

Y10 WE (27 fencers)


Jennifer Ju – 8th

Y12 WE (37 fencers)

Nika Ganser – GOLD

Kate Borotko – 5th

Junior WE (59 fencers)
Audrey MISHIMA – 7th, earns C23 rating

2021-22 Region 3 Patch Winners Announced by USA Fencing!   August 23, 2022

Congratulations to all Medeo 2021-22 Regional Patch Winners:


Junior ME

Larry He - Silver


Junior WE

Emma Ni - GOLD


Cadet WE

Katie Lin - GOLD

Alexandra Drovetsky - Silver


Y14 ME

Tarun Mahesh - Silver


Y14 WE

Eva Kumar - Silver


Y12 WE

Anastasia Novojilov - GOLD

Nika Ganser - Silver


Y10 WE

Katerina Borotko - GOLD


Congratulations fencers, coaches and parent! Great job!

Representing Medeo Fencing Club at the 2022 Summer National Championships in Minneapolis, MN, 

listed with their competition categories and medal earned, were:

  1. Alexa Drovetsky – Div 1A WE - GOLD National Champion

  2. Amy Mao – Div 1A WE - 7th place medal

  3. Jessica Lin – JWE - BRONZE

  4. Sarah Gu –  JWE - 5th Place medal

  5. Sarah Gu –  CWE – SILVER

  6. Anousheh Reid – CWE - 7th place medal

  7. Alexander Bezrodnov – CME – GOLD

  8. Ethan Boroditsky – CME - 8th place medal

  9. Reid Kokenge – Y14 ME - SILVER

  10. Yuliya Ganser – Vet 50 WE –  SILVER

  11. Alexei Novojilov – Div II ME – SILVER

  12. Yuliya Gancer – Veteran Woman’s Team (The Roses) - GOLD

  13. Katerina Borotko – Y10 WE – BRONZE



Great results for Medeo fencers at the American Challenge RYC/RJC (Metuchen, NJ):

 November 21, 2022

Y10 WE

Anika Adyanthaya - GOLD


Y12 WE

Madisen WU - Silver

Nika Ganser - Bronze

Katerina Borotko - 6th place


Y12 ME

Jayden Chen- GOLD

Max Lychko - 5th



Audrey Mishima - Bronze

Nika Ganser - 5th place (earns E22 rating)



Benjamin Mao - Bronze (earns D22 rating)


Junior WE

Sarah Gu - Silver

Sharika Gajjala - 6th place


Junior ME

Michael Bezrodnov - Bronze (earns A22 rating!)

Lawrence He - 5th place

Reid Kokenge - 7th place

Tarun Manesh - 8th place (earns A22 rating!)


Y14 MF

Bora Akyamac - 7th


Congratulations to all the fencers, parents and coaches. 

Top 32 Results at the Div I Championships and April, 2022 NAC in Charlotte, NC 

Div 2 WE
Judy Gao 10
Katrina Zeng 28

Ethan Boroditsky 15
Zach Suico 21
Michael Bezrodnov 23

Alexander Bezrodnov 7 (Earns A!)
Ethan Boroditsky 10
Michael Bezrodnov 32

Sarah Gu SILVER (Renews A)
Sharika Gajjala 17

Div 1 WE
Sarah Gu 10
Alexa Drovetsky 22
Anousheh Reid 31

Div 2 ME
Tarun Mahesh 18

Sarah Gu 9
Meghana Paturu 21
Amy Mao 23
Alexa Drovetsky 27 
Sharika Gajjala 30

March NAC Medalists 

March 9, 2022

Congratulations to our top four finishers:
Anousheh Reid winning SILVER in Y14 WE event (out of 119 fencers)
Michael Bezrodnov and Alexandr Bezrodnov winning SILVER and BRONZE in Y14 ME event (out of 176 fencers)
Julia Ganser winning SIVER in Vet50 WE event (out 28 fencers) 

Honorable mentions to the following fencers for making top 16:
Reid Kokenge placing 9th in Y14 ME (out of 176)
Ben Mao placing 10th in Y12 ME (out of 115)
Katerina Borotko 13th in Y10 WE (out of 46)


Congratulations fencers, coaches and parents! GO MEDEO!

Top Results! JULY Challenge in Salt Lake City

July 28, 2021

JULY CHALLENGE 2021 Salt Lake City –Top 32

Cadet Women’s Epee:
Sarah Gu- GOLD
Alexa Drovetsky- 6th
Anousheh Reid- 8th (Earns A!)
Amy Mao- 11th (Earns B!)
Katie Lin- 16th

Jr Men’s Epee Team:
6th: Clark Kokenge, Reid Kokenge, Anitya Kumar & Zach Suico

Cadet Men’s Epee:
Tora Mishima- 8th
Reid Kokenge- 16th
Larry He- 23rd

Jr. Women’s Epee:
Sarah Gu- SILVER
Meghana Paturu- 7th
Alexa Drovetsky- 11th
Jessica Lin- 19T
Sharika Gajjala- 29th

Gold Finch Regionals: King of Prussia, PA 5/14-16

May 17, 2021

Anna Damratoski 7th
Cynthia Ming 9th
Alisha Li 13th
Katrina Zeng 14th

Y10 WE:
Nika Ganser GOLD

Div1A ME:
Anitya Kumar SILVER
Ethan Clark 10th
Tora Mishima 11th
Nicholas Smith 15th

Div1A WE:
Judy Gao 9th
Emma Ni 12th

Y14 ME:
Sasha Bezrodnov GOLD Earns B
Misha Bezrodnov SILVER Earns C
Daniel Gao BRONZE
Ethan Clark 10th
Reid Kokenge 12th
Aidan Kumar 13th

Nicholas Smith 5th Renews B
Anitya Kumar 7th
Alexei Novojilov 12th Earns C
Daniel Gao 13T

Eva Kumar 13th
Audrey Mishima 16th

Anna Damratoski GOLD
Chloe Yang BRONZE Earns D
Ella Chang 15th
Katrina Zeng 16th

Vet ME:
Sergey Suponya GOLD Renews A
Mike Reid 11th 
Chad Kokenge 13th

Quinlan Miller BRONZE
Nicholas Park 14th
Ben Mao 15th

Vet WE: 
Julia Ganser SILVER

JJ Whitehurst BRONZE
Tora Mishima 9th

Anna Damratoski 9th
Amy Mao 10th
Anousheh Reid 12th
Alisha Li 13th

Daniel Gao 6th
Reid Kokenge 9th
Sasha Bezrodnov 10th
Misha Bezrodnov 13th

Y12 WE:
Eva Kumar GOLD 
Audrey Mishima 6th
Anastasia Chatikhine 8th
Stacy Novojilov 16th

Results from the May NAC in Richmond!

May 6, 2021

May North American Cup 

Top Medeo Results:

Daniel Gao BRONZE -Earns B (again)!
Sasha Bezrodnov 7th -Earns C!

Sharika Gajjala BRONZE

Cadet WE:
Meghana Paturu GOLD
Alexa Drovetsky 12th
Sarah Gu 14th
Amy Mao 18th
Anna Damratoski 26th

Div I ME:
Anitya Kumar 12th

Div I WE:
Meghana Paturu 6th
Kai Liu 10th
Sarah Gu 21st
Sharika Gajjala 29th

Cadet ME:
Jorge Gana 24th

Jr ME:
19T Nicholas Smith

Jr WE:
Alexa Drovetsky 21st
Sarah Gu 26th

Weekend Top Results

April 26, 2021

Morris Cup RYC 4/24-25
Y10 WE: Kate Borotko- Bronze
Y14 MF: Wyatt Kovacs- 13th
Y14WE: Eva Kumar- Bronze
Y12 ME: Nick Park- Bronze
Ben Mao- 6th
Georgii Ratushnyi- 7th
14 ME: Misha Bezrodnov- GOLD
Frederick Park- Bronze
Sasha Bezrodnov- Bronze
Nick Park: 10th

Jeff Wolfe ROC at Mission
Div1A WE: Sharika Gajjala- GOLD -renews B
Anna Damratoski- Silver
Ameera Ebrahim- Bronze -renews C
Emma Ni- 6th
Anousheh Reid 7th
Alisha Li- 8th
Div1A ME: Larry He- Bronze -renews C

NJ High School Championships
WE: Cynthia Ming- Silver
Victoria Chernyshova- Bronze
ME: Jorge Gana- GOLD
Tora Mishima- Bronze
JJ Whitehurst- Bronze
Raaid Khan- 7th
Frank Liu- 8th
Eddie Matto- 11th
Alexei Novojilov- 14th
MF: Ben Hergert- GOLD -earns B
Kieran Choi-Slattery- 8th -earns D

April 9, 2021

Congrats to Jessica Lin for winning the SILVER at the Junior 2021 World Championships in Cairo!

Also, congratulations to her coach, Yakov, and all the other coaches that have also contributed to Jessica's success!

Watch the FINALS (Top 4) here:


Also, GOLD at the Div I NAC in Fort Worth!!!

2019-2020 Tournament Results

Feb 14-17, 2020

Junior Olympic Championships                                       Columbus, OH

CDT ME: Marakov, Allen 6th place medal

JNR WE: Gu, Sarah 17th, Lin, Katie 24th, Paturu, Meghana 46th, Ni, Emma 47th, Drovetsky, Alexandra 49th, Zhang, Maya 53rd

JNR ME: Marakov, Allen 27th, Kokenge, Clark 28th

CDT MF: Rege, Advaith 34th

CDT WE: Lin, Katie 9th Renew B! Paturu, Meghana 41st, Mao, Amy 42nd


Feb 8 - 9, 2020

THRUST WINTER RYC/RJCC                                               Suffern, NY

JNR MF: Hergert, Benito 5th

CDT ME: Kokenge, Reid 9th, Lee, Hudson 12th, Mishima, Torata 15th

Y12 WE: Liu, Charlotte 15th

CDT WE: Paturu, Meghana Gold medal Earn A! Lin, Jessica Silver medal, Drovetsky, Alexandra Bronze medal Renew B! Lin, Katie 10th, Gu, Sarah 15th

Y12 ME: Bezrodnov, Michael Silver medal, Bezrodnov, Alexander Bronze medal, Park, Nicholas 5th place medal

JNR ME: Smith, Nicholas Silver medal renew C! Li, Jeffrey 16th

JNR WE: Kulkarni, Diya 7th place medal, Reid, Anousheh 8th place medal, Mao, Amy 10th, Ming, Cynthia 14th, Li, Alisha 16th

Y10 WE: Mishima, Audrey Gold medal, kumar, Eva Bronze medal, Borotko, Katerina 11th

Y14 ME: Bezrodnov, Alexander Silver medal, Bezrodnov, Michael Bronze medal, Kumar, Aidan 7th place medal, Park, Frederick 9th, Kokenge, Reid 10th, Mishima, Torata 12th, Boroditsky, Ethan 16th


Feb 3, 2020

Radical Fencing Senior Women’s Epee Grand Prix III                   New York, NY

Senior WE: Drovetsky, Alexandra 6th place medal, Long, Cindy 8th place medal, Lin, Katie 12th, Ni, Emma 15th


Feb 2, 2020

Groundhog Day Y8/10/12 Medeo Epee Challenge                                 Bridgewater, NJ

Y10 Mixed Epee: Kumar, Eva Gold medal, Mishma, Audrey Silver medal, Novojilov, Anastasia Bronze medal, Novojilov, Daniel 5th place medal, Lin, Laura 6th place medal, Ganser, Nicole 9th, Czepla, Andrew 10th, Brotko Katerina 11th

Y12 ME: Bezrodnov, Alexander Gold medal, Bezrodnov, Michael Bronze medal, Park, Nicholas 5th place medal, Martini, Alex T 6th place medal, Mahesh, Tarun 7th place medal, Staudinger, Enzo 10th, Novojilov, Daniel 12th, Ratushnyi, Georgii 13th, Miller, Quinlan 14th, Czepla, Andrew 15th

Y12 WE: Liu, Charlotte Gold medal, Kumar, Eva Silver medal, Chahai, Sidak bronze medal, Mishima, Audrey Bronze medal, Datia, Akshara 5th place medal, Lu, Ainslie 6th place medal, Cai, Helen 7th place medal, Novojilov, Anastasia 8th place medal

Feb 1 - 2, 2020

Boston Fencing Club ROC                                    Boston, MA

Div2 MF: Hergert, Benito Bronze medal

Jan 25 - 26, 2020

Gold Finch ROC                                                                      Manalapan, NJ

Div2 WE: Chernyshova, Victoria Bronze medal Renew D! Guzzi, Jordan 8th place medal renew E! Hosanagar, Inchara 11th, Gao, Judy 12th

JNR ME: Li, Jeffrey 8th place medal Earn D!

VET WE: Ganser, Yuliya Gold medal

Div2 ME: Smith, Nicholas Silver medal

CDT WE: Gajjala, Sharika Bronze medal earn D! Mao Amy Bronze medal, Guzzi, Jordan 10th, Ming, Cynthia 12th, Chernyshova, Victoria 13th

JNR WE: Hosanagar, Inchara 12th

Div1A WE: Liu, Charlene (Kai) Gold medal renew A! Gu, Sarah renew B! Long, Cindy 10th

CDT ME: Gao, Daniel 5th place medal, Kern, Joseph 7th place medal, Wang, Max 9th


Jan 18 - 20, 2020

Capitol Clash SYC, RCC                                                        National Harbor, MD

Y8 WE: Chernyshova, Karina 8th place medal

Y14 WE: Drovetsky, Alexandra 5th place medal, Reid, Anousheh 6th place medal Earn C! Gu Sarah 8th place medal, Gajjala, Sharika 10th Earn D!

Y10 WE: kumar, Eva 10th, Mishima, Audrey 14th

Y10 ME: Mao, Benjamin 12th

Y8 WF: Chernyshova, Karina 16th

CDT WE: Mao, Amy 5th place medal Renew C! Gu, Sarah 11th

Y12 WE: Gajjala, Sharika 9th


Jan 19, 2020

Fencers Club High Schools Fencing Championship                                              New York, NY

WE: Long, Cindy Silver medal

Mixed Foil: Shadpoor, Ryan Silver medal

Jan 17, 2020

Freehold Fencing’s E & Under Epee                       Freehold, NJ

Senior ME: Novojilov, Alexi Silver medal

Senior WE: Cordero, Allison Gold medal


Jan 12, 2020

KSA and Phoenix Sabre & Epee Tournament                                                        Poughkeepsie, NY

SNR Mixed Epee: Park, Frederick 13th

Div3 WE: Ming, Cynthia Bronze medal, Cordero, Allison Bronze medal, Hosanagar, Inchara 6th place medal,


Jan 5, 2020

Fencers Club Veteran Foil & Epee                                                                New York, NY

VET Mixed Epee: Ganser, Yuliya Bronze medal

Jan 3 - 6, 2020

January NAC                                                                                              Charlotte, NC

Div1 WE: Komar, Sofia 6th Place Medal Renewed A20! Constantino, Lola 7th Place Medal Renewed A20! Paturu, Meghana 33rd, Liu, Charlene (Kai) 40th, Drovetsky, Alexandra 48th, Lin, Katie 62nd, Lin, Jessica 66th

JNR WE: Constantino, Lola 5th Place Medal, Lin, Jessica 18th, Komar, Sofia 20th, Lin, Katie 27th, Gu, Sarah 30th, Paturu, Meghana 46th, Drovetsky, Alexandra 50th

JNR ME: Kokenge, Clark 49th


Dec 27 - 29, 2019  

Cobra Challenge Div1A/Div2 ROC                                                    Jersey City NJ

Div1A WE: Ni, Emma Bronze Medal, Drovetsky, Alexandra 6th Place Medal, Chan, Elizabeth 8th Place Medal, Long, Cindy 12th, Mao, Amy 14th

Div2 WE: Glassner, Sophia Rose Bronze Medal, Yang, Chloe 5th Place Medal Earn E19! Li, Alish 9th Place Medal

Div1A ME: Kokenge, Clark 9th, Suponya, Sergey 11th

Div2 ME: Li, Jeffrey 14th, Wang, Eric S 6th


Dec 14 - 15, 2019

Boston Fencing Club RYC                                                                            Boston, MA

Y14WF: Zamlynny, Maya Bronze Medal

Y12ME: Mahesh, Tarun 16th


Dec 13 - 15, 2019

Salt Lake City SJCC                                                                                  Salt Lake City, UT

JNR ME: Kokenge, Clark Gold Medal

CDT WE: Gu, Sarah 9th, Chan, Elizabeth 16th, Long, Cindy 35th

JNR WE: Gu, Sarah Bronze Medal Earned B19! Long, Cindy 24th, Chan, Elizabeth 29th, Ni, Emma 37th


Dec 6 - 8, 2019

NJFA RJCC & RYC                                                                                             Maplewood, NJ                  

Y12MF: Kovacs, Wyatt Silver Medal

Y14 ME: Mishima, Torata Silver Medal, Chang, Benjamin 6th Place Medal, Novojilov, Alexei 7th Place Medal

Y12 ME: Kokenge, Reid Gold Medal, Park, Nicholas 7th Place Medal

Y10 WE: kumar, Eva Silver Medal, Mishima, Audrey Bronze Medal

JNR ME: Kokenge, Clark 10th

CDT ME: Boroditsky, Ethan 14th

Y12 WE: Chatikhine, Anastasia 5th Place Medal, Mishima, Audrey 8th Place Medal

JNR WE: Li, Alisha Bronze Earn D19! Reid, Anousheh 10th


Dec 6 - 9, 2019

December NAC                                                                                       Salt Lake City, UT

Div2 WE: Mao, Amy 7th Place Medal, Tomasello, Olivia 27th, Glassner, Sophia Rose 29th

Vet 40 ME: Chernyshov, Max Bronze Medal

Vet 50 ME: Hergert, Earl 36th

Div1 WE: Liu, Charlene (Kai) 12th , Lin, Jessica 32th  , Komar, Sofia 46th, Drovetsky, Alexandra 48th

Div1 ME: Stusnick, Hunter 54th

Vet60 WE: Midgley, Janice 19th

Vet WE: Midgley, Janice 16th

Nov 29-Dec 1, 2019

Cobra Challenge SYC                                                                                        Secaucus, NJ

CDT WE: Lin, Katie 7th Place Medal, Long, Cindy 13th

Y8 Mix Epee: Borotko, Katerina 8th Place Medal

Y10 ME: Mao, Benjamin 12th

Y12 WE: Gajjala, Sharika 6th Place Medal, Reid, Anousheh 9th

Y10 WE: kumar, Eva 5th Place Medal, Mishima, Audrey 14th, Novojilov, Anastasia 16th

Y14 WE: Drovetsky, Alexandra Silver Medal, Lin, Katie Bronze Medal, Gu, Sarah 5th Place Medal

Y12 ME: Kokenge, Reid 3rd Place Medal, Bezrodnov, Alexander 3rd Place Medal


Nov 16-17, 2019

Neil Lazar RYC/RJCC                                                                                   New Haven, CT

JNR WE: Gu, Sarah 5th Place Medal, Reid, Anousheh 8th Place Medal, Mok, Chloe 16th

Y14 ME: Kokenge, Reid 14th

Nov 8-11, 2019

November NAC                                                                                           Milwaukee, WI

JNR WE: KOMAR Sofia, Gold Medal, LIN Jessica, 11th, KULKARNI Diya, 47th, DROVETSKY Alexandra, 64th

CDT MF: REGE Advaith, 47th

CDT ME: MARAKOV Allen, 23rd,

CDT WE: LIN Jessica, Bronze Medal, PATURU Meghana, 10th, LIN Katie, 11th, GU Sarah, 27th, REID Anousheh, 57th, DROVETSKY Alexandra, 59th, LONG Cindy, 62nd, ZENG Katrina, 64th

Y14 WE: LIN Katie, Bronze Medal, DROVETSKY Alexandra, 23rd, GAJJALA Sharika, 24th, GU Sarah, 31st, REID Anousheh, 47th, MING Cynthia, 57th

JNR ME: MILLER Finn, Gold Medal, MARAKOV Allen, 12th,


Nov 2-3, 2019

Thrust Fall ROC/RYC                                                                            Suffern, NY

Div1A ME: Stusnick, Hunter, 8th place medal

Y10 ME: Novojilov, Daniel, Bronze Medal

Y14 WE: Hosanagar, Inchara, 9th, Pan, Iris, 16th

VET WE: Ganser, Yuliya, 7th Place Medal,

Y10 WE: Mishima, Audrey, 5th Place Medal, Novojilov, Anastasia, 9th, GANSER, Nicole, 13th

Y14 ME: Kokenge, Reid, 8th Place Medal, Earned E19! Bezrodnov, Michael, 11th, Fussman, Yuval, 16th

Div1A WE: Chan, Elizabeth, Bronze Medal, Drovetsky, Alexandra, Bronze Medal, Ni, Emma, 6th Place Medal, Lin, Katie, 10th, Ming, Cynthia, 15th, Cordero, Allison, 16th,

Y12 ME: Bezrodnov, Alexander, Gold, Bezrodnov, Michael, Bronze Medal

Div2 WE: Yang, Chloe, 12th

Y12 WE: Chatikhine, Anastasia, 8th Place Medal, Mishima, Audrey, 11th, Liu, Charlotte, 13th


Oct 20, 2019

Fencers Club Veteran Cup                                                                       New York, NY

VET WE: Ganser, Yuliya, Silver Medal


Oct 18-21, 2019

October NAC                                                                                               Kansas City, MO

CDT WE: Lin, Jessica, Silver Medal, Ebrahim, Ameera-22nd, Earned C19, Lin, Katie, 28th, Reid, Anousheh, 32nd, Gu, Sarah, 40th, Drovetsky, Alexandra, 41st, Long, Cindy, 57th, Mao, Amy, 58th, Paturu, Meghana, 59th

CDT ME: Marakov, Allen, 48th

Div1 WE: Lin, Jessica, 6th Place Medal, Constantino, Lola, 29th, Gu, Sarah, 40th, Komar, Sofia, 43rd, Paturu, Meghana, 53rd, Drovetsky, Alexandra, 59th,

Div2 WE: Mao, Amy, 19th, Ebrahim, Ameera, 29th, Gu, Sarah, 31st, Goldberg, Sophie, 55th, Singh, Aayushi, 60th, Glassner, Sophia Rose, 61st


Oct 12-13, 2019

Ben Gutenberg RYC/RJCC & Div1A                                                                      Brockport, NY

Y14 ME: Park, Nicholas, 10th

Y14 WE: Hosanagar, Inchara, 7th Place Medal

JNR WE: Hosanagar, Inchara, 5th Place Medal


Oct 13, 2019

Fencers Club Women’s Epee Grand Prix I                 New York, NY

WE: Lin, Jessica Gold Medal, Earned A2019! Lin Katie, Bronze Medal, Ni Emma, Bronze Medal, Earned B2019, Drovetsky, Alexandra, 8th,


 Oct 5-6, 2019

American Challenge ROC & RJC                                                             Madison, NJ

JNR ME: Kokenge, Clark, 5th Place Medal, Ding, Phillip, 9th, Earned C19!

Div2 WE: Gu, Sarah, 9th

VET MF: Pantel, Glenn, Gold Medal

JNR MF: Rege, Advaith, 12th

VET WE: Ganser, Yuliya, 8th Place Medal

JNR WE: Zhang, Maya, Bronze Medal, Earned C19! Yoon Julia, 5th Place Medal, Ebrahim, Ameera, 6th Place Medal, Yao, Jillian, 10th, Guzzi, Jordan, 11th, Earned E19! Gao, Judy, 13th, Ming, Cynthia, 14th

Div1A WE:  Lin, Katie, Silver Medal, Long Cindy, Bronze Medal, Drovetsky, Alexandra, 6th Place Medal, Kulkarni, Diya, 13th, Gu, Sarah, 16th

Sep 21 - 22, 2019

Mission RJCC                                                                         Rocky Point, NY


Ming, Cynthia 9th


Mao, Amy 12th, Ming, Cynthia 13th,


Sep 14-15  

Albert Chikayev Memorial ROC/RYC                                  Hackensack NJ

Div1A ME

Marakov, Allen 7th, Hergert, Earl 14th

Div2 MF

Hergert, Benito Silver medal,

Division II Women’s Epee

Ming, Cynthia Gold medal Earned C19, Mao, Amy Bronze medal, Chang, Ella 7th, Gu, Sarah 10th, Gao, Judy 13th, Li, Alisha  13th

Y14 ME

Boroditsky, Ethan 7th, Bezrodnov, Michael 9th, Mishima, Torata 15th

Y10 ME

Mao, Benjamin Bronze medal, Novojilov, Daniel 6th

Y12 ME

Bezrodnov, Michael Gold medal, Kokenge, Reid Silver medal, Bezrodnov, Alexander Bronze medal, Mao, Benjamin 15th

Div2 ME

Smith, Nicholas Silver medal, Mishima, Torata 15th

Y14 MF

Han, Lawrence 7th

Y14 WE

Reid, Anousheh Silver medal, Li, Alisha 6th, Zeng, Katrina 8th

Y10 WE

kumar, Eva Gold medal, Mishima, Audrey Silver medal, Novojilov, Anastasia 7th, Lin, Laura 8th


Zhang, Maya Bronze medal, Lin, Jessica 8th, Kulkarni, Diya 10th, Chan, Elizabeth 11th, Paturu, Meghana 12th, Yoon, Julia 15th

Y12 WE

kumar, Eva 12th

Y12 ME:

Reid Kokenge GOLD medal


Y14 ME:

Reid Kokenge BRONZE

Aidan Kumar - 8th place


Junior ME:

Clark Kokenge - 8th place (out of 64 fencers)

Y12 WE:
Eva Kumar - 5th place

Premier Challenge RYC/RJCC  (September 6-8)

Y10 ME:

Dan Novojilov - 6th place

Cadet WE:

Cindy Long - SILVER

Amy Mao - BRONZE earned C19 rating!!!

Elizabeth Chan - BRONZE

Alexa Drovetsky - 5th place

Cynthia Ming - 6th place earned D19 rating!!!!


Junior WE:

Meghana Paturu - GOLD 
Alexa Drovetsky - SILVER
Emma Ni - BRONZE

Diya Kulkarni - 6t place

Amy Mao - 7th place

Judy Gao - 8th place earned D19 rating!!!!

The Durkan Rooster RYC (August 17-18)

Congratulations to Reid Kokenge winning GOLD under Y12 ME. Michael Bezrodnov won BRONZE at the same category and Alex Bezrodnov finished 5th and he also won BRONZE under Y14 ME category. Great job!

Congratulations to Eva Kumar winning GOLD under Y12 WE, Charlotte Liu won BRONZE and Audrey Mishima finished 7th at the same category.

Congratulations on a podium swapt under Y14 WE: Sharika Gajjala - GOLD, Amy Mao - SILVER, Chloe Yang and Alisha Li - BRONZE. Katrina Zeng finished 5th, Iris Pan - 7th and Inchara Hosanagar - 8th. Great fencing, girls!!!!

Congratulation Benjamin Mao winning GOLD under Y10 Mixed Epee and Eva Kumar winning BRONZE.


Boston Fencing Club SYC (August 30-September 1)

Congratulations to Benjamin Mao winning BRONZE under Y10 ME category.

Congratulations to Reid Kokenge winning Bronze under Y12 ME category. 

Congratulations to Alexa Drovetsky winning GOLD and Sharika Gajjala winning SILVER under Y14 WE category. Amy Mao and Katie Lin finished 5th and 6th under the same category.

What a great way to start a season end earn National Points!

Local Tournaments

Congratulations to Ryan Shadpoor getting BRONZE at Fencers Club "D" & Under Foil Open, NY September 1st and earning E19 rating!


Congratulations to Ahmer Khan winning GOLD at Freehold Fencing's Div III Epee, NJ August 30th and earning E19 rating. He also got SILVER at Unrated Epee tournament at Freehold Club on August 23rd.


Congratulations to Ethan Clark and Daniel Magda getting BRONZE at Ice Cream EPEE OPEN at Medeo, NJ August 25th.

Congratulations to Ryan Hrapsky winning BRONZE at Freehold Fencing's Open Epee, NJ August 3rd.


June 28 – July 7

Summer Nationals & July challenge , Columbus OH

Junior WE: Komar Sofia 6th Place Medal, LIN Jessica Y. 10th, Ni Emma 23rd, CONSTANTINO Lola 26th, DROVETSKY Alexandra M. 41st, TOMASELLO Olivia E. 42nd, KULKARNI Diya 46th

Div 1 ME: MILLER Finn S. 30th, WIEDER Benjamin (Ben) J. 58th, MARAKOV Allen B. 59th,

Div 1A WE: TOMASELLO Olivia E.18th Earns C, CHAN Elizabeth 21st, KULKARNI Diya 23rd, NI Emma 48th, PATURU Meghana 48th,

Senior Team ME: KOKENGE Clark, MARAKOV Allen B., MILLER Finn S Bronze Medal

Div 1 WE: KOMAR Sofia 15th, CONSTANTINO Lola 32nd, LIN Jessica Y. 34th, YEFREMENKO Dariya (Dasha) 44th,

Vet40 WE: GANSER Yuliya 9th

Junior ME: MILLER Finn S. 48th, MARAKOV Allen B. 52th,

Div 1A ME: MILLER Finn S Bronze Medal, MARAKOV Allen B. Bronze Medal, KOKENGE Clark 35th

Cadet WE: LIN Jessica Y. 9th, PATURU Meghana 20th, DROVETSKY Alexandra M. 27th, GABERKORN Nadia 32nd, LIN Katie Y. 54th, GU Sarah 58th

Senior Team WE: KOMAR Sofia, CONSTANTINO Lola, GANSER Yuliya, KULKARNI Diya 4th Place Medal

Vet40 ME: CHERNYSHOV Max 7th Place Medal

Vet50 ME: SUPONYA Sergey 10th, HERGERT Earl 33rd, KOKENGE Chad 40th, MRAK Michael R. 43rd, REID Michael 57th

Cadet ME : MARAKOV Allen B. Bronze Medal

Div 2 ME: SMITH Nicholas S. 36th

Vet Team ME: SUPONYA Sergey, HERGERT Earl, CHERNYSHOV Max, MRAK Michael R. 7th Place Medal

Y14 WE: LIN Katie Y. 13th, GABERKORN Nadia 18th, PATURU Meghana 21st, DROVETSKY Alexandra M. 25th, CHAN Elizabeth 26th, REID Anousheh 30th, MAO Amy 31st, GU Sarah 42nd, GAJJALA Sharika R. 49th

Div 2 MF: HERGERT Benito 7th Place Medal

Div 3 WE: LIN Katie Y. Silver medal, TOMASELLO Olivia E. 9th, GAO Judy 22nd, GLASSNER Sophia Rose S. 27th, ZENG Katrina 30th, MAO Amy 47th, MING Cynthia 52nd, GOLDBERG Sophie C. 53rd,

Div 2 WE: LIN Katie Y. 9th, DROVETSKY Alexandra M. 18th, YAO Jillian 24th, GLASSNER Sophia Rose S. 53rd, CHANG Ella 62nd

Div 3 ME: HERGERT Benito 12th,

Y12 WE: GU Sarah Bronze Medal, GAJJALA Sharika R 7th place medal, REID Anousheh 18th, CHERNYSHOVA Victoria 38th

Div 3 MF: ALDRICH Peter 63rd

Y12 ME: BEZRODNOV Alexander 22th, KUMAR Aidan 28th, BEZRODNOV Michael 57th

Y10 ME: PARK Nicholas Silver Medal

Y10 WE: KUMAR Eva 43rd, LIU Charlotte 50th, MISHIMA Audrey 58th


LFA Epee Pre-nations Open                              Cedar Grove NJ

Senior ME: Clark, Ethan 10th



Absolute M/W Epee Challenge #3 at Medeo                                           Bridgewater NJ

Senior Mixed Epee: Clark, Ethan Bronze Medal,  Marakov, Allen Bronze Medal, Kokenge, Clark 7th Place Medal, Huang, Forest 12th, Li, Jeffrey 15th, Kokenge, Chad 16th


NYAC High School Epee Invitational                                                            New York NY

WE: Lin, Jessica Gold Medal, Constantino, Lola 10th



NYFA Youth Challenge Y8/10/12/14                                                             New York NY

Y14 Mixed Epee: Kokenge, Reid 10th



BCAF Men’s SN Tune-up Epee Open                                                             Lambertville NJ

Senior ME: Marakov, Allen Bronze Medal, Wang, Eric S. 7th Place Medal Earns C, Elamurugan, Kavin 8th Place Medal,  Kokenge, Clark 14th



Atlantic Fencing Academy Epee D3                                                               Tinton Falls NJ

Div 3 ME: Magda, Daniel Bronze Medal



Fencers Club Youth Epee                                                                                  New York NY

Y8 Mixed Epee: Lin, Laura 6th Place Medal 

Y14 WE: Lin, Katie Gold Medal, Gajjala, Sharika Bronze Medal, Ming, Cynthia 9th



The 25th Annual Tom Dann Epee Extravaganza                                          Camp Hill, PA

Senior Mixed Epee: Wang, Eric S. Bronze Medal Earns E



NSFC Vladimir Gofman Memorial                                                                 Great Neck NY

Senior ME: Marakov, Allen 9th

Senior WE: Yoon, Julia Gold Medal



Mr. Mac Cup 2019                                                                                 Burlington NJ

Y10 Mixed Epee: Kumar, Eva Gold Medal

Y10 MF: Akyamac, Bora 8th Placd Medal, Hosanagar, Ninad 10th

Y12 ME: Kumar, Aidan Gold Medal, Fussman, Yuval 6th Place Medal

Y12 WE: Kumar, Eva Bronze Medal

Y14 ME: Kokenge, Reid 5th Place Medal,   Kumar, Aidan 8th Place Medal

Y14 WE: Zeng, Katrina Gold Medal,  Mao, Amy Bronze Medal, Li, Alisha 5th Place Medal, Gao, Judy 7th Place Medal

Junior WE: Bonar, Natalia Silver Medal, Gao, Judy Bronze Medal, Zeng, Katrina 5th Place Medal

Senior ME: Kokenge, Clark Bronze Medal



Absolute M/W Epee Challenge #2 at Medeo                                             Bridgewater, NJ

ME: Van Den Bergh, Alexander Bronze Medal,  Chernyshov, Max 7th Place Medal, Clark, Ethan 8th Place Medal, Marakov, Allen 10, Wang, Eric S. 13th, Kokenge, Clark 14th, Suponya, Sergey 15th



Hub City Epee Youth                                                                                          Edison NJ

Y12 Mixed Epee: Kumar, Aidan Gold Medal, Kokenge, Reid Silver Medal, Wang, Max S Silver Medal, Fussman, Yuval 6th Place Medal

Y14 Mixed Epee: Kumar, Aidan Gold Medal, Fussman, Yuval Siliver Medal, Kokenge, Reid Bronze Medal, Wang, Max S 7th Place Medal

05/11/2019 - 05/12/2019

East Cost Challenge RJCC - Rockaway, NJ

CDTWE: DROVETSKY Alexandra Bronze medal; YAO Jillian 6th place medal; EBRAHIM Ameera 7th place medal Earns D! GU Sarah 15th; GAO Judy 16th

CDTME: SMITH Nicholas 11th

JNRME: MARAKOV Allen Silver medal Earns A!

JNRWE: LONG Cindy Silver medal; GU Sarah Bronze medal Earns C! DROVETSKY Alexandra 6th place medal; YAO Jillian 11th; GLASSNER Sophia 16th


Fencers Clube Junior Men's and Women's Epee - New York, NY

JNRWE: Lin, Jessica Silver medal; Paturu, Meghana 5th place medal; Kulkarni, Diya 7th place medal; Ni, Emma 8th place medal; Lin, Katie 9th


Absolut M/W Epee Challenge #1 at Medeo - Bridgewater, NJ

SNRME: Van Den Bergh, Alexander Gold medal; Suponya, Sergey Bronze medal; Clark, Ethan 7th place medal; Goebel, Alex 11th


Wanglie Youth Epee/Foil 1 - Windsor, NJ

Y12ME: Kumar, Aidan, Silver medal; Kokenge, Reid 5th place medal; Bezrodnov, Michael 6th place medal; Bezrodnov, Alexander 8th place medal; Gao, Daniel 10th

Y12WE: Chahal, Sidak Silver medal,

Y14ME: Bezrodnov, Alexander Bronze medal; Kumar, Aidan Bronze medal; Bezrodnov, Michael 7th place medal; Gao, Daniel 9th


Manchen Friday night "U" Foil - Whitehouse Station, NJ

SNRMF: Shadpoor, Ryan Bronze medal


Fencers Club Senior Men's Epee Grand Prix V - New York, NY

SNRME: Kokenge, Clark 9th; Marakov, Allen 10th

05/03/2019 - 05/05/2019

Mission SYC - Rocky Point, NY

Y14WE: Reid, Anousheh Silver medal Earns C! Ming, Cynthia 13th

Y12ME: Kumar, Aidan 10th; Kokenge, Reid 11th; Park, Frederick 13th

Y10ME: Park, Nicholas 9th

Y10WE: Mishima, Audrey 13th; kumar, Eva 14th

12/14/2018 – 12/17/2018

USA Fencing December North American Cup – Cincinnati, OH

Div1ME: WIEDER Benjamin 66th; MILLER Finn 147th; AJNSZTAJN Alec 148th

Div1MF: LEWICKI Max 120th

Div1WE: CONSTANTINO Lola 10th; LIU Charlene 34th; YEFREMENKO Dasha 38th; KOMAR Sofia 57th; DROVETSKY Alexandra 60th; LIN Jessica 66th; CHERRY Ashley 82nd; LONG Cindy 91st; KULKARNI Diya 105th; LIN Katie 110th; YAO Jillian 127th

Div2WE: DROVETSKY Alexandra Gold Medal – Earns B!  LONG Cindy Bronze Medal – Earns B!  TOMASELLO Olivia 32nd; YAO Jillian 38th; JANDURA Janet 68th  

SME: MILLER Finn 12th; AJNSZTAJN Alec 66th

VetWE: GANSER Yuliya Silver Medal!

Vet40WE: GANSER Yuliya Bronze Medal!  

Vet50ME: HERGERT Earl 25th  

Vet50WE: JANDURA Janet 22nd

Vet60WE: MIDGLEY Janice 6th Place Medal!

Vet70MS: BROWN Richard Bronze Medal!


12/08/2018 – 12/09/2018

Thrust Fall ROC Div1A/Div2 & Junior/Cadet – Suffern, NY

CME: BARSEMIAN Alexander Gold Medal!

Div1AME: MILLER Finn Silver Medal!  MARAKOV Allen 17th, KOKENGE Clark 28th, ELAMURUGAN Kavin 31st, SMITH Nicholas 44th, MRAK Michael 47th

Div1AMF: HERGERT Benito 43rd

Div1AWE: KOMAR Sofia Gold Medal!  LIN Jessica 6th Place Medal! DROVETSKY Alexandra 7th Place Medal!  NI Emma 11th, PATURU Meghana 12th, CHAN Elizabeth 13th, REID Sobia 18th, YOON Julia 19th, YAO Jillian 21st, GANSER Yuliya 26th

Div2ME: ELAMURUGAN Kavin Bronze Medal!  SMITH Nicholas 18th, DING Phillip 22nd, WANG Eric 33rd, REID Michael 34th 

Div2MF: HERGERT Benito 10th

Div2WE: ZHANG Maya Bronze Medal!  MINASSIAN Arianna 6th Place Medal!  REID Sobia 7th Place Medal!  LONG Cindy 9th, EBRAHIM Ameera 14th, GAO Judy 16th, CHAN Elizabeth 18th, MAO Amy 35th  

JWE: FITZPATRICK Kelly 6th Place Medal!  GLASSNER Sophia Rose 14th



Junior Women’s Épée World Cup – Luxembourg, Luxembourg

JWE: KOMAR Sofia 41st


11/24/2018 – 11/25/2018

European Fencing Confederation Cadet Circuit - Heidenheim, Germany

CWE: LIN Jessica Bronze Medal!

CTWE: Team USA 1 (LURYE Sarah; PIRKOWSKI Amanda; LIN Jessica; RAUSCH Ariana) Bronze Medal!



Junior Women's Épée World Cup – San Juan, Puerto Rico

JWE: CONSTANTINO Lola Bronze Medal!  KOMAR Sofia 10th


11/16/2018 – 11/18/2018

Gold Finch RJCC - Parsippany, NJ

CME: HERGERT Benito 9th – Earns E!  KOKENGE Clark 10th, SMITH Nicholas – Renews E!  PLECHAVICIUS Daniel 25th, LI Jeffrey 28th, WANG Eric S 29th, LIU Frank 38th, BARSEMIAN Alexander 41st 

CMF: REGE Advaith 14th

CWE: DROVETSKY Alexandra Gold Medal!  GAO Judy 7th Place Medal!  REID Sobia 9th, YAO Jillian 10th, Katie Lin 11th, REID Anousheh 12th, CHAN Elizabeth 15th, GU Sarah 16th, YANG Chloe 17th, TOMASELLO Olivia 20th, EBRAHIM Ameera 22nd, LI Alisha 23rd, MAO Amy 26th, CHANG Ella 29th, LI Allison 33rd, LIU Alice 34th, MOK Chloe 35th, MING Cynthia 36th, HOSANAGAR Inchara 37th

JME: MARAKOV Allen Bronze Medal!  PLECHAVICIUS Daniel 13th, KOKENGE Clark 22nd, SMITH Nicholas 26th, ELAMURUGAN Kavin 28th, LIU Frank 51st  

JMF: REGE Advaith 5th, HERGERT Benito 14th

JWE: KOMAR Sofia Gold Medal!  TOMASELLO Olivia Bronze Medal – Earns D!  CHAN Elizabeth 5th Place Medal!  GAO Judy 9th, EBRAHIM Ameera 12th, GLASSNER Sophia Rose 15th, MOK Chloe 16th, DROVETSKY Alexandra 17th, REID Sobia 21st, MING Cynthia 24th, MAO Amy 26th, GOLDBERG Sophie 27th, HOSANAGAR Inchara 30th, LIU Alice 31st

11/09/2018 – 11/12/2018

USA Fencing November North American Cup – Kansas City, MO

CME: MARAKOV Allen 25th, KOKENGE Clark 59th, SMITH Nicholas 144th, PLECHAVICIUS Daniel 185th

CWE:  LIN Jessica 5th Place Medal!  PATURU Meghana 10th, GABERKORN Nadia 42nd, KULKARNI Diya 63rd, YOON Julia 73rd, DROVETSKY Alexandra 79th, GU Sarah 82nd, CHAN Elizabeth 107th, NI Emma 133rd, REID Sobia 137th, TOMASELLO Olivia 168th, LIN Katie 172nd, EBRAHIM Ameera 188th, GOLDBERG Sophie 191st, MOK Chloe 198th

JME:  MILLER Finn 32nd, KOKENGE Clark 67th, SMITH Nicholas 109th, BANYON-MRAK Aiden 171st, MARAKOV Allen 212th

JWE:  KOMAR Sofia 11th, LIN Jessica 14th, DROVETSKY Alexandra 29th, KULKARNI Diya 36th, CONSTANTINO Lola 43rd, YEFREMENKO Dasha 44th, PATURU Meghana 45th, LIN Katie 49th, GABERKORN Nadia 63rd, CHAN Elizabeth 83rd, YOON Julia 121st, TOMASELLO Olivia 134th, NI Emma 136th, ZHANG Maya 144th, EBRAHIM Ameera 174th, GOLDBERG Sophie 176th, MOK Chloe 183rd

Y14WE:  PATURU Meghana 10th, CHAN Elizabeth 13th, GABERKORN Nadia 22nd, GU Sarah 29th, REID Sobia 45th, DROVETSKY Alexandra 49th, LIN Katie 53rd, REID Anousheh 56th



Fencers Club Women’s Epee Grand Prix II - New York, NY

WE:  Lola Constantino Gold Medal!  Diya Kulkarni 7th, Alexandra Drovetsky 8th, Katie Lin 13th

10/20/2018 – 10/21/2018

American Challenge ROC #1 – Parsippany, NJ

Div1AME:  MARAKOV Allen 14th - Earns B!  MILLER Finn 15th, KOKENGE Clark 18th, HERGERT Earl 25th, MRAK Michael 28th, ELAMURUGAN Kavin 58th, CHERNYSHOV Max 61st, SMITH Nicholas 74th, HUANG Forest 85th

Div1AMF:  REGE Advaith 30th, HERGERT Benito 48th, ENGEL Henry 53rd

Div1AMS:  MARSDEN Jack 53rd

Div1WE:  KOMAR Sofia Gold Medal!  LIN Jessica Silver Medal!  NI Emma Bronze Medal – Earns B!  DROVETSKY Alexandra 7th Place Medal!  PATURU Meghana 10th, LIN Katie 12th, YOON Julia 13th, KULKARNI Diya 17th, ZHANG Maya 18th, LONG Cindy 23rd, MINASSIAN Arianna 30th, YAO Jillian 33rd, GANSER Yuliya 36th, MIDGLEY Janice 38th, TOMASELLO Olivia 39th, CHAN Elizabeth 50th, MAO Amy 55th, MOK Chloe 58th   

Div2ME:  ELAMURUGAN Kavin 7th Place Medal!  MCGRATH Sean 8th Place Medal!  PLECHAVICIUS Daniel 12th, DING Phillip 15th, SMITH Nicholas 39th, HUANG Forest 46th, LI Jeffrey 63rd

Div2MF:  HERGERT Benito 23rd, MCGRATH Sean 32nd, ENGEL Henry 42nd, ALDRICH Peter 56th, HAN Lawrence 59th, SHADPOOR Ryan 77th

Div2WE:  EBRAHIM Ameera 11th, TOMASELLO Olivia 12th, DROVETSKY Alexandra 17th, MOK Chloe 33rd, NI Emma 34th, MAO Amy 35th

Div2WF:  GILHULEY Catie 43rd

Div2WS:  LEE Jacqueline 22nd, KOWALSKI Celina 27th

VetME:  REID Michael 18th, MRAK Michael 19th, KOKENGE Chad 20th

VetMS:  BROWN Richard Bronze Medal!

VetWE:  GANSER Yuliya 7th Place Medal!  JANDURA Janet 12th

10/12/2018 – 10/15/2018

USA Fencing October North American Cup – Milwaukee, WI

CME:  Allen Marakov 91st, Clark Kokenge 117th, Nicholas Smith 142nd

CMF:  Benito Hergert 81st, Advaith Rege 129th

CWE:  Jessica Lin Silver Medal!  Katie Lin 23rd, Meghana Paturu 35th, Alexandra Drovetsky 36th, Cindy Long 37th, Diya Kulkarni 38th, Julia Yoon 60th, Ameera Ebrahim 71st, Elizabeth Chan 88th, Sobia Reid 101st, Emma Ni 110th, Jillian Yao 124th, Olivia Tomasello 136th, Sophie Goldberg 139th, Chloe Mok 145th

CWF:  Brianna Ho 67th

Div1ME:  Finn Miller 102nd, Benjamin Wieder 118th, Allen Marakov 193rd, Clark Kokenge 277th 

Div1MEC:  Clark Kokenge 19th, Allen Marakov 80th

Div1WE:  Lola Constantino 9th, Jessica Lin 20th, Charlene Liu 28th, Dasha Yefremenko 50th, Meghana Paturu 60th, Sofia Komar 73rd, Julia Yoon 139th

Div1WEC:  Julia Yoon 11th

Div1WF:  Brianna Ho 153rd

Div2ME:  Allen Marakov 22nd, Nicholas Smith 58th

Div2MF:  Benito Hergert 12th, Dominic Heise 17th, Advaith Rege 20th 

Div2WE:  Alexandra Drovetsky 7th Place Medal!  Cindy Long 10th, Julia Yoon 23rd, Emma Ni 35th, Elizabeth Chan 41st, Olivia Tomasello 56th, Sobia Reid 58th, Katie Lin 69th, Jillian Yao 72nd, Ameera Ebrahim 83rd, Chloe Mok 93rd, Sophie Goldberg 98th 

Div2WF:  Brianna Ho 17th


10/06/2018 – 10/07/2018

Mission RJCC – Rocky Point, NY

CME:  Nicholas Smith 29th, Eric Wang 39th

CMF:  Advaith Rege 28th

CWE:  Ella Chang 12th, Sophie Goldberg 18th, Alisha Li 21st

JME:  Clark Kokenge 6th Place Medal!  Kavin Elamurugan 46th

JMS:  Jack Marsden 35th

JWE:  Ameera Ebrahim 19th, Kelly Fitzpatrick 20th, Sophia Rose Glassner 23rd, Alisha Li 32nd



Fencers Club Men's Epee Grand Prix I - New York, NY

ME:  Allen Marakov 41st, Nicholas Smith 44th, Kavin Elamurugan 46th, Forest Huang 51st, Glenn Pantel 58th



Start Your Engines Open @ Medeo Fencing Club - Bridgewater, NJ

ME:  Clark  Kokenge  Gold Medal!  Eric Wang Bronze Medal!

WE:  Emma Ni Silver Medal!  Alexandra Drovetsky Bronze Medal!  Cindy Long Bronze Medal!  Diya Kulkarni 5th, Elizabeth Chan 7th, Jillian Yao 9th, Yuliya Ganser 10th, Katrina Zeng 11th, Alisha Li 12th, Allison Li 14th, Sophia Rose Glassner 15th



Brooklyn Fencing Center September Youth Foil - Brooklyn, NY

Y12M/WF:  Yasemin Ocak 7th



Fencers Club Women’s Epee Grand Prix I - New York, NY

WE:  Lola Constantino Gold Medal – Renews A!  Katie Lin Bronze Medal – Earns D!  Jessica Lin 6th, Meghana Paturu 12th, Jillian Yao 23rd



Fencing Academy of Philadelphia D2 Epee, D2 Sabre - Wyncote, PA

Div3M/WE:  Prakrit Raj 24th



Rockland Fencers Club Epee Open – Nyack, NY

M/WE:  Kavin Elamurugan 11th


09/22/2018 - 09/23/2018

Nittany Lion Cup Open Penn State University - State College, PA

M/WE:  Finn Miller 7th

M/WF:  Benito Hergert 19th

WE:  Sofia Komar Gold Medal!  Sophie Goldberg 9th, Kelly Fitzpatrick 12th

9/15/2018 - 9/16/2018

The Durkan Regional Showcase RJCC – Passaic, NJ

CMF:  Benito Hergert 60th

CME:  Allen Marakov 18th, Clark Kokenge 28th, Nicholas Smith 33rd, Jeffrey Li 39th

CWE:  Meghana Paturu 6th Place Medal!  Katie Lin 9th, Sobia Reid 12th, Alexandra Drovetsky 13th, Jillian Yao 21st, Olivia Tomasello 23rd, Ameera Ebrahim 25th, Emma NI 26th, Judy Gao 28th, Cynthia Ming 39th, Chloe Mok 42nd, Sophie Goldberg 43rd, Ella Chang 47th, Alisha Li 48th

CWF:  Brianna Ho 35th

CWS:  Joanna Rizkala 25th, Celina Kowalski 43rd

JME:  Allen Marakov 22nd, Clark Kokenge 25th, Kavin Elamurugan 54th

JMF:  Benito Hergert 65th

JMS:  Kevin Zu 23rd

JWE:  Sofia Komar Gold Medal!  Jessica Lin Silver Medal!  Diya Kulkarni 5th Place Medal!  Alexandra Drovetsky 11th, Meghana Paturu 14th, Arianna Minassian 16th, Maya Zhang 17th, Katie Lin 19th, Emma Ni 24th, Jillian Yao 26th, Sophie Goldberg 29th, Cindy Long 35th, Judy Gao 36th, Sobia Reid 40th, Sophia Rose Glassner 43rd, Olivia Tomasello 44th, Ella Chang 53rd, Ameera Ebrahim 55th, Alisha Li 56th, Chloe MOK 63rd

JWF:  Brianna Ho 56th, Danielle Long 84th

JWS:  Caroline Sullivan 17th, Joanna Rizkala 19th, Charlotte Depew 51st, Celina KowalskI 55th

June 28, 2018 - July 7, 2018

USA Fencing National Championships & July Challenge - St. Louis, MO


CME:  Clark Kokenge 48th, Nicholas Smith 132nd, Allen Marakov 144th, Alex Goebel 166th, Phillip Ding 168th


CMF:  Advaith Rege 105th, Benito Hergert 119th


CMS:  Matthew Chan 105th, Vijay Ganta 175th


CWE:  Jessica Lin 13th, Meghana Paturu 17th, Alexandra Drovetsky 49th, Katie Lin 57th, Diya Kulkarni 62nd, Emma Ni 73rd, Cindy Long 83rd, Judy Gao 106th, Elizabeth Chan 108th, Jillian Yao 114th, Olivia Tomasello 122nd, Sobia Reid 132nd, Ameera Ebrahim 152nd, Chloe Mok 171st


CWS:  Zoe Kim Gold Medal!  Joanna Rizkala 76TH, Juliana Weber 98th


Div1AME:  Aiden Banyon-Mrak 19th, Finn Miller 35th, Rourke Hillyer 55th, Max Chernyshov 95th


Div1AMS:  Vaughn Rice 19th, Kevin Zu 106th, Jack Marsden 107th


Div1AWE:  Lola Constantino 33rd, Sofia Komar 46th, Kristina Khaw 52nd, Ashley Cherry 58th, Yuliya Ganser 59th, Arianna Minassian 64th, Maya Zhang 69th, Diya Kulkarni 96th, Jillian Yao 107th


Div1AWS:  Caroline Sullivan 23rd, Juliana Weber 48th


Div1ME:  Benjamin Wieder 62nd, Finn Miller 99th, Alec Ajnsztajn 122nd


Div1MF:  William Gaziano 94th


Div1MS:  Vaughn Rice 116th


Div1WE:  Sofia Komar 10th, Lola Constantino 12th, Dasha Yefremenko 62nd, Diya Kulkarni 77th, Jessica Lin 82nd, Meghana Paturu 101st


Div1WS:  Zoe Kim 11th


Div2ME:  Allen Marakov 41st, Clark Kokenge 94th, Kavin Elamurugan 107th, Phillip Ding 182nd


Div2MF:  Advaith Rege 18th, Benito Hergert 80th, Henry Engel 157th, Peter Aldrich 173rd


Div2MS:  Vaughn Rice Silver Medal – Earns B!  Kevin Zu 55th, Jack Marsden 87th, Stephen Horiuchi 121st


Div2WE:  Maya Zhang 13th, Emma Ni 59th, Cindy Long 88th, Elizabeth Chan 89th, Jillian Yao 124th, Brianna Moglianesi 127th


Div2WF:  Rebecca Errickson 66th


Div3ME:  Allen Marakov 5th Place Medal!  Phillip Ding 13th, Nicholas Smith 50th, Kavin Elamurugan 130th


Div3MF:  Advaith Rege Bronze Medal!  Henry Engel 89th, Peter Aldrich 96th, Sean McGrath 103rd  


Div3MS:  Kevin Zu 26th, Jack Marsden 43rd


Div3WE:  Cindy Long 17th, Maya Zhang 52nd, Olivia Tomasello 83rd, Kelly Fitzpatrick 116th, Ameera Ebrahim 119th, Elizabeth Chan 124th, Sophia Rose Glassner 129th, Brianna Moglianesi 147th


Div3WF: Rebecca Errickson 81st


Div3WS:  Charlotte Depew 43rd


JME:  Rourke Hillyer 107th, Finn Miller 147th, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 191st


JMF:  Benito Hergert 171st, Henry Engel 183rd


JMS:  Kevin Zu 143rd, Vaughn Rice 171st, Jack Marsden 196th


JWE:  Lola Constantino 23rd, Sofia Komar 36th, Jessica Lin 39th, Meghana Paturu 73rd, Kristina Khaw 91st, Emma Ni 100th, Diya Kulkarni 103rd, Maya Zhang 116th, Cindy Long 131st, Arianna Minassian 167th, Olivia Tomasello 177th, Jillian Yao 198th


JWS:  Zoe Kim 48th, Caroline Sullivan 93rd, Jacqueline Lee 137th


STMF:  Apex + Medeo (Abel Griswold, Benito Hergert, Henry Engel) 34th


Vet40ME:  Max Chernyshov 27th, Michael Mrak 38th


Vet40WE:  Yuliya Ganser Bronze Medal!


Vet50ME:  Sergey Suponya Silver Medal!  Patric Wallace 6th Place Medal!  Earl Hergert 7th Place Medal!


Vet60WE:  Janice Midgley 17th


VTME:  Medeo Epee 1 (Andrey Chushko, Earl Hergert, Michael Mrak, Sergey Suponya) 7th


Y10ME:  Alexander Bezrodnov 22nd, Reid Kokenge 27th, Michael Bezrodnov 46th, Nicholas Park 91st


Y10WE:  Anousheh Reid Gold Medal – NATIONAL CHAMPION!  Sharika Gajjala Bronze Medal!


Y12ME:  Ethan Boroditsky 55th, Torata Mishima 138th


Y12MF:  Lawrence Han 104th


Y12MS:  Matthew Chan 7th Place Medal!  Mattias Weber 184th


Y12WE:  Katie Lin Bronze Medal!   Alexandra Drovetsky 28th, Sobia Reid 29th, Alisha Li 34th, Ashley Luo 39th, Victoria Chernyshova 47th, Anousheh Reid 48th, Sarah Gu 49th, Sharika Gajjala 57th, Ella Chang 67th, Cynthia Ming 92nd


Y12WS:  Joanna Rizkala 5th Place Medal!  Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein 31st


Y14ME:  Allen Marakov 56th, Nicholas Smith 60th, Eric Wang 91st, Torata Mishima 193rd, Jeffrey Li 206th, Ethan Boroditsky 229th


Y14MF:  Benito Hergert 27th


Y14MS:  Matthew Chan 136th, Mattias Weber 211th


Y14WE:  Jessica Lin Gold Medal – NATIONAL CHAMPION!  Katie Lin 13th, Meghana Paturu 24th, Sobia Reid 36th, Alexandra Drovetsky 37th, Ashley Luo 63rd, Elizabeth Chan 65th, Cindy Long 71st, Ameera Ebrahim 108th, Sarah Gu 130th, Judy Gao 136th, Alisha Li 140th


Y14WS:  Zoe Kim Gold Medal – NATIONAL CHAMPION!  Juliana Weber 54th, Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein 118th, Charlotte Depew 129th, Joanna Rizkala 134th


19 Medals earned at Summer Nationals!  Congratulations to all fencers, parents, and coaches!


Advance Fencing & Fitness Academy Olympic Day Saber – Garwood, NJ

Y12WS:  Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein 6th



Amazon Open XV at DC Fencers Club - Silver Spring, MD

WE:  Dasha Yefremenko GOLD, Sofia Komar Bronze, Emma Ni 9th, Meghana Paturu 26th



BCAF Mixed Epee Open - Lambertville, NJ

M/WE:  Jake Silverman SILVER – Earns B!  Allen Marakov 10th, Kavin Elamurugan 23nd, Alex Goebel 29th



FAP @ FAP-NORTH D2 Epee, D2 Sabre - Wyncote, PA

Div3M/WE:  Prakrit Raj 15th



TFA 2017-18 Youth All Weapons - Maplewood, NJ

Y10M/WE:  Durga Menon SILVER, Reid Kokenge BRONZE



NYAC High School Epee Invitational - New York, NY

WE:  Jessica Lin 11th, Lola Constantino 12th


The Fencing Outlet M/W Epee Challenge #2 at Medeo - Bridgewater, NJ

ME:  Finn Miller GOLD, Sergey Suponya BRONZE, Clark Kokenge 6th, Ethan Clark 11th, Allen Marakov 12th, Jake Silverman 16th, Phillip Ding 26th, Alex Goebel 30th, Nicholas Smith 32nd, Kavin Elamurugan 34th, Frank Liu 37th, Michael Tsiporukha 39th, Christopher Zheng 43rd, Prakrit Raj 47th

WE:  Sofia Komar GOLD, Lola Constantino SILVER, Jessica Lin BRONZE, Yuliya Ganser BRONZE, Elizabeth Chan 5th – Earns C!  Maya Zhang 8th, Cindy Long 9th, Ashley Cherry 12th, Emma Ni 13th, Sophia Rose Glassner 15th, Liv Tomasello 22nd, Christine Chan 25th



Atlantic Fencing Academy - Tinton Falls, NJ

Div3M/WS:  Gabrielle Lamer 5th, Celina Kowalski 7th



Fencers Club Youth Epee (8-10-12-14) - New York, NY

Y10M/WE:  Sharika Gajjala BRONZE, Reid Kokenge 14th

Y12ME: Yuval Fussman 9th

Y12WE: Katie Lin GOLD, Ashley Luo SILVER, Sharika Gajjala 5th, Alisha Li 6th, Cynthia Ming 8th

Y14ME:  Phillip Yan BRONZE, Eric S. Wang 5th

Y14WE:  Alexandra Drovetsky GOLD, Katie Lin SILVER, Sarah Gu 11th, Ashley Luo 15th, Cynthia Ming 19th, Ella Chang 21st, Jordan Guzzi 22nd



Freehold Fencing's Open Foil - Freehold, NJ

M/WF:  Henry Engel 9th



Gutkovskiy Youth Foil - Fair Lawn, NJ

Y10MF:  Wyatt Kovacs 25th



BCAF Men's SN Tune-up Epee Open - Lambertville, NJ

ME:  Clark Kokenge 6th, Allen Marakov 8th – Earns C!  Ethan Clark 10th, Jake Silverman 12th, Alex Goebel 22nd, Kavin Elamurugan 25th



2018 Cobra Saber Spectacular - Jersey City, NJ

Y12MS:  Stephen Lin BRONZE, Ronald Leung 8th

Y12WS:  Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein GOLD, Emma Leung 8th

Y14MS:  Matthew Chan 20th, Stephen Lin 36th, Daniel George 44th

Y14WS:  Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein 7th, Charlotte Depew 10th, Dina Dank 12th

CMS:  Vijay Ganta 8th – Earns E!  Matthew Chan 14th

CWS:  Jacqueline Lee 13th, Gabrielle Lamer 26th, Charlotte Depew 30th, Celina Kowalski 31st

JMS:  Kevin Zu 16th, Jack Marsden 25th, Vijay Ganta 36th

JWS:  Zoe Kim GOLD, Jacqueline Lee 13th, Gabrielle Lamer 28th, Celina Kowalski 33rd

MS:  Jack Marsden 29th



AIF Men's and Women's Div 3 - Eatontown, NJ

Div3ME:  Chad Kokenge SILVER


Escrimeur Division 3 and Open Sabre - East Brunswick, NJ

M/WS:  Jack Marsden 7th, Jacqueline Lee 9th



Escrimeur Youth Sabre Cup #7 - East Brunswick, NJ

Y12MS:  Stephen Lin 7th

Y12WS:  Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein GOLD, Dina Dank SILVER

Y14M/WS:  Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein 6th, Daniel George 9th, Stephen Lin 14th, Dina Dank 16th



Fencers Club Senior Men's Epee Grand Prix V - New York, NY

ME:  Kavin Elamurugan 51st, Nicholas Smith 61st, Allen Marakov 64th



Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy Foil Open - Fair Lawn, NJ

MF:  Henry Engel 23rd, Benito Hergert 30th, Peter Aldrich 40th



NSFC - Great Neck, NY

Y10M/WE:  Reid Kokenge SILVER, Nicholas Park 6th

Y12M/WE:  Alisha Li GOLD, Reid Kokenge 7th, Frederick Park 15th, Nicholas Park 16th, Yuval Fussman 17th

Y14M/WE:  Alisha Li 10th



NYFA Youth Challenge Final Epee Y8/10/12/14 - Brooklyn, NY

Y12M/WE:  Torata Mishima 5th

Y14M/WE:  Torata Mishima 6th



Fencers Club Junior Men's and Women's Epee - New York, NY

JME:  Clark Kokenge 8th

JWE:  Jessica Lin SILVER, Sofia Komar BRONZE, Katie Lin 10th, Alexandra Drovetsky 12th, Arianna Minassian 18th


Fencers Club Senior Women's Epee Grand Prix V - New York, NY

WE:  Jessica Lin BRONZE, Lola Constantino 5th, Meghana Paturu 7th, Cindy Long 12th, Emma Ni 14th, Sophia Rose Glassner 23rd


05/04/2018 - 05/06/2018

Mission Super Youth Circuit 2018 - Rocky Point, NY

Y10ME:  Reid Kokenge 12th

Y10WE:  Sharika Gajjala 5th

Y12ME:  Yuval Fussman 30th

Y12MS:  Stephen Lin 40th, Mattias Weber 43rd

Y12WE:  Katie Lin GOLD, Sobia Reid 6th, Sharika Gajjala 7th, Anousheh Reid 9th, Victoria Chernyshova 14th

Y12WS:  Joanna Rizkala 6th

Y14ME:  Nicholas Smith 23rd

Y14MS:  Matthew Chan 36th, Stephen Lin 70th,  Mattias Weber 71st

Y14WE:  Sobia Reid 9th, Alexandra Drovetsky 10th

Y14WS:  Joanna Rizkala BRONZE, Juliana Weber 28th


Fencing Armor M/W Epee Challenge #1 at Medeo - Bridgewater, NJ

ME:  Rourke Hillyer GOLD, Aiden Banyon-Mrak SILVER, Clark Kokenge BRONZE, Eric Gardner 9th, Michael Mrak 18th, Nicholas Sciacca 19th, Ethan Clark 20th, Frank Liu 23rd, Michael Tsiporukha 24th, Allen Marakov 25th, Christopher Zheng 27th, Alfred Cherry 29th

WE:  Cindy Long GOLD, Judy Gao BRONZE, Liv Tomasello BRONZE, Sophia Rose Glassner 5th,  Avery Orsini 9th



BCAF Mixed Y-10/12/14 Foil - Lambertville, NJ

Y10M/WF:  Wyatt Kovacs GOLD

Y12M/WF:  Zach Kovacs 8th, Wyatt Kovacs 10th

Y14M/WF:  Zach Kovacs 5th



NYFA Youth Challenge #5 Epee Y8/10/12/14 - Brooklyn, NY

Y10M/WE:  Reid Kokenge 8th, Nicholas Park 15th

Y12M/WE:  Ashley Luo BRONZE

Y14M/WE:  Ashley Luo 6th


04/28/2018 - 04/29/2018

Cherry Blossom Open University of Maryland - College Park, MD

WE:  Sofia Komar GOLD, Yuliya Ganser 7th


04/28/2018 - 04/29/2018

Jeff Wolfe Long Island Challenge ROC 2018 – Rocky Point, NY

Div1AWE:  Maya Zhang 7th – Earns C!  Emma Ni 21st, Elizabeth Chan 24th, Christine Chan 36th



AIF Men's and Women's Youth Saber - Y10, Y12, Y14 - Eatontown, NJ

Y14M/WS:  Daniel George BRONZE



Rockland Fencers Club Epee Open & Div II Foil/Epee - NYACK, NY

ME: Clark Kokenge 5th


04/21/2018 - 04/22/2018

NJ Division Denise O'Connor Region 3 RYC - Maplewood, NJ

Y10ME:  Alexander Bezrodnov 5th, Michael Bezrodnov 6th, Reid Kokenge 9th, Nicholas Park 11th

Y10WE:  Anousheh Reid GOLD, Durga Menon 8th

Y12ME:  Ethan Boroditsky 9th, Yuval Fussman 19th, Frederick Park 22nd

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan SILVER

Y12WE:  Ashley Luo BRONZE, Alisha Li 6th, Cynthia Ming 7th, Sharika Gajjala 8th, Ella Chang 11th, Anousheh Reid 12th, Iris Pan 17th

Y12WS:  Joanna Rizkala SILVER, Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein 7th

Y14ME:  Christopher Zheng 12th, Ethan Boroditsky 15th, Arjun Khanna 30th

Y14MF:  Ryan Shadpoor 33rd

Y14MS:  Matthew Chan 26th, Ronald Leung 30th

Y14WE:  Elizabeth Chan BRONZE, Sobia Reid 5th, Chloe Yang 6th, Ashley Luo 7th, Judy Gao 9th, Alisha Li 10th, Katie Lin 12th, Iris Pan 20th, Jordan Guzzi 23rd, Cynthia Ming 24th, Ella Chang 27th, Moha Trivedi 28th

Y14WF:  Catie Gilhuley 31st

Y14WS:  Joanna Rizkala 5th, Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein 16th, Charlotte Depew 19th, Dina Dank 28th, Emma Leung 33rd

4/20/2018 - 4/23/2018

USA Fencing April Championship & North American Cup - Richmond, VA

Div1ME:  Finn Miller 66th, Benjamin Wieder 85th, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 102nd

Div1WE:  Sofia Komar 15th, Dasha Yefremenko 21st, Jessica Lin 24th, Lola Constantino 26th, Kristina Khaw 68th, Meghana Paturu 83rd, Diya Kulkarni 85th

Div1WS:  Zoe Kim 30th, Caroline Sullivan 55th

Div2ME:  Michael Tsiporukha 25th, Phillip Ding 60th

Div2MF:  Benito Hergert 8th Place Medal – Renews C!  Henry Engel 25th – Renews E!

Div2MS:  Jack Marsden 35th, Alex Wang 39th, Vaughn Rice 73rd, Luke Errickson 88th

Div2WE:  Cindy Long 6th Place Medal – Earns C!  Arianna Minassian 16th

Div2WF:  Rebecca Errickson 25th

Div3ME:  Michael Tsiporukha 19th

Div3MF:  Henry Engel 15th – Renews E! 

Div3MS:  Alex Wang 5th Place Medal – Earns D!  Jack Marsden 44th, Luke Errickson 87th

Div3WE: Cindy Long 23rd, Olivia Tomasello 32nd

Div3WF:  Rebecca Errickson 29th

VetME:  Max Chernyshov 29th, Michael Mrak 77th

VetWE:  Yuliya Ganser 5th Place Medal!  Janice Midgley 36th

Vet40ME:  Max Chernyshov 16th, Michael Mrak 21st

Vet40WE:  Yuliya Ganser 8th Place Medal!

Vet60WE:  Janice Midgley 7th Place Medal!



Atlantic Fencing Academy Sunday Saber - Tinton Falls, NJ

Div3M/WS:  Gabrielle Lamer 5th, Celina Kowalski 7th



Fencers Club Senior Men's Epee Grand Prix IV - New York, NY

ME:  Sergey Suponya, 45th, Kavin Elamurugan 66th



Manchen Friday Night Y10 & Y14 - Whitehouse Station, NJ

Y14M/WF:  Catie Gilhuley SILVER, Ryan Shadpoor BRONZE



Forte E and Under Saber - Denville, NJ

Div3WS:  Gabrielle Lamer BRONZE


NJ Division Y14, Div 2/3 & Vet Summer Nat Qualifier - Jersey City, NJ

Y14ME:  Forest Huang BRONZE, Prakrit Raj 5th

Y14WE:  Ameera Ebrahim GOLD, Anna Lee 5th, Cynthia Ming 6th

Y14WS:  Charlotte Depew BRONZE

Div2ME:  Michael Tsiporukha 9th, Eric S. Wang 17th

Div2MF:  Peter Aldrich BRONZE

Div2MS:  Luke Errickson 22nd, Vijay Ganta 26th

Div2WE:  Brianna Moglianesi BRONZE, Sophia Rose Glassner 6th, Kelly Fitzpatrick 8th, Ameera Ebrahim 9th, Chloe Mok 16th, Judy Gao 17th

Div2WF:  Rebecca Errickson SILVER

Div2WS:  Charlotte Depew 7th, Caroline Solondz 12th



Only Sabre Hat Factory - Peekskill, NY

M/WS: Richard Brown GOLD

VetMS:  Richard Brown GOLD



Youth 12 Epee Chocolate Cup at Medeo - Bridgewater, NJ

M/WY12:  Anousheh Reid GOLD, Ashley Luo SILVER, Torata Mishima BRONZE, Alexander Bezrodnov BRONZE, Reid Kokenge 5th, Michael Bezrodnov 6th, Yuval Fussman 7th, Aidan Kumar 8th, Max S Wang 9th


BCAF 13th Annual Easter Egg Epee Open - Lambertville, NJ

M/WE:  Jake Silverman 5th – Renews C!  Ethan Clark 14th



Manchen Friday Night Mixed Foil Open - Whitehouse Station, NJ

M/WF:  Peter Aldrich BRONZE – Earns D!



Brooklyn Fencing March Unclassified Foil - Brooklyn, NY

UM/WF:  Catie Gilhuley 6th


03/24/2018 - 03/25/2018

The Garden State RYC + Y8/Cadet (Region 3) - Gladstone, NJ

Y8M/WF:  Harrison Kovacs 20th

Y10ME:  Alexander Bezrodnov BRONZE, Reid Kokenge 6th, Michael Bezrodnov 8th, Nicholas Park 11th

Y10MF:  Wyatt  Kovacs 28th

Y10WE:  Anousheh Reid GOLD, Sharika Gajjala SILVER, Anastasia Chatikhine 11th

Y12ME:  Yuval Fussman 22nd, Frederick Park 24th

Y12MF:  Wyatt Kovacs 44th, Zach Kovacs 50th

Y12MS:  Ronald Leung 7th, Mattias Weber 24th

Y12WE:  Sobia Reid BRONZE, Victoria Chernyshova BRONZE, Anousheh Reid 5th, Cynthia Ming 6th, Alisha Li 7th, Chloe Yang 8th, Sharika Gajjala 12th

Y14WS:  Joanna Rizkala SILVER, Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein BRONZE, Emma Leung 28th

Y14ME:  Jeffrey Li 9th, Torata Mishima 15th, Frank Liu 24th, Eric S. Wang 26th, Phillip Yan 30th

Y14MF:  Zach Kovacs 48th

Y14MS:  Matthew Chan 23rd, Mattias Weber 31st

Y14WE:  Jillian Yao SILVER, Elizabeth Chan 5th, Sobia Reid 7th, Judy Gao 8th, Cindy Long 9th, Allison Li 11th, Ameera Ebrahim 13th, Sarah Gu 14th, Brianna Ho 15th, Ella Chang 20th, Chloe Yang 21st, Alice Liu 24th, Alisha Li 28th, Cynthia Ming 31st

Y14WS:  Juliana Weber 5th, Joanna Rizkala 7th, Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein 7th, Dina Dank 21st, Charlotte Depew 24th

CME:  Clark Kokenge SILVER, Nicholas Smith 6th, Jeffrey Li 11th, Mihir Dontamsetti 13th, Eric S. Wang 16th

CMS:  Matthew Chan 10th, Vijay Ganta 14th

CWE:  Alexandra Drovetsky GOLD, Judy Gao 5th, Sophia Rose Glassner 6th, Allison Li 7th, Chloe Mok 11th

CWS: Charlotte Depew 10th  


Westend Grand Prix Mens’ Epee – Budapest, Hungary

ME:  Finn Miller 105th out of 286 fencers from all over the world!


BCAF 2nd Annual Mitch Davis Memorial Mixed Foil - Lambertville, NJ

M/WF:  Advaith Rege SILVER – Earns C! Peter Aldrich 14th, Stephen Stilianos 25th



Chocolate Cup Epee Open at Medeo Fencing Club - Bridgewater, NJ

ME:  Alexander van den Bergh SILVER – Renews A!  Finn Miller BRONZE, Rourke Hillyer 5th – Renews A!  Clark Kokenge 8th – Earns A!  Eric Gardner 9th, Sergey Suponya 12th, Ethan Clark 18th, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 21st, Jake Silverman 29th, Max Chernyshov 36th, Michael Mrak 38th, Michael Tsiporukha 63rd, Phillip Ding 64th, Christopher Zheng 65th, Allen Marakov 67th, Nicholas Smith 68th, Forest Huang 71st

WE:  Emma Ni GOLD, Cindy Long SILVER, Rachael Kraft BRONZE – Earns E!  Elizabeth Chan 6th, Melissa Louie 7th, Laura Boden 8th, Sophia Rose Glassner 9th, Avery Orsini 14th, Christine Chan 15th, Jordan Guzzi 19th, Allison Li 20th



Escrimeur Youth Sabre Cup 2017-2018 (5) - East Brunswick, NJ

Y12MS:  Stephen Lin 8th

Y12WS:  Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein GOLD, Dina Dank BRONZE

Y14 WS:  Dina Dank SILVER,  Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein BRONZE



Fencers Club Senior Women's Epee Grand Prix IV - New York, NY

WE:  Sofia Komar BRONZE, Jillian Yao 15th, Maya Zhang 17th, Diya Kulkarni 18th



Escrimeur Fencers Club Division3 Open Sabre - East Brunswick, NJ

M/WS:  Vaughn Rice 6th



Bucks County Academy of Fencing M/W Epee Open - Lambertville, NJ

ME:  Sergey Suponya 8th, Clark Kokenge 10th, Stephen Stilianos 14th

03/09/2018 – 03/12/2018

USA Fencing March North American Cup – Baltimore, MD

Div3ME:  Nicholas Smith 30th, Michael Tsiporukha 48th

Div3MF:  Henry Engel 40th

Div3WE:  Elizabeth Chan 52nd, Judy Gao 53rd, Ameera Ebrahim 57th, Brianna Moglianesi 69th, Chloe Mok 101st

Div3WF:  Rebecca Errickson 46th

Div3WS:  Juliana Weber 13th, Grace Paul 44th

Y10ME:  Reid Kokenge 23rd

Y10WE:  Anousheh Reid GOLD – Earns E!  Sharika Gajjala 7th Place Medal!

Y12MF:  Lawrence Han 62nd

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan 19th, Mattias Weber 79th

Y12WE:  Alexandra Drovetsky GOLD!  Katie Lin 14th, Sarah Gu 32nd, Victoria Chernyshova 38th, Ella Chang 45th, Ashley Luo 61st, Anousheh Reid 63rd, Alisha Li 66th

Y12WF:  Brianna Ho 40th

Y12WS:  Joanna Rizkala 7th Place Medal!

Y14ME:  Nicholas Smith 167th

Y14MF:  Advaith Rege 44th, Benito Hergert 60th, Ryan Shadpoor 226th

Y14MS:  Matthew Chan 135th, Mattias Weber 191st

Y14TMF:  Medeo Fencing Club 20th – Benito Hergert, Advaith Rege, Ryan Shadpoor, Lawrence Han

Y14TWS:  Medeo Fencing Club 5th - Zoe Kim, Joanna Rizkala, & Juliana Weber

Y14WE:  Alexandra Drovetsky 7th Place Medal!  Meghana Paturu 24th, Judy Gao 31st Earns E!  Jillian Yao 37th, Sobia Reid 55th, Katie Lin 57th, Elizabeth Chan 68th, Sarah Gu 70th, Brianna Ho 86th, Ashley Luo 87th, Victoria Chernyshova 89th, Alisha Li 113th, Ameera Ebrahim 114th

Y14WF:  Brianna Ho 137th

Y14WS:  Zoe Kim SILVER!  Joanna Rizkala 37th, Juliana Weber 65th


Junior Pan American Championship – San Jose, Costa Rica

JWE:  Sofia Komar 10th



Brooklyn Fencing D & Under / Unclassified Foil - Brooklyn, NY

M/WF:  Ryan Shadpoor 7th



Freehold Fencing Open Epee - Freehold, NJ

M/WE:  Evan Arbeitman SILVER



NYFA Youth Challenge #4 - Brooklyn, NY

Y12M/WE:  Yuval Fussman 10th



Rockland Fencers Club Epee Open & Div II Foil - Nyack, NY

Div3ME:  John Corridon 17th



Manchen Friday Night Div 3 Foil - Whitehouse Station, NJ

Div3MF:  Jack Marsden 10th



Escrimeur Youth Sabre Cup 2017-2018 (4) - East Brunswick, NJ

Y12WS:  Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein GOLD, Dina Dank BRONZE

Y14WS:  Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein SILVER



FAP-NORTH Aristomache Cup #6 Women's 3 Weapon - Wyncote, PA

WS:  Celina Kowalski 6th, Rebecca Xu 7th, Gabrielle Lamer 8th, Esther Xu 10th


02/23/2018 - 02/25/2018

Premier RJCC & Y Fencing RYC Region 3 - Parsippany, NJ

Y10ME:  Reid Kokenge 5th

Y10WE:  Anousheh Reid SILVER, Sharika Gajjala  BRONZE

Y12ME:  Ethan Boroditsky 12th, Torata Mishima 14th

Y12MF:  Lawrence Han 16th

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan BRONZE, Ronald Leung 23rd, Stephen Lin 29th, Mattias Weber 34th

Y12WE:  Victoria Chernyshova 5th, Alisha Li 6th, Sharika Gajjala 7th, Cynthia Ming 8th, Anousheh Reid 14th

Y12WS:  Joanna Rizkala GOLD, Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein 18th, Dina Dank 24th

Y14ME:  Jeffrey Li SILVER, Nicholas Smith BRONZE, Eric S. Wang 12th, Ethan Boroditsky 23rd

Y14MS:  Matthew Chan 10th, Mattias Weber 38th

Y14WE:  Elizabeth Chan 7th, Sobia Reid 13th, Anna Lee 16th

Y14WS:  Juliana Weber GOLD, Joanna Rizkala 10th, Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein 19th, Charlotte Depew 21st

CME:  Clark Kokenge GOLD – Renews C!  Allen Marakov BRONZE, Phillip Ding 9th, Nicholas Smith 19th, Eric S. Wang 32nd, Jeffrey Li 34th

CMF:  Advaith Rege 10th

CMS:  Vijay Ganta 20th, Matthew Chan 29th

CWE:  Alexandra Drovetsky GOLD, Elizabeth Chan 12th, Ameera Ebrahim 14th, Sobia          Reid 17th, Katie Lin 18th, Allison Li 26th, Chloe Mok 30th, Judy Gao 31st

CWS:  Charlotte Depew 19th

JME:  Finn Miller GOLD, Rourke Hillyer 7th, John Corridon 44th

JMF:  Henry Engel 36th

JMS:  Kevin Zu 6th – Earns D!  Jack Marsden 23rd

JWE:  Elizabeth Chan 7th, Kelly Fitzpatrick 12th – Earns E!  Katie Lin 18th, Sobia Reid 20th, Christine Chan 22nd, Brianna Moglianesi 26th

02/16/2018 – 02/19/2018

USA Fencing Junior Olympic National Championships - Memphis, TN

CME:  Clark Kokenge 86th    

CMF:  Advaith Rege 180th

CMS:  Kevin Zu 167th

CWE:  Jessica Lin 5th Place Medal – Renews A!  Lola Constantino 18th, Diya Kulkarni 27th, Alexandra Drovetsky 51st, Meghana Paturu 79th, Katie Lin 80th, Emma Ni 86th, Cindy Long 107th, Jillian YAO 166th

CWS:  Zoe Kim 33rd, Caroline Sullivan 84th

JME:  Aiden Banyon-mrak 54th, Finn Miller 71st, Rourke Hillyer 174th, Clark Kokenge 211th, Michael Tsiporukha 301st,

JMF:  Max Lewicki BRONZE – Renews A!

JMS:  Vaughn Rice 98th

JWE:  Dasha Yefremenko 8th Place Medal – Renews A!  Jessica Lin 11th, Sofia Komar 12th, Lola Constantino 14th, Meghana Paturu 15th - Earns B!  Kristina Khaw 27th, Diya Kulkarni 74th, Arianna Minassian 88th, Laura Boden 104th, Cindy Long 106th, Maya Zhang 127th, Jillian Yao 142nd

JWS:  Caroline Sullivan 21st, Zoe Kim 33rd



BCAF Spring Ironman "Not For Wimps" Epee Open - Lambertville,NJ

M/WE:  Sergey Suponya SILVER, Ethan Clark 12th



Freehold Fencing's Youth Foil/Epee - Freehold, NJ

Y14MF:  Ryan Shadpoor BRONZE



Hub City Division 2 Men's & Women's Sabre - Edison, NJ

Div2MS:  Mark Elbrecht BRONZE

Div2WS:  Caroline Solondz SILVER, Celina Kowalski BRONZE, Gabrielle Lamer 5th


02/10/2018 - 02/11/2018

Thrust Winter RYC/RJCC - Suffern, NY

Y12ME:  Ethan Boroditsky SILVER, Torata Mishima 16th

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan SILVER

Y12WE:  Anousheh Reid GOLD, Alisha Li SILVER, Ella Chang 7th

Y12WS:  Joanna Rizkala GOLD

CME:  Clark Kokenge 11th, Kavin Elamurugan 20th, Jeffrey Li 34th

CWE:  Alexandra Drovetsky GOLD – Earns C!  Sobia Reid 10th, Ameera Ebrahim 11th, Judy Gao 13th, Elizabeth Chan 18th, Chloe Mok 19th

JMF:  Henry Engel 17th, Benito Hergert 24th



Manchen Friday Night Y10 & Y14 Foil - Whitehouse Station, NJ

Y14M/WF:  Ryan Shadpoor 7th



Senior Women’s Epee World Cup – Barcelona, Spain

WE:  Sofia Komar 135th (out of 247 senior fencers from all over the world)



Montclair Invitational Frosh/Soph High School - Montclair, NJ

MS:  Neil Chahil 5th

WE:  Kelly Fitzpatrick SILVER

WF:  Catie Gilhuley BRONZE

WS:  Caroline Solondz BRONZE



North Shore Fencers Club Youth 10/12/14 Mixed Epee - Great Neck, NY

Y10M/WE:  Sharika Gajjala BRONZE, Reid Kokenge 8th

Y12M/WE:  Sharika Gajjala 8th, Reid Kokenge 12th


02/03/2018 - 02/04/2018

Cobra Challenge Division 1A/Division 2 ROC - Jersey City, NJ

Div1AME:  Finn Miller GOLD – Renews A!  Danny Burke 5th – Renews A!  Max Chernyshov 17th, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 29th, Michael Mrak 44th, Clark Kokenge 48th, Earl Hergert 57th, Allen Marakov 88th

Div2ME:  Allen Marakov BRONZE, Michael Tsiporukha 7th, Nicholas Smith 35th

Div1AMF:  Max Lewicki 24th

Div2MF:  Henry Engel 16th

Div1AMS:  Vaughn Rice 20th, Kevin Zu 40th

Div1AWE:  Sofia Komar BRONZE, Lola Constantino 12th, Maya Zhang 16th – Renews D!  Diya Kulkarni 17th, Kristina Khaw 21st, Arianna Minassian 25th, Meghana Paturu 28th, Elizabeth Chan 35th, Laura Boden 47th, Christine Chan 58th, Janice Midgley 61st

Div2WE:  Laura Boden SILVER, Elizabeth Chan BRONZE – Earns D!  Brianna Moglianesi 6th – Renews E!  Christine Chan 15th

Div1AWS:  Zoe Kim GOLD, Caroline Sullivan 11th    



Bucks County Academy of Fencing Division 3 Foil - Lambertville, NJ

Div3MF:  Peter Aldrich GOLD - Earns E!



European Cadet Circuit – Krakow, Poland

CWE:  Jessica Lin 21st (out of 206 fencers from all over the world)



Freehold Fencing's Open Epee - Freehold, NJ

M/WE:  Michael Tsiporukha 7th 



NYAC Mercury Cup #3 Men's Epee - New York, NY

ME:  Finn Miller 6th



Escrimeur Youth Sabre Cup 2017-2018 (3) - East Brunswick, NJ

Y12MS:  Stephen Lin 15th

Y12WS:  Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein SILVER, Dina Dank BRONZE

Y14WS:  Dina Dank BRONZE, Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein 5th


01/20/2018 - 01/21/2018

Premier Fencing RJCC - Region3 - Parsippany, NJ

CME:  Allen Marakov 6th – Renews D!  Clark Kokenge 23rd, Phillip Ding 33rd, Jeffrey Li 38th, Nicholas Smith 44th, Eric S. Wang 46th

CMS:  Kevin Zu 36th, Vijay Ganta 46th

CWE:  Katie Lin SILVER – Renews D!  Emma Ni 9th, Alexandra Drovetsky 13th, Elizabeth Chan 20th, Chloe Mok 27th

CWS:  Fiona He 21st, Celina Kowalski 29th

JME:  Finn Miller 9th, Allen Marakov 13th – Renews D!  Rourke Hillyer 15th, Clark Kokenge 33rd, Nicholas Smith 49th, Michael Tsiporukha 56th, Phillip Ding 57th

JMF:  Benito Hergert 25th

JMS:  Vaughn Rice 17th, Jack Marsden 25th, Kevin Zu 27th

JWE:  Emma Ni SILVER – Earns C!  Meghana Paturu 5th – Renews D!  Laura Boden 7th – Renews D!   Alexandra Drovetsky 9th, Diya Kulkarni 11th, Jillian Yao 20th, Arianna Minassian 21st, Elizabeth Chan 25th, Brianna Moglianesi 26th, Cindy Long 28th, Christine Chan 33rd, Sophia Rose Glassner 34th




Senior Women’s Epee World Cup – Havana, Cuba

WE:  Sofia Komar 118th (out of 145 senior fencers from all over the world)

01/13/2018 - 01/15/2018

Capitol Clash SYC and Cadet RCC - National Harbor, MD

CME:  Allen Marakov 30th

CMS:  Matthew Chan 58th, Vijay Ganta 75th

CWE:  Meghana Paturu 14th, Alexandra Drovetsky 22nd, Judy Gao 32nd, Elizabeth Chan 39th

CWS:  Juliana Weber 37th, Joanna Rizkala 51st

Y10WE:  Anousheh Reid GOLD, Sharika Gajjala 12th

Y12ME:  Ethan Boroditsky 10th, Torata Mishima 39th

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan 11th, Mattias Weber 80th

Y12WE:  Katie Lin BRONZE – Renews D!  Sarah Gu 12th, Sobia Reid 18th, Ashley Luo 29th, Anousheh Reid 30th, Victoria Chernyshova 34th, Alisha Li 37th, Sharika Gajjala 54th

Y12WS:  Joanna Rizkala 9th

Y14ME:  Allen Marakov 29th, Ethan Boroditsky 84th

Y14MF:  Advaith Rege 8th

Y14MS:  Matthew Chan 46th

Y14WE:  Meghana Paturu 8th – Renews D!  Alexandra Drovetsky 14th, Judy Gao 32nd, Ashley Luo 43rd, Katie Lin 45rd, Sarah Gu 51st, Sobia Reid 60th, Victoria Chernyshova 63rd, Elizabeth Chan 93rd, Alisha Li 104th

Y14WS:  Joanna Rizkala 7th – Renews D!  Juliana Weber 35th


01/13/2018 - 01/14/2018

New Jersey Fencing Alliance January ROC - Maplewood, NJ

Div1AME:  Finn Miller BRONZE, Sergey Suponya 8th

Div1AMS:  Vaughn Rice BRONZE – Renews C!  Kevin Zu 9th

Div1AWE:  Sofia Komar GOLD – Renews A!  Yuliya Ganser BRONZE, Jessica Lin 6th, Jillian Yao 10th, Arianna Minassian, 16th, Maya Zhang 18th, Janice Midgley 24th

Div2ME:  Kavin Elamurugan 6th

Div2MS:  Kevin Zu 7th – Earns E! 

VetME:  Sergey Suponya GOLD


01/06/2018 - 01/07/2018

New Jersey Fencing Alliance Region 3 RYC - Maplewood, NJ

Y10ME:  Reid Kokenge 8th

Y12ME:  Torata Mishima 8th, Yuval Fussman 14th

Y12MF:  Lawrence Han 23rd

Y12MS:  Mattias Weber 20th

Y12WE:  Sobia Reid SILVER, Sarah Gu BRONZE, Victoria Chernyshova 6th, Ella Chang 7th, Anousheh Reid 8th, Alisha Li 9th, Cynthia Ming 11th

Y14ME:  Torata Mishima 8th, Eric S. Wang 12th, Arjun Khanna 18th

Y14MF:  Lawrence Han 24th

Y14WE:  Alexandra Drovetsky GOLD, Ashley Luo BRONZE, Sobia Reid 5th, Sarah Gu 6th, Judy Gao 7th, Allison Li 10th, Ella Chang 12th, Alisha Li 14th, Victoria Chernyshova 15th, Anna Lee 17th, Cynthia Ming 18th

1/5/2018 - 1/8/2018

USA Fencing January North American Cup - Virginia Beach, VA

Div1ME:  Finn Miller 36th, Benjamin Wieder 62nd, Jason Suh 107th, Danny Burke 149th, Alec Ajnsztajn 156th

Div1MF:  Max Lewicki 23rd, William Gaziano 48th

Div1MS:  Vaughn Rice 93rd

Div1WE:  Lola Constantino 19th, Diya Kulkarni 64th, Sofia Komar 74th, Jessica Lin 86th, Yuliya Ganser 107th, Kahleem Fong 142nd, Arianna Minassian 150th, Hailey Hahn 171st

Div1WS:  Zoe Kim 72nd, Caroline Sullivan 112th

JME:  Finn Miller 66nd, Rourke Hillyer 107th, Jason Suh 114th, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 174th

JMF:  Max Lewicki 62nd, Henry Engel 177th

JMS:  Rice Vaughn 85th

JWE:  Lola Constantino 13th, Jessica Lin 17th, Sofia Komar 26th, Kristina Khaw 38th, Diya Kulkarni 47th, Hailey Hahn 61st, Arianna Minassian 83rd, Eileen Wang 103th

JWS:  Zoe Kim 38th, Caroline Sullivan 113th

MECE:  Danny Burke 13th, Alec Ajnsztajn 101st

STME:  Medeo (Banyon-Mrak, Burke, Miller, van den Bergh) 12th

STWE:  Medeo (Constantino, Ganser, Komar, Lin) 4th

WECE:  Hailey Hahn BRONZE MEDAL - Earns A!  Kahleem Fong 7th Place Medal!

12/30/2017 - 12/31/2017

American Challenge Regional Open Challenge - Parsippany, NJ

Div1AME:  Aiden Banyon-Mrak 17th, Rourke Hillyer 25th, Michael Mrak 34th, Earl Hergert 41st, Allen Marakov 68th

Div1AMF:  Max Lewicki 25th

Div1AMS:  Vaughn Rice 13th, Jack Marsden 16th

Div1AWE:  Lola Constantino SILVER, Diya Kulkarni BRONZE – Earns B!  Ashley Cherry 9th, Jillian Yao 13th, Maya Zhang 18th, Brianna Moglianesi  21st, Emma Ni 28th, Elizabeth Chan 36th, Christine Chan 38th

Div1AWS:  Zoe Kim SILVER

Div3ME:  Kavin Elamurugan BRONZE – Earns D!  Clark Kokenge 5th

Div3MF:  Henry Engel 19th

Div3MS:  Jack Marsden 6th, Vijay Ganta 37th

Div3WE:  Jillian Yao BRONZE, Elizabeth Chan 5th, Emma Ni 11th, Brianna Moglianesi 14th, Christine Chan 15th

Div3WS:  Juliana Weber 6th



Freehold Fencing's Division 3 Epee - Freehold, NJ

Div3M/WE:  Kavin Elamurugan GOLD



Durkan Fencing Academy Camp Sabre - South Hackensack, NJ

MS:  Vaughn Rice BRONZE, Jack Marsden 10th

WS:  Rebecca Xu SILVER, Celina Kowalski 6th, Esther Xu 7th


Denise O'Connor High School Championships - Maplewood, NJ

JME:  Clark Kokenge BRONZE, Christopher Infinito 5th

JMF:  Henry Engel GOLD – Renews E!

JMS:  Charlie Degen 9th

JWE:  Brianna Moglianesi GOLD, Kelly Fitzpatrick 7th

JWF:  Laura Fan GOLD – Renews E!



Escrimeur Div1A & Div3 Sabre - East Brunswick, NJ

M/WS:  Vaughn Rice BRONZE, Jack Marsden 11th



Fencers Club Senior Women's Epee Grand Prix III - New York, NY

WE:  Jessica Lin BRONZE, Lola Constantino 5th, Arianna Minassian 14th, Sofia Komar 15th, Diya Kulkarni 17th



Rockland Fencers Club Epee Open & Div II Foil/Epee - Nyack, NY

Div2M/WE:  Brendan McNelis BRONZE

ME:  Clark Kokenge 22nd, Michael Tsiporukha 25th


12/16/2017 - 12/17/2017

10th Barbara Lynch Charity RYC, Cobra Fencing Club - Jersey City, NJ

Y10ME:  Alexander Bezrodnov 7th, Reid Kokenge 10th, Michael Bezrodnov 12th

Y10WE:  Anousheh Reid GOLD, Sharika Gajjala BRONZE

Y12ME:  Torata Mishima 23rd

Y12MW:  Matthew Chan GOLD

Y12WE:  Chloe Yang SILVER, Sarah Gu 6th, Anousheh Reid 7th, Ashley Luo 10th, Alisha Li 11th, Cynthia Ming 13th, Ella Chang 15th, Iris Pan 18th, Sharika Gajjala 22nd

Y12WS:  Joanna Rizkala BRONZE, Dina Dank 27th

Y14ME:  Nicholas Smith 6th, Phillip Yan 11th, Torata Mishima 21st,  Eric S. Wang 22nd, Jeffrey Li 25th, Frank Liu 27th, Arjun Khanna 28th

Y14MF: Ryan Shadpoor 45th

Y14MS:  Matthew Chan 14th

Y14WE:  Alexandra Drovetsky GOLD, Chloe Yang BRONZE, Sarah Gu BRONZE, Ashley Luo 6th, Sobia Reid 7th, Judy Gao 10th, Iris Pan 15th, Alisha Li 17th, Allison Li 18th, Jordan Guzzi 21st, Cynthia Ming 23rd, Anna Lee 28th

Y14WS:  Joanna Rizkala GOLD


12/16/2017 - 12/17/2017

Fairfax Challenge ROC (DIV1A, DIV2, & VET) - Baltimore, MD

Div1AME:  Rourke Hillyer 38th, Michael Mrak 48th, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 53rd

Div1AMS:  Vaughn Rice SILVER

Div1AWE:  Elizabeth Chan 30th, Christine Chan 40th

Div2WE:   Christine Chan 15th, Elizabeth Chan 18th


Men’s Individual Epee Junior World Cup - Heraklion, Greece

JME:  Finn Miller 85th - out of 173 fencers from all over the world!

12/08/2017 – 12/11/2017

USA Fencing December North American Cup – Portland, OR

Div1ME:  Benjamin Wieder 33rd, Finn Miller 106th, Alec Ajnsztajn 137th

Div1MEC:  Alec Ajnsztajn 22nd

Div1MS:  Vaughn Rice 69th

Div2MS:  Vaughn Rice 6th Place Medal!

Div2WE:  Janet Jandura 54th  

Vet50ME:  Earl Hergert 15th

Vet50WE:  Janet Jandura 35th

Vet60MS:  Richard Brown 9th

Vet60WE:  Janice Midgley 5th Place Medal!

VetME:  Patric Wallace 14th, Earl Hergert 23rd

VetWE:  Janice Midgley 36th


Silver Bells Epee Open at Medeo - Bridgewater, NJ

M/WE:  Finn Miller GOLD, Rourke Hillyer SILVER, Christopher Infinito 6th, Oliver Slayne 9th, Eric S. Wang 11th, Allison Li 12th, Kelly Fitzpatrick 13th, Jeffrey Li 14th


12/02/2017 - 12/03/2017

East Coast Challenge RJCC (Region 3) - Cedar Grove, NJ

CME:  Clark Kokenge 22nd, Allen Marakov 27th, John Corridon 33rd

CMF:  Benito Hergert 35th

CWE:  Alexandra Drovetsky 5th, Emma Ni 6th, Katie Lin 7th, Jillian Yao 9th, Meghana Paturu 13th, Elizabeth Chan 19th

JME:  Terry Su 27th, Allen Marakov 38th, Clark Kokenge 48th

JMF:  Henry Engel 37th, Benito Hergert 59th

JWE:  Alexandra Drovetsky SILVER, Maya Zhang BRONZE – Earns D!   Emma Ni 7th, Jillian Yao 10th, Cindy Long 13th, Diya Kulkarni 14th, Laura Boden 26th, Christine Chan 28th, Elizabeth Chan 31st

JWS: Juliana Weber BRONZE



Fencers Club Senior Men's Epee Grand Prix II - New York, NY

ME:  Danny Burke 6th


11/25/2017 - 11/26/2017

The Turkey Stab Open & "E" and Under - Danbury, CT

Div3ME: Brendan McNelis BRONZE – Earns E!


11/24/2017 - 11/26/2017

Cobra Challenge Super Youth Challenge, Y8, and Cadet - Secaucus, NJ

Y8MF:  Harrison Kovacs 20th

Y10ME:  Reid Kokenge 27th

Y10MF:  Wyatt Kovacs 49th

Y10WE:  Sharika Gajjala 6th

Y12ME:  Ethan Boroditsky 12th, Torata Mishima 45th

Y12MF:  Lawrence Han 81st, Zach Kovacs 118th,

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan 8th, Mattias Weber 36th, Stephen Lin 57th

Y12WE:  Katie Lin SILVER, Alexandra Drovetsky 9th, Sarah Gu 12th, Victoria Chernyshova 15th, Chloe Yang 17th, Cynthia Ming 18th, Ella Chang 20th, Alisha Li 23rd

Y12WS:  Joanna Rizkala 9th

Y14ME:  Allen Marakov 5th, Nicholas Smith 30th, Ethan Boroditsky 34th, Eric S. Wang 66th, Torata Mishima 72nd

Y14MF:  Benito Hergert 45th, Ryan Shadpoor 139th

Y14MS:  Matthew Chan 67th

Y14WE:  Cindy Long BRONZE – Earns D!  Alexandra Drovetsky 7th, Katie Lin 14th, Meghana Paturu 15th, Elizabeth Chan 20th, Jillian Yao 28th, Chloe Yang 29th, Sarah Gu 34th, Victoria Chernyshova 39th, Judy Gao 41st, Ameera Ebrahim 46th, Allison Li 48th, Anna Lee 53rd, Alisha Li 60th

Y14WS:  Zoe Kim GOLD, Joanna Rizkala 10th – Earns E!  Juliana Weber 26th, Charlotte Depew 41st

CME:  Clark Kokenge 5th, Phillip Ding 11th – Earns E!  Allen Marakov 23rd, John Corridon 38th

CWE:  Meghana Paturu 6th, Maya Zhang 8th, Alexandra Drovetsky 12th, Emma Ni 20th, Katie Lin 22nd, Elizabeth Chan 24th, Cindy Long 25th

CWS:  Joanna Rizkala 12th, Juliana Weber 18th


11/24/2017 - 11/26/2017

NJ Division Junior Olympics Qualifier - South Hackensack, NJ

CME:  Clark Kokenge BRONZE

CMF:  Benito Hergert SILVER

CMS:  Kevin Zu SILVER, Vijay Ganta 10th

JME:  Aiden Banyon-Mrak GOLD, Clark Kokenge BRONZE,  Rourke Hillyer BRONZE, Michael Tsiporukha 5th – Earns D!  Nick Bhimani 10th, Terry Su 14th

JMF:  Benito Hergert 12th

JWE:  Laura Boden SILVER, Brianna Moglianesi BRONZE

11/18/2017 – 11/20/2017

Gerrie Baumgart SYC & RCC - Denver, CO

Y14WS:  Joanna Rizkala 5th - Earns D!


Durkan Fencing Academy Sabre RJCC - Region 3: South Hackensack, NJ

CMS:  Kevin Zu 35th, Vijay Ganta 63rd

JMS:  Vaughn Rice 43rd, Charlie Degen 59th



AIF Men's and Women's Open Foil and Open Epee - Eatontown, NJ

M/WE:  Michael Tsiporukha BRONZE – Renews E!



Fencers Club Senior Women's Epee Grand Prix II - New York, NY

WE:  Sofia Komar 5th, Diya Kulkarni 10th, Laura Boden 17th, Arianna Minassian 20th, Maya Zhang 23rd



NYFA Youth Challenge #3 Epee - Brooklyn, NY

Y10M/WE:  Reid Kokenge 9th, Sharika Gajjala 13th

Y12M/WE:  Torata Mishima BRONZE, Alisha Li 8th

Y14M/WE:  Torata Mishima 6th, Alisha Li 7th



Manchen Friday Night Unrated Foil - Whitehouse Station, NJ

UMF:  Harkanwar Chadha 8th, Adam Coe 10th, Isak Hilde 11th, Ryan Shadpoor 12th


11/10/2017 – 11/13/2017

USA Fencing November North American Cup – Kansas City, MO

CME:  Allen Marakov 203rd

CMF:  Benito Hergert 208th

CWE:  Lola Constantino BRONZE MEDAL!  Jessica Lin 6th Place Medal!  Alexandra Drovetsky 55th, Diya Kulkarni 66th, Meghana Paturu 97th, Jillian Yao 135th, Cindy Long 159th

CWS:  Zoe Kim 19th, Caroline Sullivan 56th, Juliana Weber 80th

JME:  Finn Miller 14th, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 114th, Allen Marakov 227th, Zheng Yung 236th

JMF:  Max Lewicki 37th, Henry Engel 233rd

JMS:  Alex Wang 166th

JWE:  Sofia Komar 12th, Jessica Lin 19th, Lola Constantino 58th, Kristina Khaw 62nd, Cindy Long 73rd, Diya Kulkarni 83rd, Meghana Paturu 103rd, Arianna Minassian 149th, Jillian Yao 155th, Brianna Moglianesi 166th

JWS:  Zoe Kim 70th, Caroline Sullivan 75th

Y14MF:  Advaith Rege 50th, Benito Hergert 71st

Y14WE:  Jessica Lin GOLD MEDAL!  Alexandra Drovetsky 23rd, Jillian Yao 29th, Meghana Paturu 50th, Sobia Reid 53rd

Y14WS:  Zoe Kim 9th, Juliana Weber 31st – Renews E!



BCAF M/W Foil/Epee Open-Disaster Relief Fundraiser - Lambertville, NJ

M/WE:  Danny Burke GOLD – Renews A!  Oliver Slayne 6th – Earns C!  Kavin Elamurugan 19th



Escrimeur Youth Sabre Cup 2017-2018 (1) - East Brunswick, NJ

Y12MS:  Ronald Leung 8th, Mattias Weber 11th, Stephen Lin 18th

Y12WS:  Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein BRONZE, Dina Dank 7th, Emma Leung 10th

Y14WS:  Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein 6th



NEUSFA Veteran's 6W Open – Worcester, MA

VetM/WS:  Richard Brown 6th



Atlantic Fencing Academy Friday Division 3 Epee & Foil - Tinton Falls, NJ

Div3M/WE:   Michael Tsiporukha GOLD – Renews E!


Fall Back Epee Open at Medeo Fencing Club - Bridgewater, NJ

M/WE:  Finn Miller GOLD, Rourke Hillyer BRONZE, Sergey Suponya 7th, John Corridon, 11th, Jake Silverman 12th, Michael Tsiporukha 14th, Xuemin Yin 16th, Sophia Rose Glassner 19th



American Institute of Fencing Youth Saber - Eatontown, NJ

Y12WS:  Dina Dank SILVER

Y14M/WS:  Dina Dank 5th



Freehold Fencing Academy 8th Annual Tony Kestler Open - Freehold, NJ

M/WF:  Henry Engel 12th, Ryan Shadpoor 17th



North Shore Fencers Club Youth Y10 Mixed Epee - Great Neck, NY

Y10M/WE:  Sharika Gajjala 5th, Reid Kokenge 7th


11/04/2017 - 11/05/2017

Thrust Fall ROC- Div 1A/Div 2 Rockland Community College - Suffern, NY

Div1AME:  Finn Miller SILVER, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 18th, Earl Hergert 42nd, Michael Mrak 47th

Div1AMS:  Vaughn Rice 5th

Div1AWE:  Sofia Komar BRONZE, Lola Constantino 9th, Yuliya Ganser 13th, Laura Boden 22nd, Diya Kulkarni 23rd, Arianna Minassian 27th, Elizabeth Chan 32nd,     Maya Zhang 53rd, Jillian Yao 58th

Div1AWS:  Zoe Kim 6th

Div2ME:  Phillip Ding 16th, Clark Kokenge 25th, Allen Marakov 35th, Kavin Elamurugan 47th, Nicholas Smith 52nd

Div2MF:  Benito Hergert 20th

Div2MS:  Jack Marsden, 12th  

Div2WE:  Arianna Minassian 5th, Elizabeth Chan 8th, Emma Ni 10th, Jillian Yao 20th, Christine Chan 32nd



American Institute of Fencing Youth Epee - Eatontown, NJ

Y14M/WE:  Judy Gao SILVER, Torata Mishima BRONZE



Manchen Friday Night Y10 & Y14 Mixed Foil - Whitehouse, NJ

Y10M/WE:  Wyatt Kovacs SILVER

Y14M/WE:  Zach Kovacs 6th

10/27/2017 – 10/29/2017

Ben Gutenberg Memorial SYC & RCC, Brockport, NY

Y10WE:  Anousheh Reid BRONZE

Y12WE:  Alexa Drovetsky GOLD, Sobia Reid 6th, Sarah Gu 7th

Y12M/WS:  Joanna Rizkala SILVER, Matthew Chan 6th

Y14M/WS:  Juliana Weber BRONZE - Earns D!  Matthew Chan 12th

CWE:  Alexa Drovetsky BRONZE - Earns D!


Manhattan Fencing Center - New York, NY

MS:  Vaughn Rice 12th



Rockland Fencers Club Epee Open & Div II Foil/Epee - NYACK, NY

ME:  Clark Kokenge SILVER



Trick or Re-Treat at Hub City Fencing - Div 2 - Edison, NJ

Div2M/WE:  Brianna Moglianesi 5th, John Corridon 6th, Michael Tsiporukha 7th, Sophia Rose Glassner 12th

10/28/2017 - 10/29/2017

European Cadet Circuit – Klagenfurt, Austria

CTWE:  Jessica Lin (Team United States of America 2) SILVER

CWE:  Jessica Lin 106th - out of 210 fencers from all over the world!


BCAF 19th Annual Robert Flynn Memorial Epee - Lambertville, NJ

M/WE:  Jake Silverman SILVER



Fencers Club Veteran Epee - New York, NY

VetM/WE:  Xuemin Yin 17th



Harvey Kerner Memorial 6 Weapon E and under - Danbury, CT

Div3WE:  Brianna Moglianesi GOLD – Earns E!


10/21/2017 - 10/22/2017

Durkan Rooster Div1A ROC Region 3 - South Hackensack , NJ

Div1AME:  Finn Miller 12th, Rourke Hillyer 31st, Sergey Suponya 35th, Clark Kokenge 57th, Allen Marakov 61st, Phillip Ding 71st, Max Chernyshov 81st

Div1AMS:  Vaughn Rice 11th, Jack Marsden 31st

Div1AWE:  Sofia Komar GOLD, Jessica Lin 7th, Ashley Cherry 11th, Diya Kulkarni 14th, Yuliya Ganser 18th, Brianna Moglianesi 20th, Janice Midgley 26th, Jillian Yao 28th, Laura Boden 41st



Manchen Friday Night Division 3 Foil - Whitehouse Station, NJ

Div3MF:  Advaith Rege GOLD Earns D!  Henry Engel 5th, Ryan Shadpoor 13th

Div3WF:  Elizabeth Bruno 5th

10/13/2017 – 10/16/2017

USA Fencing October North American Cup – Anaheim, CA

CWE:  Jessica Lin BRONZE MEDAL!  Diya Kulkarni 33rd, Katie Lin 61st, Lola Constantino 68th

CWS:  Caroline Sullivan 16th – Earns B!  Zoe Kim 45th

Div1ME:  Benjamin Wieder 26th, Finn Miller 85th, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 169th, Alec Ajnsztajn 175th

Div1MEC: Alec Ajnsztajn 8th Place Medal!  Aiden Banyon-Mrak 48th

Div1MF:  Max Lewicki 92nd

Div1MS:  Vaughn Rice 167th

Div1WS:  Zoe Kim 49th, Caroline Sullivan 55th

Div1WE:  Lola Constantino 20th, Dasha Yefremenko 28th, Jessica Lin 48th, Sofia Komar 88th, Diya Kulkarny 115th, Hailey Hahn 163rd

Div1WEC:  Hailey Hahn 18th

Div2MS:  Vaughn Rice 8th Place Medal!

Div2WE:  Diya Kulkarni 18th

Div2WS:  Caroline Sullivan 10th



NYFA Youth Challenge #2 Epee Y8/10/12/14 - Brooklyn, NY

Y10M/WE:  Reid Kokenge 9th

Y12M/WE:  Torata Mishima GOLD, Ashley Luo 5th, Iris Pan 8th

Y14M/WE:  Eric S. Wang GOLD, Torata Mishima BRONZE



DC Fencers Club Tom Wright Memorial Veteran Fencing Tournament - Silver Spring, MD

VM/WS:  Richard Brown 10th



Freehold Fencing's Youth Foil/Epee - Freehold, NJ

Y12M/WE:  Torata Mishima SILVER, Ashley Luo BRONZE

Y14M/WE:  Torata Mishima SILVER, Ashley Luo BRONZE


10/07/2017 - 10/08/2017

Mission Fencing Center RJCC - Rocky Point, NY

CME:  Phillip Ding 15th, Allen Marakov 34th, Clark Kokenge 41st

CWE:  Alexandra Drovetsky 7th, Elizabeth Chan 11th

CWS:  Zoe Kim GOLD, Caroline Sullivan SILVER, Juliana Weber 21st

JMS:  Vaughn Rice 12th, Jack Marsden 48th

JWE:  Sofia Komar GOLD, Hailey Hahn 12th, Meghana Paturu 19th, Diya Kulkarni 28th, Arianna Minassian 29th, Elizabeth Chan 46th

JWF:  Rebecca Errickson 58th

JWS:  Zoe Kim 5th, Caroline Sullivan 11th



Manchen Friday Night Mixed Foil Open - Whitehouse Station, NJ

M/WF:  Benito Hergert GOLD – Earns C!  Advaith Rege 6th Isak Hilde 25th



Gutkovskiy Fencing Center Youth Foil - Fair Lawn, NJ

Y14MF:  Ryan Shadpoor 14th



Manchen Friday Night Unrated Epee - Whitehouse Station, NJ

UM/WE:  Saloni Haruray 6th, Daniel Magda 8th


Fencers Club Senior Women's Epee Grand Prix I - New York, NY

WE:  Lola Constantino GOLD, Jessica Lin SILVER



September Youth SABRE at Medeo Fencing Club - Bridgewater, NJ

Y12M/WS:  Ronald Leung GOLD, Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein BRONZE, Dina Dank BRONZE, Emma Leung 8th, Stephen Lin 9th

Y14M/WS:  Ishita Goel BRONZE, Charlotte Scalamoni-Goldstein BRONZE

09/23/2017 - 09/24/2017

Charm City Classic Division 1A ROC - Owings Mills, MD

Div1AWE:  Sofia Komar GOLD, Yuliya Ganser 11th

09/23/2017 - 09/24/2017

Neil Lazar RYC & Cadet/Junior/Veteran - New Haven, CT

Y10WE:  Anousheh Reid SILVER

Y12ME:  Ethan Boroditsky SILVER, Torata Mishima 16th

Y12MF:  Lawrence Han 42nd

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan 8th

Y12WE:  Sobia Reid SILVER, Anousheh Reid BRONZE, Alisha Li 5th

Y12WS:  Joanna Rizkala 6th

Y14ME:  Ethan Boroditsky 14th, Prakrit Raj 29th

Y14MS:  Matthew Chan 8th – Earns E! 

Y14WE:  Alexandra Drovetsky GOLD – Earns E!  Cindy Long BRONZE, Ameera Ebrahim 12th, Sobia Reid 15th

Y14WS:  Joanna Rizkala 11th

CWE:  Alexandra Drovetsky GOLD

JWE:  Elizabeth Chan GOLD – Earns E!  Christine Chan 5th

09/16/2017 - 09/17/2017

American Challenge RJCC Region 3 - Parsippany, NJ

CME:  Clark Kokenge 31st

CMF:  Advaith Rege 13th

CWE:  Jillian Yao BRONZE – Earns C!  Meghana Paturu 7th - Earns D!  Diya Kulkarni 9th,  Emma Ni 10th – Earns E!  Alexandra Drovetsky 11th, Katie Lin 12th, Elizabeth Chan 24th, Sophia Rose Glassner 34th

CWS:   Zoe Kim 6th, Caroline Sullivan 17th

JME:  Finn Miller 12th, Rourke Hillyer 13th, Trevor Lawrence 31st, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 45th, Allen Marakov 50th, Michael Tsiporukha 70th

JMF:  Henry Engel 71st, Advaith Rege 81st

JMS:  Jack Marsden 25th, Vaughn Rice 36th

JWE:  Lola Constantino SILVER, Kristina Khaw BRONZE – Renews B!  Laura Boden 12th, Cindy Long 24th, Diya Kulkarni 26th, Meghana Paturu 33rd, Arianna Minassian 38th, Emma Ni 47th, Elizabeth Chan 48th, Jillian Yao 50th, Brianna Moglianesi 52nd

JWF:  Rebecca Errickson 72nd

JWS:  Zoe Kim 10th, Caroline Sullivan 17th

09/09/2017 - 09/10/2017

Charter Oak Regional Youth Circuit (RYC) / Cadet - Fairfield, CT

Y12WS:  Joanna Rizkala SILVER

Y14ME:  Nicholas Smith 6th

Y14WS:  Joanna Rizkala GOLD

09/09/2017 - 09/10/2017

Fairfax Challenge RYC & RCC Region 6 - Baltimore, MD

Y12WE:  Sarah Gu 7th, Ashley Luo 8th

Y14WE:  Ashley Luo 14th

CWE:  Meghana Paturu 10th



2017 New Jersey Senior Olympics - Woodbridge, NJ

VetMS: T. Michael Malecki 5th

VetWS:  Mary Malecki 10th, Janice Midgley 12th



Hub City Mixed E & Under Epee - Edison, NJ

Div3M/WE:  Brianna Moglianesi BRONZE


09/02/2017 - 09/03/2017

LFA Albert Chikayev Memorial Div 1A/Div 2 ROC - Hackensack, NJ

Div1AME:  Terry Su 15th – Earns B!  Trevor Lawrence 30th, Earl Hergert 39th

Div1AMF:  Advaith Rege 32nd

Div1AMS:  Vaughn Rice 25th

Div1AWE:  Jessica Lin BRONZE, Kristina Khaw 6th, Maya Zhang 10th, Diya Kulkarni 13th

Div1AWF:  Elizabeth Yugov 27th

Div1AWS:  Zoe Kim 7th

Div2MF:  Advaith Rege 9th, Benito Hergert 22nd

Div2WE:  Meghana Paturu BRONZE, Cindy Long BRONZE, Emma Ni 7th, Jillian Yao 9th

Div2WF:  Elizabeth Yugov 8th



Freehold Fencing's E & Under Foil - Freehold, NJ

Div3MF:  Ryan Shadpoor 7th 

08/26/2017 - 08/27/2017

Garden State RJCC Region 3 - South Plainfield, NJ

CME:  Allen Marakov 12th

CMF:  Benito Hergert 57th

CWE: Jessica Lin GOLD, Katie Lin BRONZE – Earns D!  Alexandra Drovetsky 7th, Diya Kulkarni 8th, Emma Ni 10th, Jillian Yao 18th

CWF:  Elizabeth Yugov 17th

JME:  Finn Miller 8th, Terry Su 26th, Daniel Shell 53rd

JMF:  Henry Engel 53rd, Benito Hergert 63rd

JMS:  Jack Marsden 21st

JWE:  Sofia Komar GOLD, Jessica Lin SILVER, Kristina Khaw 7th, Maya Zhang 12th, Diya Kulkarni 13th, Brianna Moglianesi 15th, Jillian Yao 17th, Cindy Long 22nd

JWF:  Elizabeth Yugov 30th



NYFA Preseason Y12/Y14/Senior Mixed Epee #2 - Pennsburg, PA

Y12M/WE:  Ethan Boroditsky BRONZE, Alexandra Drovetsky 5th, Sobia Reid 9th, Katie Lin 10th, Anousheh Reid 17th, Victoria Chernyshova 18th

Y14M/WE:  Jessica Lin SILVER, Allen Marakov 5th – Earns D!  Prakrit Raj 22nd

M/WE:  Finn Miller 6th, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 9th, Arianna Minassian 27th, Michael Tsiporukha 35th, Diya Kulkarni 37th, Sophia Rose Glassner 42nd


08/19/2017 - 08/20/2017

American Challenge RYC & RCC Region 3 - Burlington, NJ

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan SILVER, Stephen Lin 19th

Y12WE:  Chloe Yang BRONZE

Y14MS:  Matthew Chan 5th

Y14WE:  Chloe Yang 5th, Elizabeth Chan 7th

CMF:  Advaith Rege 11th

CWE:  Elizabeth Chan 6th



NYFA Preseason Y12/Senior Mixed Epee - Pennsburg, PA

Y12M/WE:  Alexandra Drovetsky BRONZE, Ethan Boroditsky 7th, Katie Lin 8th, Victoria Chernyshova 14th, Sobia Reid 17th, Anousheh Reid 21st

M/WE:  Aiden Banyon-Mrak 18th, Jessica Lin 19th, Finn Miller 21st, Sofia Komar 34th, Arianna Minassian 40th, Allen Marakov 41st, Diya Kulkarni 43rd, Meghana Paturu 48th, Michael Tsiporukha 64th, Prakrit Raj 69th, Sophia Rose Glassner 70th


Dr. Eugene Packer Open Foil Freehold Fencing Academy - Freehold, NJ

M/WF:  Isak Hilde 38th



NYFA Open Camp tournament - Cornwall On Hudson, NY

Y12M/WE:  Ethan Boroditsky 8th

M/WE:  Aiden Banyon-Mrak 10th


08/05/2017 - 08/06/2017

NYS Fencing Summer Spectacular at Vassar College - Poughkeepsie, NY

M/WE:  Maya Zhang 30th

M/WS:  Vaughn Rice BRONZE, Jack Marsden 17th


2016-2017 Tournament Results


The Nutmeg State Games Senior Open  - Danbury, CT

ME:  Tom Tishman 18th


07/25/2017 – 07/29/2017

Pan American Youth and Veteran Championships - St Thomas, Virgin Islands

Vet1MS:  Richard Brown BRONZE



Freehold Fencing Academy Division II Epee - Freehold, NJ

Div2M/WE:  John Corridon 7th – Earns E!


Bucks County Academy of Fencing M/W Epee Open - Lambertville, NJ

M/WE:  Clark Kokenge 7th – Earns C!  Tom Tishman 14th


Hub City Fencing Academy Mixed E & Under - Edison, NJ

Div3M/WE:  Maya Zhang GOLD – Earns E!  Haris Shareef 6th, Saloni Haruray 13th

07/01/2017 – 07/10/2017

2017 USA Fencing Summer Nationals and July Challenge – Salt Lake City, UT

CMF:  Benito Hergert 170th

CWE:  Lola Constantino 8th PLACE MEDAL – Earns A!  Jessica Lin 41st, Diya Kulkarni 43rd, Honor Kovacs 65th, Meghana Paturu 70th, Jillian Yao 98th, Alexandra Drovetsky 103rd

CWS:  Zoe Kim 7th PLACE MEDAL – Earns A!  Caroline Sullivan 25th  

Div1AME:  Ethan Clark 81st, Terry Su 86th, Finn Miller 125th, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 157th

Div1AMF:  Max LewickI 9th, Christopher Saulys 18th

Div1AMS:  Vaughn Rice 102nd

Div1AWE:  Sofia Komar 14th, Dasha Yefremenko 38th, Lola Constantino 42nd, Kristina Khaw 59th, Ashley Cherry 74th, Laura Boden 109th

Div1AWF:  Rebecca Errickson 89th

Div1ME:  Finn Miller 22nd, Benjamin Wieder 58th, Alec Ajnsztajn 101st, Terry Su 120th

Div1MF: Christopher Saulys 70th, Max Lewicki 105th

Div1WE:  Jessica Lin 34th, Sofia Komar 35th, Eva Petronchak 43rd

Div2ME:  Allen Marakov 60th, Terrry Su 150th, Daniel Shell 167th

Div2MF:  Dominic Heise 31st, Advaith Rege 109th, Benito Hergert 179th

Div2MS:  Matthew Monteverde 117th

Div2WE:  Jessica Lin GOLD MEDAL - NATIONAL CHAMPION!  Laura Boden 32nd, Honor Kovacs 36th, Diya Kulkarni 75th, Cindy Long 104th, Brianna Moglianesi 108th, Arianna Minassian 136th

Div2WF:  Elizabeth Yugov 32nd, Rebecca Errickson 130th

Div2WS:  Caroline Sullivan 71st

Div3ME:  Daniel Shell 47th, Allen Marakov 130th, Phillip Ding 131st, Nicholas Bhimani 139th, Clark Kokenge 144th

Div3MF:  Dominic Heise GOLD MEDAL – NATIONAL CHAMPION & Renews C!  Advaith Rege 16th - Renews E!  Benito Hergert 55th, Henry Engel 75th

Div3MS:  Matthew Monteverde 21st

Div3WE:  Laura Boden 6th PLACE MEDAL, Brianna Moglianesi 27th, Cindy Long 40th, Arianna Minassian 42nd, Diya Kulkarni 47th

Div3WF:  Elizabeth Yugov 27th, Rebecca Errickson 34th

Div3WS:  Caroline Sullivan BRONZE MEDAL

JME:  Jason Suh 7th PLACE MEDAL – Renews A!  Finn Miller 39th, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 80th, Rourke Hillyer 132nd, Terry Su 172nd, Ethan Clark 211th

JMF:  Max Lewicki 20th, Dominic Heise 227th

JMS:  Vaughn Rice 80th, Darren Lei 188th, Matthew Monteverde 201st

JWE:  Dasha Yefremenko 28th, Honor Kovacs 53rd, Sofia Komar 67th, Lola Constantino 69th, Jessica Lin 72nd, Hailey Hahn 82nd, Eva Petronchak 87th, Ashley Cherry 100th, Laura Boden 106th

JWF:  Rebecca Errickson 159th

JWS: Caroline Sullivan 46th

STWE:  Sofia Komar, Ashley Cherry, Lola Constantino & Yuliya Ganser 6th

Vet40WE:  Yuliya Ganser 5th PLACE MEDAL

Vet50ME:  Sergey Suponya BRONZE MEDAL, Earl Hergert 11th

Vet60ME:  Tom Tishman 33rd

Vet60MS:  Richard Brown 6th PLACE MEDAL

Vet60WE:  Janice Midgley 7th PLACE MEDAL

Y10ME:  Ethan Boroditsky 5th PLACE MEDAL

Y10MS:  Matthew Chan BRONZE MEDAL

Y10WE:  Sarah GU 5th PLACE MEDAL, Ashley Luo 10th, Victoria Chernyshova 15th, Anousheh Reid 23rd

Y12ME:  Ethan Boroditsky 87th

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan 21st

Y12WE:  Alexandra Drovetsky 5th PLACE MEDAL – Renews E!  Katie Lin 9th, Meghana Paturu 24th, Elizabeth Chan 26th, Judy Gao 53rd, Ashley Luo 55th, Sobia Reid 69th, Victoria Chernyshova 76th, Anousheh Reid 88th, Sarah Gu 90th

Y12WS:  Zoe Kim 17th, Joanna Rizkala 33rd

Y14ME: Allen Marakov 122nd

Y14MF:  Advaith Rege 53rd, Benito Hergert 96th  

Y14WE:  Jessica Lin 9th, Alexandra Drovetsky 22nd – Renews E!  Diya Kulkarni 32nd, Katie Lin 40th,     Meghana Paturu 55th, Elizabeth Chan 75th, Judy Gao 84th, Sobia Reid 132nd

Y14WS:  Zoe Kim 24th, Joanna Rizkala 108th


M/W Epee Challenge #3 at Medeo Fencing Club – Bridgewater, NJ

ME:  Finn Miller GOLD, Terry Su 8th, Sergey Suponya 9th, Ethan Clark 10th, Rourke Hillyer 13th, Christopher Infinito 15th, Theodore Droar 18th, Phillip Ding 19th, Daniel Shell 20th, Allen Marakov 21st, Earl Hergert 22nd

WE:  Sofia Komar GOLD, Dariya Yefremenko SILVER, Yuliya Ganser BRONZE, Jessica Lin BRONZE, Ashley Cherry 5th, Lola Constantino 6th, Arianna Minassian 8th – Earns C!  Eva Petronchak 10th, Melissa Louie 16th, Laura Boden 17th, Emma Ni 20th, Diya Kulkarni 21st, Maya Zhang 23rd, Cindy Long 25th, Jillian Yao 26th, Christine Chan 29th



Zeljkovic Fencing Academy Open Foil, Open Epee - Willow Grove, PA

M/WE:  Clark Kokenge BRONZE – Earns D!


E & Under Senior Mixed Epee Freehold Fencing Academy - Freehold, NJ

Div3M/WE:  Michael Tsiporukha 7th



Fencers Club Senior Men's Epee Grand Prix V - New York, NY

ME:  Aiden Banyon-Mrak 24th, Michael Mrak 28th



Wanglei Fencing Club DIV III and Y14 Foil - Windsor, NJ

Y14MF:  Lawrence Han BRONZE


Manchen Academy of Fencing Friday Night Foil Open #2 - Whitehouse Station, NJ

M/WF:  Elizabeth Bruno 18th  



Bucks County Academy of Fencing Men’s SN Tune-up Epee - Lambertville, NJ

ME:  Allen Marakov 16th, Clark Kokenge 25th, Daniel Shell 27th



Cobra Youth Pre-Nationals All Weapons - Jersey City, NJ

Y10M/WS:  Matthew Chan GOLD

Y12M/WE:  Elizabeth Chan GOLD, Eric S. Wang BRONZE, Torata Mishima 6th

Y12MF:  Ryan Shadpoor 26th, Lawrence Han 34th

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan 6th

Y12WS:  Joanna Rizkala BRONZE

Y14M/W: Elizabeth Chan SILVER, Nicholas Smith 5th

Y14MF:  Lawrence Han 34th

Y14WS:  Joanna Rizkala SILVER



NYAC High School Epee Invitational – New York, NY

WE:  Dasha Yefremenko 11th


Amazon Open XIV DC Fencers Club - Silver Spring, MD

WE:  Sofia Komar SILVER, Yuliya Ganser BRONZE



Epee Challenge #2 at Medeo Fencing Club - Bridgewater, NJ

ME:  Finn Miller GOLD – Renews A!  Zheng Yung BRONZE, Jason Suh 5th, Max Chernyshov 7th, Earl Hergert 8th, Terry Su 10th, Clark Kokenge 15th,

Allen Marakov 18th, Rourke Hillyer 23rd, Ethan Clark 25th, Michael Tsiporukha 26th, Michael Mrak 30th, Phillip Ding 34th

WE:  Ashley Cherry GOLD, Lola Constantino SILVER, Jillian Yao BRONZE, Laura Boden BRONZE, Emma Ni 5th



Escrimeur Youth Sabre Cup 2016-2017 - (9) - East Brunswick, NJ

Y10MS: Matthew Chan GOLD

Y12MS: Matthew Chan GOLD



Fencers Club OG Future Stars Epee Cup (8-10-12-14) – New York, NY

Y10M/WE:  Ethan Boroditsky 6th, Ashley Luo 7th

Y12M/WE:  Alexandra Drovetsky 4th, Katie Lin 9th, Meghana Paturu 11th, Ethan Boroditsky 15th, Ashley Luo 16th

Y14WE:  Jessica Lin SILVER, Diya Kulkarni 5th, Meghana Paturu 11th, Katie Lin 16th, Alexandra Drovetsky 28th



Division 1A/Division 3 Sabre Escrimeur Fencers Club - East Brunswick, NJ

MS:  Jack Marsden 9th



2017 Saber Spectacular Cobra Fencing Club - Jersey City, NJ

CMS:  Vijay Ganta 30th

CWS:  Zoe Kim 7th

JMS:  Matthew Monteverde 14th, Alan Zu 27th

JWS:  Zoe Kim GOLD

MS:  Alan Zu 21st

Y12WS:  Joanna Rizkala SILVER

Y14MS:  Vijay Ganta 13th

Y14WS:  Joanna Rizkala SILVER



GFA Foil Open Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy - Fair Lawn, NJ

MF:  Dominic Heise 11th



Rockland Fencers Club Epee/Foil Open/Div2/Y12 - Nyack, NY

ME:  Clark Kokenge 5th



Medeo Fencing Club M/W Epee Challenge #1 - Bridgewater, NJ

ME:  Ethan Clark GOLD – Renews Earns B!  Tom Tishman SILVER, Christopher Infinito BRONZE – Earns C!  Aiden Banyon-Mrak 6th, Michael Mrak 11th, Allen Marakov 18th, Michael Tsiporukha 20th

WE:  Eva Petronchak GOLD, Sofia Komar SILVER, Lola Constantino BRONZE, Yuliya Ganser BRONZE, Jessica Lin 5th, Arianna Minassian 6th, Jillian Yao 8th, Emma Ni 9th, Cindy Long 10th, Ameera Ebrahim 11th, Christine Chan 12th



The Ralph Spinella Open Candlewood Fencing Center - Danbury, CT

ME:  Clark Kokenge 15th



Freehold Fencing Academy Div III Epee - Freehold, NJ

Div3M/WE:  Michael Tsiporukha BRONZE



Manchen Academy of Fencing Friday Night Y12 Foil #1 - Whitehouse Station, NJ

M/WF:  Lawrence Han GOLD



Escrimeur Fencers Club Dv1A/Dv3 Sabre - East Brunswick, NJ

MS:  Jack Marsden 5th – Earns D!



Fencers Club Junior Men's and Women's Epee - New York, NY

JME:  Ethan Clark 13th

JWE:  Jessica Lin 6th, Lola Constantino 9th, Arianna Minassian 15th, Diya Kulkarni 19th



Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy Foil Open - Fair Lawn, NJ

WF:  Elizabeth Yugov 25th



Atlantic Fencing Academy Sunday Epee Division 2 + E - Tinton Falls, NJ

Div2M/WE:  Clark Kokenge GOLD, Michael Tsiporukha SILVER

Div3M/WE:  Haris Shareef BRONZE



Fencers Club Senior Women's Epee Grand Prix V - New York, NY

WE:  Sofia Komar BRONZE, Jessica Lin 7th, Diya Kulkarni 8th 


05/05/2017 - 05/07/2017

Mission Fencing Club SYC – Rocky Point, NY

Y10MS:  Matthew Chan GOLD, Noah Shoman 5th, Zachary Shoman 8th

Y10WS:  Jenna Shoman 13th

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan 18th, Zachary Shoman 31st, Noah Shoman 55th

Y12WE:  Alexandra Drovetsky SILVER, Katie Lin 5th, Elizabeth Chan 7th, Chloe Yang 9th, Sarah Gu 13th 

Y12WS:  Joanna Rizkala 11th, Miriam Shoman 14th, Jenna Shoman 19th

Y14WE:  Alexandra Drovetsky 6th, Elizabeth Chan 9th

Y14WS:  Miriam Shoman 26th



Freehold Fencing Academy Division 3 Epee - Freehold, NJ

Div3M/WE:  Clark Kokenge SILVER, Michael Tsiporukha BRONZE


Cobra Fencing Club Beginner Youth Challenge - Jersey City, NJ

Y12M/WE:  Torata Mishima Bronze



Epee Open at Medeo Fencing Club - Bridgewater, NJ

ME:  Ethan Clark SILVER, Michael Tsiporukha BRONZE, Nicholas Smith 6th

WE:  Lola Constantino GOLD, Anna Klaassen BRONZE, Brianna Moglianesi 5th, Maya Zhang 6th



FAP Philly Epee Challenge RYC - Wyncote, PA

Y12WE:  Judy Gao GOLD

Y14ME:  Prakrit Raj 6th

Y14WE:  Judy Gao SILVER, Jessica Yatvitskiy 6th


04/29/2017 - 04/30/2017

Jeff Wolfe Long Island Challenge ROC Mission Fencing Center - Rocky Point, NY

Div1AME:  Coach Alexander van den Bergh GOLD, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 36th, Michael Mrak 51st

Div2ME: Terry Su 5th, Clark Kokenge 18th, Phillip Ding 36nd

Div1AMF:  Benito Hergert 73rd

Div2MF:  Benito Hergert 9th

Div1AWE:  Kristina Khaw 9th

Div1AWF:  Elizabeth Yugov 38th

04/21/2017 – 04/24/2017

2017 Division I and Wheelchair National Championships & April North American Challenge – Baltimore, MD

Div1ME:  Finn Miller 47th, Benjamin Wieder 51st

Div1MF:  Max Lewicki 22nd

Div1WE:  Dasha Yefremenko 21st, Jessica Lin 29th, Eva Petronchak 38th,

Fiona Fong 46th, Ashley Cherry 47th, Sofia Komar 52nd

Div2ME:     Rourke Hillyer BRONZE – Earns B!  Daniel Shell 55th, Michael Tsiporukha 66th

Div2MF:  Dominic Heise 46th, Sean McGrath 64th, Benito Hergert 70th, Henry Engel 77th

Div2MS:  Matthew Monteverde 45th

Div2WE:  Laura Boden 10th – Earns D!  Diya Kulkarni 50th

Div2WF:  Elizabeth Yugov 49th, Rebecca Errickson 57th

Div2WS:  Caroline Sullivan 42nd, Samantha Magda 63rd

Div3ME:  Daniel Shell BRONZE – Earns C!  Michael Tsiporukha 53rd

Div3MF:  Benito Hergert 15th – Renews E!  Henry Engel 38th

Div3MS:  Matthew Monteverde 11th, Luke Errickson 75th

Div3WE: Cindy Long 16th – Earns E!  Diya Kulkarni 19th, Laura Boden 38th

Div3WF:  Elizabeth Yugov 18th, Marta Savchuk 42nd

Div3WS:  Caroline Sullivan GOLD – Earns C!  Samantha Magda 50th

Vet40ME:  Max Chernyshov 12th

Vet40WE:  Yuliya Ganser BRONZE

Vet60ME:  Tom Tishman 14th

Vet60MS:  Richard Brown 8th – Earns D!

VetME:  Max Chernyshov 26th

VetTME:  Tishman, Suponya & Hahn 4th



Escrimeur Youth Sabre Cup 2016-2017 #7 - East Brunswick, NJ

Y10MS:  Matthew Chan GOLD

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan SILVER, Rijel Fuller 12th

Y12WS:  Joanna Rizkala GOLD

Y14MS:  Vijay Ganta SILVER

Y14WS:  Joanna Rizkala GOLD   



Morris Fencing Club Division 3 Three Weapons - Randolph, NJ

Div3M/WE:  Brianna Moglianesi 10th


BCAF 12th Annual Easter Egg Epee Open - Lambertville, NJ

M/WE:  Coach Alexander van den Bergh GOLD – Renews A!  Daniel Shell 8th - Earns C!  Ethan Clark 11th, Terry Su 24th


Freehold Fencing Academy Unrated Senior Mixed Epee - Freehold, NJ

M/WE:  Jonathan Vanderhoof GOLD – Earns E!



Fencers Club Senior Women's Epee Grand Prix IV - New York, NY

WE:  Dasha Yefremenko BRONZE, Lola Constantino 12th, Ashley Cherry 20th, Jessica Lin 25th, Arianna Minassian 30th, Diya Kulkarni 32nd



NJ Division Y14, Division 2/3 & Veteran Summer Nat Qualifier - Jersey City, NJ

Div2ME:  Clark Kokenge BRONZE – Earns E!  Rourke Hillyer BRONZE, Graham Matthews 7th, Daniel Shell 12th, Nick Bhimani 17th, Phillip Ding 19th, Theodore Droar 23rd, Sean FitzGibbon 40th

Div2MF:  Benito Hergert 5th Renews E!  Henry Engel 9th, Justin Greenman 30th

Div2MS:  Matthew Monteverde GOLD – Earns D!  Jacob Tharayil 22nd, Luke Errickson 25th

Div2WE:  Brianna Moglianesi BRONZE, Cindy Long 5th, Chloe Mok 12th

Div2WS: Samantha Magda 8th  

Y14MS:  Luke Errickson 15th

Y14WE:  Jessica Yatvitskiy GOLD


04/01/2017 – 04/02/2017

American Challenge RJCC Region 3 – Burlington, NJ

CMF:  Advaith Rege 33rd

CMS:  Jacob Tharayil 28th

CWE:  Diya Kulkarni GOLD, Alexandra Drovetsky 5th, Meghana Paturu 6th, Chloe Mok 18th

CWF:  Elizabeth Yugov 16th

CWS:  Caroline Sullivan 7th – Renews D!  Zoe Kim 8th

JME:  Finn Miller 17th, Rourke Hillyer 31st, Michael Tsiporukha 71st, Kyle Mattson 82nd

JMF:  Dominic Heise 41st

JMS:  Matthew Monteverde 24th, Vaughn Rice 30th, Darren Lei 34th, Alan Zu 36th, Jacob Tharayil 65th

JWE:  Dasha Yefremenko GOLD, Ashley Cherry BRONZE, Lola Constantino BRONZE – Renews B!  Jessica Lin 6th, Laura Boden 21st – Renews E!  Kristina Khaw 26th, Diya Kulkarni 27th, Arianna Minassian 29th, Meghana Paturu 32nd – Renews E!  Maya Zhang 45th, Jillian Yao 46th

JWF:  Elizabeth Yugov 42nd

JWS:  Zoe Kim SILVER, Samantha Magda 35th



2016-17 Tri-State Saber Veterans’ Cup Stamford Fencing Center - Stamford, CT

VetM/WS:  Richard Brown 11th



Fencers Club Youth Foil Cup (8-10-12-14) – New York, NY

Y12MF:  Ryan Shadpoor 11th


New York Fencing Academy & Macaron Open Mixed Epee - Brooklyn, NY

M/WE:  Jessica Lin 12th


03/25/2017 - 03/26/2017

Cherry Blossom Open 2017 University of Maryland Armory - College Park, MD

M/WF:  Dominic Heise 19th, Matthew Gates 25th

WE:  Dasha Yefremenko GOLD – Renews A!  Lola Constantino 5th


03/25/2017 - 03/26/2017

Region 3/Doc D'Ambola RYC New Jersey Fencing Alliance - Maplewood, NJ

Y10MS:  Matthew Chan GOLD, Henry Ye SILVER

Y10WE:  Victoria Chernyshova GOLD, Anousheh Reid SILVER

Y12ME:  Torata Mishima 15th, Eric S. Wang 16th

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan 11th, Henry Ye 40th

Y12WE:  Sobia Reid GOLD, Elizabeth Chan BRONZE, Chloe Yang BRONZE, Ashley Luo 5th, Judy Gao 6th, Allison Li 10th, Victoria Chernyshova 12th, Anousheh Reid 16th

Y12WS:  Joanna Rizkala BRONZE

Y14ME:  Allen Marakov GOLD, Phillip Ding 6th, Prakrit Raj 13th

Y14WE:  Elizabeth Chan GOLD, Emma Ni SILVER, Sobia Reid 5th, Alexandra Drovetsky 6th, Judy Gao 12th, Jessica Yatvitskiy 14th, Chloe Mok 16th

Y14WS:  Joanna Rizkala 13th



Escrimeur Fencers Club Dv1A/Dv3 Sabre - East Brunswick, NJ

M/WS:  Jack Marsden SILVER – Earns E!  Mark Elbrecht 15th



New Jersey Fencing Alliance Div III & Y-14 M&W Epee - Maplewood, NJ

Div3ME:  Clark Kokenge SILVER, Kavin Elamurugan BRONZE



Bucks County Academy of Fencing Women's 3-Weapon Day FUNDRAISER - Lambertville, NJ

WE:  Melissa Louie BRONZE – Earns E!  Cindy Long 6th



Escrimeur Fencers Club Youth Sabre Cup 2016-2017 #6 - East Brunswick, NJ

Y10M/WS:  Henry Ye SILVER

Y10MS:  Henry Ye 9th, Rijel Fuller 13th



Riverview Fencing Academy Open Mixed Epee - Pompton Lakes, NJ

M/WE:  Clark Kokenge BRONZE, Saloni Haruray 5th

3/10/2017 - 3/13/2017

2017 March North American Cup (DV2, DV2TM, Y10, Y12, Y14, Y14TM) – Cleveland, OH

Div2ME:  Terry Su 7th – Renews C!

Div2MF:  Benito Hergert 50th, Advaith Rege 60th, Henry Engel 92nd

Div2WE:  Honor Kovacs 44th, Diya Kulkarni 67th, Christine Chan 74th

Div2WF:  Elizabeth Yugov 50th

Div2WS:  Caroline Sullivan 69th

Y10ME:  Ethan Boroditsky 9th

Y10MS:  Matthew Chan 11th, Henry Ye 13th

Y10WE:  Anousheh Reid BRONZE, Sarah Gu BRONZE, Ashley Luo 6th, Victoria Chernyshova 9th

Y12ME:  Ethan Boroditsky 86th

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan 75th

Y12WE:  Meghana Paturu 15th, Katie Lin 16th, Alexandra Drovetsky 44th, Elizabeth Chan 49th, Victoria Chernyshova 51st, Sobia Reid 53rd, Judy Gao 58th, Ashley Luo 74th, Anousheh Reid 80th, Sarah Gu 83rd

Y12WS:  Zoe Kim GOLD - Earns C!  Joanna Rizkala 12th

Y14MF:  Benito Hergert 169th, Advaith Rege 184th

Y14WE:  Jessica Lin 26th, Diya Kulkarni 40th, Jillian Yao 49th, Meghana Paturu 50th, Katie Lin 66th, Alexandra Drovetsky 76th, Judy Gao 83rd, Sobia Reid 103rd, Elizabeth Chan 106th, Victoria Chernyshova 120th

Y14WS:  Zoe Kim 38th

03/02/2017 – 03/07/2017

Junior Pan American Championships – Havana, Cuba

CME:  Finn Miller 15th

CWE:  Sofia Komar BRONZE

JWE:  Sofia Komar BRONZE



BCAF 1st Annual Mitch Davis Memorial M/W Foil Bucks County Academy of Fencing - Lambertville, NJ

MF:  Adam Coe 10th


03/04/2017 - 03/05/2017

NJ Division Denise O'Connor RYC - Region 3 Durkan Fencing Academy - Garfield, NJ

Y10MS:  Matthew Chan GOLD, Henry Ye 5th

Y10WE:  Anousheh Reid GOLD

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan 20th, Henry Ye 34th

Y12WE:  Meghana Paturu GOLD, Elizabeth Chan SILVER, Judy Gao BRONZE, Sarah Gu BRONZE, Ashley Luo 8th, Sobia Reid 10th, Anousheh Reid 12th

Y14ME:  Allen Marakov 5th

Y14WE:  Diya Kulkarni GOLD, Alexandra Drovetsky SILVER, Elizabeth Chan BRONZE, Ameera Ebrahim 5th, Meghana Paturu 9th, Judy Gao 11th, Jessica Yatvitskiy 13th, Sobia Reid 15th


03/03/2017 - 03/05/2017

Albert Chikayev Memorial Div 1A/Div 2 ROC Lilov Fencing Academy - Cedar Grove, NJ

Div1AME:  Zheng Yung 11th, Tom Tishman 23rd

Div2ME:  Rourke Hillyer BRONZE, Allen Marakov 5th – Earns E!  Terry Su 10th, Phillip Ding 18th

Div1AMS:  Vaughn Rice 16th

Div2MS:  Vaughn Rice SILVER

Div1AWE:  Eva Petronchak 10th, Diya Kulkarni 13th

Div2WE:  Diya Kulkarni GOLD – Earns C!  Arianna Minassian BRONZE – Earns D!  Cindy Long 11th, Jillian Yao 16th

Div1AWF:  Elizabeth Yugov 27th

Div2WS:  Samantha Magda 17th


8th Annual Middle School Open @ Medeo Fencing Club - Bridgewater, NJ

Y14ME:  Haris Shareef SILVER, Nicholas Smith BRONZE, Eric S Wang 5th, Torata Mishima 7th

Y14MF:  Lawrence Han SILVER, Sergio Quicono 6th

Y14MS:  Matthew Chan SILVER

Y14WE:  Ameera Ebrahim GOLD, Victoria Chernyshova SILVER, Judy Gao BRONZE, Elizabeth Chan BRONZE, Jessica Yatvitskiy 5th, Allison Li 6th, Chloe Yang 7th, Alisha Li 8t   



BCAF Ironman "Not For Wimps" Epee Open - Lambertville, NJ

ME:  Xuemin Yin BRONZE

M/WE:  Sergey Suponya 6th, Andy Lesser 29th, Xuemin Yin 36th


02/25/2017 - 02/26/2017

Fairfax Challenge RYC # 1 (Region 6) – Fairfax, VA

Y10MS:  Henry Ye


02/25/2017 - 02/26/2017

NJFA RJCC (Region 3) New Jersey Fencing Alliance - Maplewood, NJ

CME:  Allen Marakov 12th, Clark Kokenge 24th, Kavin Elamurugan 40th

CMF:  Benito Hergert 20th

CWE:  Jillian Yao BRONZE, Meghana Paturu BRONZE, Alexandra Drovetsky 7th, Katie Lin 13th, Elizabeth Chan 18th

CWF:  Elizabeth Yugov 28th

CWS:  Zoe Kim GOLD – Earns C! 

JME:  Finn Miller BRONZE, Rourke Hillyer 6th – Renews C!  Graham Matthews 35th, Michael Tsiporukha 45th, Kavin Elamurugan 59th

JMF:  Benito Hergert 49th

JMS:  Vaughn Rice SILVER – Earns C!  Darren Lei 25th

JWE:  Arianna Minassian 5th, Diya Kulkarni 7th, Cindy Long 15th, Brianna Moglianesi 16th, Meghana Paturu 17th, Maia Carvalho 18th

JWS:  Zoe Kim 8th, Caroline Sullivan 31st, Samantha Magda 34th

02/17/2017 – 02/20/2017

2017 Junior Olympics (Ct, JR, JTM) – Kansas City, MO

CME:  Finn Miller 14th, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 58th, Terry Su 115th, Zheng Yung 141st

CMS:  Vaughn Rice 92nd, Darren Lei 164th

CWE:  Sofia Komar 5th - Earns Medal and Renews A!  Jessica Lin 7th - Earns Medal and A!  Lola Constantino 31st, Diya Kulkarni 51st, Kristina Khaw 52nd,  Arianna Minassian 56th, Hailey Hahn 73th, Honor Kovacs 121st, Alexandra Drovetsky 140th, Brianna Moglianesi 178th

CWS:  Caroline Sullivan 128th, Grace Paul 156th

JME:  Jason Suh 92nd, Zheng Yung 96th, Finn Miller 118th, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 141st, Terry Su 155th, Graham Matthews 195th

JMF:    Max Lewicki 6th Earns Medal and Renews A!  Christopher Saulys 36th, Dominic Heise 126th

JMS:  Vaughn Rice 155th

JWE:  Sofia Komar 12th, Dasha Yefremenko 17th, Eva Petronchak 22nd, Jessica Lin 43rd, Hailey Hahn 77th, Kahleem Fong 90th, Lola Constantino 120th, Kristina Khaw 121st, Ashley Cherry 122nd, Arianna Minassian 159th

JWF:  Brooke Stanicki 58th, Rebecca Errickson 199th

JWS:  Caroline Sullivan 105th

JTME:  Aiden Banyon-Mrak, Finn Miller & Jason Suh 12th

JTWE:  Sofia Komar, Jessica Lin & Dasha Yefremenko 4th; Ashley Cherry, Lola Constantino, Eva Petronchak 13th



Escrimeur Fencers Club Youth Sabre Cup #5 - East Brunswick, NJ

Y10M/WS:  Matthew Chan SILVER, Henry Ye BRONZE

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan SILVER, Henry Ye BRONZE



Hub City Fencing Academy Mixed E & Under Sabre - Edison, NJ

M/WS:  Neil Chahil 8th



North Shore Fencers Club Youth Y8/10/12/14 Mixed Epee - Great Neck, NY

Y10M/WE:  Victoria Chernyshova SILVER

Y12M/WE:  Victoria Chernyshova 17th

Y14M/WE:  Phillip Ding 7th

02/10/2017 – 02/12/2017

Cobra Challenge Division 1A/Division 2 ROC – Jersey City, NJ

Div1AME:    Aiden Banyon-Mrak BRONZE, Amit R. Sarma 7th, Finn Miller 23rd, Ethan Clark 31st, Graham Matthews 40th, Rourke Hillyer 47th, Allen Marakov 80th, Samuel Redick 85th, Terry Su 86th

Div1AMF:  Dominic Heise 70th, Henry Engel 91st

Div1AMS:  Vaughn Rice 16th, Matthew Monteverde 26th, Alan Zu 38th

Div1AWE:  Sofia Komar GOLD, Dasha Yefremenko 7th, Laura Boden 14th, Diya Kulkarni 31st, Jessica Lin 33rd,   Arianna Minassian 36th, Yuliya Ganser 39th, Jillian Yao 51st

Div1AWF:    Brooke Stanicki 19th, Elizabeth Yugov 61st

Div2ME:  Theodore Droar 24th, Rourke Hillyer 25th

Div2MF:  Dominic Heise 24th, Benito Hergert 68th

Div2MS:  Vaughn Rice 10th, Matthew Monteverde 15th, Alan Zu 23rd

Div2WE:  Arianna Minassian 11th, Diya Kulkarni 13th, Brianna Moglianesi 23rd, Jillian Yao 30th

Div2WF:  Elizabeth Yugov 29th

Div2WS:  Caroline Sullivan 22nd



Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy Youth Foil - Fair Lawn, NJ

Y12MF:  Ryan Shadpoor 14th


Hub City Fencing Academy Division 2 Men’s and Women’s Epee - Edison, NJ

Div2ME:  Michael Tsiporukha BRONZE, Clark Kokenge 8th

Div2WE:  Cindy Long SILVER, Diya Kulkarni BRONZE



Montclair High School Invitational Girls Freshman/Sophomore – Montclair, NJ

WE:  Brianna Moglianesi SILVER 


Women’s Individual Epee Junior World Cup – Espoo, Finland

JWE:  Sofia Komar 65th (out of 177 fencers)


Fencers Club Senior Women's Epee Grand Prix III - New York, NY

WE:  Dariya Yefremenko BRONZE, Jessica Lin 12th


01/28/2017 - 01/29/2017

Premier Club RYC Region 3 & Cadet Cobra Fencing Club - Jersey City, NJ

CME:  Allen Marakov 17th, Clark Kokenge 31st

CWE:  Jillian Yao SILVER

CWF:  Elizabeth Yugov 20th

CWS:  Zoe Kim SILVER – Renews D!

Y10ME:  Ethan Boroditsky 10th

Y10MF:  Jinghua Li 17th

Y10MS:  Matthew Chan BRONZE

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan 13th, Pierce Jackson 33rd

Y12WE:  Alexandra Drovetsky GOLD, Katie Lin SILVER, Elizabeth Chan BRONZE, Sobia Reid 8th, Victoria Chernyshova 10th, Ashley Luo 14th, Anousheh Reid 16th

Y14ME:  Ethan Boroditsky 26th

Y14MF:  Advaith Rege BRONZE

Y14WE:  Alexandra Drovetsky 5th, Cindy Long 11th, Sobia Reid 16th, Jillian Yao 17th, Elizabeth Chan 19th

Y14WS:  Zoe Kim SILVER



Escrimeur Youth Sabre Cup #4 2016-2017 - East Brunswick, NJ

Y10MS:  Henry Ye SILVER



Zeljkovic Fencing Academy Open foil, Open Epee - Willow Grove, PA

M/WE:  Sergey Suponya BRONZE, Ethan Clark 15th

01/14/2016 – 01/16/2017

Capitol Clash SYC and Cadet RCC 2017 - National Harbor, MD

CME:  Allen Marakov 76th

CWE:  Cindy Long 20th

CWF:  Elizabeth Yugov 15th

CWS:  Zoe Kim 7th

Y10ME:  Ethan Boroditsky 13th

Y10MS:  Matthew Chan 10th

Y10WE:  Victoria Chernyshova 5th, Sarah Gu 9th, Anousheh Reid 13th, Ashley Luo 14th

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan 36th

Y12WE:  Alexandra Drovetsky 11th, Meghana Paturu 15th, Katie Lin 16th, Sobia Reid 19th, Elizabeth Chan 30th, Judy Gao 34th, Victoria Chernyshova 35th, Anousheh Reid 39th, Ashley Luo 45th

Y14ME:  Allen Marakov 32nd

Y14WE:  Meghana Paturu 17th, Alexandra Drovetsky 25th, Katie Lin 27th, Elizabeth Chan 56th, Judy Gao 65th, Victoria Chernyshova 69th, Ameera Ebrahim 78th, Sobia Reid 83rd

Y14WS:  Zoe Kim 5th


Fencers Club Senior Men's Epee Grand Prix III - New York, NY

ME:  Terry Su 19th


01/13/2017 – 01/15/2017

European Cadet Circuit – Bratislava, Slovakia

CME:  Finn Miller 19th (out of 227 fencers)

CTWE:  Jessica Lin (Team United States of America) 6th

CWE:  Sofia Komar 21st, Jessica Lin 98th (out of 206 fencers)



Hub City Fencing Academy - Edison, NJ

Div3M/WE:  Kavin Elamurugan GOLD – Earns E! Haris Shareef BRONZE, Saloni Haruray 8th

01/06/2017 – 01/09/2017

2017 January North American Cup (DV1, JR, Senior Team & WCH) – Columbus, OH

Div1ME:  Benjamin Wieder 73rd, Alec Ajnsztajn 103rd, Jason Suh 175th, Tristan Decker 208th, Finn Miller 230th, Aatish Varma 251st, Graham Matthews 291st

Div1MF:  Max Lewicki 51st, Yash Srivastav 85th, Dominic Heise 113th

Div1WE:  Sofia Komar 15th, Dasha Yefremenko 38th, Charlene Liu 40th, Fiona Fong 58th, Eva Petronchak 98th , Hailey Hahn 146th

Div1WF:  Brooke Stanicki 105th

JME:  Finn Miller 106th, Jason Suh 137th, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 154th, Aatish Varma 195th, Graham Matthews 211th

JMF:  Max Lewicki 29th, Dominic Heise 144th, Henry Engel 198th

JMS:  Vaughn Rice 112th

JWE:  Charlene Liu GOLD – Renews A!   Sofia Komar 23rd, Dasha Yefremenko 39th, Hailey Hahn 49th, Eva Petronchak 88th, Fiona Fong 119th

JWF:  Brooke Stanicki 133rd


Medeo Fencing Club Silver Bells Epee Open - Bridgewater, NJ

M/WE:  Dasha Yefremenko GOLD, Mihir Dontamsetti BRONZE, Michael Tsiporukha 6th, Kavin Elamurugan 8th, Elizabeth Turello 10th


12/17/2016 - 12/18/2016

Women’s Junior Epee World Cup – Burgos, Spain

JTWE:  Sofia Komar (Team United States of America) BRONZE

JWE:  Sofia Komar 67th - out of 154 fencers from all over the world!



New York Fencing Academy Junior Mixed Epee- Brooklyn, NY

JM/WE:  Michael Tsiporukha 15th


2016 December North American Cup Division 1 Foil – Rocky Point, NY

Div1MF:   Max Lewicki 40th, Dominic Heise 129th


12/10/2016 - 12/11/2016

Denise O'Connor High School Championships Cobra Fencing Club - Jersey City, NJ

JME:  Rourke Hillyer GOLD – Earns C! Ethan Clark BRONZE, Graham Matthews 8th, Theodore Droar 9th, Terry Su 17th, Louis Cantor 19th

JMS:  Raghav Tulasiram 11th

JWE:  Laura Boden GOLD, Brianna Moglianesi BRONZE

JWF:  Laura Fan BRONZE

JWS:  Caroline Sullivan GOLD – Earns D!

Div3ME:  Sean FitzGibbon GOLD

Div3MF:  Henry Engel 8th

Div3WE:  Laura Boden GOLD – Earns E! Maya Zhang 7th

Div3WF:  Laura Fan BRONZE

Div3WS:  Caroline Sullivan GOLD


12/10/2016 - 12/11/2016

Lilov Fencing Academy Winter Regional Youth Circuit Region 3: Cedar Grove, NJ

Y10MS:  Matthew Chan GOLD

Y10WE:  Victoria Chernyshova GOLD, Sarah Gu BRONZE, Anousheh Reid BRONZE, Meredith Shen 5th

Y12ME:  Ethan Boroditsky GOLD

Y12MF:  Ryan Shadpoor 44th

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan 5th

Y12WE:  Alexandra Drovetsky GOLD, Elizabeth Chan BRONZE, Katie Lin BRONZE, Ashley Luo 5th, Victoria Chernyshova 7th, Judy Gao 8th, Sarah Gu 10th, Sobia Reid 12th

Y12WS:  Clara Liang 32nd

Y14ME:  Allen Marakov 6th, Ethan Boroditsky 24th

Y14WE:  Jillian Yao GOLD,  Elizabeth Chan SILVER, Emma Ni BRONZE, Alexandra Drovetsky 5th, Sobia Reid 9th, Judy Gao 10th

Y14WS:  Zoe Kim SILVER



Manchen Academy of Fencing Unrated Friday Night Epee - Whitehouse Station, NJ

M/WE:  Xuemin Yin 6th, Haris Shareef 10th, Elizabeth Turello 11th

12/02/2016 - 12/06/2016

2016 December North American Cup #1 (DV1, DV1A, VET) – Richmond, VA

Div1AME:  Alec Ajnsztajn 40th, Bobak Shadpoor 93rd

Div1AMS:  Vaughn Rice 72nd

Div1AWE:  Ashley Cherry BRONZE – Earns A! Arianna Minassian 36th, Jillian Yao 46th

Div1AWF:  Rebecca Errickson 24th, Elizabeth Yugov 49th

Div1ME:  Finn Miller 26th, Alexander van den Bergh 85th, Tristan Decker 111th, Alec Ajnsztajn 136th, Bobak Shadpoor 144th

Div1WE:  Eva Petronchak 14th, Sofia Komar 19th, Lola Constantino 36th, Dasha Yefremenko 43rd, Hailey Hahn 63rd, Vivian Zhao 78th, Jessica Lin 80th, Ashley Cherry 123rd

Vet40WE:  Yuliya Ganser BRONZE

Vet50ME:  Patric Wallace 26th

Vet60ME:  Tom Tishman 13th

Vet60MS:  Richard Brown 7th

VetME:  Patric Wallace BRONZE – Renews A!

VetWE:  Yuliya Ganser SILVER

11/26/2016 - 11/27/2016

European Cadet Circuit – Grenoble, France

CTWE:  Sofia Komar (Team United States of America 1) BRONZE

CWE:  Sofia Komar 6th, Hailey Hahn 49th, Vivian Zhou 92nd - out of 218 fencers from all over the world!


11/26/2016 - 11/27/2016

NJ Division Junior Olympics Qualifier Durkan Fencing Academy - South Hackensack, NJ

CMS:  Darren Lei GOLD – Renews C!

CWE:  Brianna Moglianesi BRONZE

CWF:  Laura Fan 4th, Elizabeth Yugov 8th

CWS:  Grace Paul BRONZE

JME:  Rourke Hillyer BRONZE – Renews D! Graham Matthews 5th, Theodore Droar 14th, Terry Su 15th, Sean FitzGibbon 20th

JMS:  Alan Zu 8th

JWE:  Ashley Cherry 5th, Laura Boden 6th, Brianna Moglianesi 7th

JWF:  Rebecca Errickson GOLD

JWS:  Caroline Sullivan BRONZE – Earns D! Samantha Magda 8th – Earns E! Amanda Soliman 10th, Grace Paul 14th


11/25/2016 - 11/27/2016

Cobra Challenge Super Youth Circuit & Cadet - Secaucus, NJ

Y10ME:  Ethan Boroditsky BRONZE

Y10MS:  Matthew Chan SILVER

Y10WE:  Victoria Chernyshova BRONZE, Sarah Gu BRONZE, Ashley Luo 5th, Anousheh Reid 8th

Y12ME:  Ethan Boroditsky 18th

Y12MF:  Ryan Shadpoor 86th

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan 18th

Y12WE:  Meghana Paturu SILVER, Alexandra Drovetsky 6th, Victoria Chernyshova 7th,  Elizabeth Chan 13th, Katie Lin 14th,  Sobia Reid 17th, Anousheh Reid 20th, Sarah Gu 31st

Y12WS:  Zoe Kim SILVER, Clara Liang 38th

Y14ME:  Clark Kokenge 16th, Allen Marakov 25th, Phillip Ding 57th

Y14MF:  Advaith Rege 13th

Y14WE:  Jessica Lin BRONZE, Alexandra Drovetsky 10th – Earns E! Katie Lin 12th – Earns E! Cindy Long 13th, Diya Kulkarni 16th, Meghana Paturu 18th, Emma Ni 30th, Elizabeth Chan 38th, Jillian Yao 40th, Ameera Ebrahim 48th, Sobia Reid 51st

Y14WS:  Zoe Kim 16th

CME:  Phillip Ding 40th

CMF:  Advaith Rege 32nd

CMS:  Jack Marsden 47th

CWE:  Diya Kulkarni BRONZE – Earns D! Arianna Minassian 13th

CWF:  Elizabeth Yugov 22nd

CWS:  Zoe Kim 5th

11/19/2016 - 11/20/2016

The Durkan Rooster Division1A Regional Open Circuit Region 3 - South Hackensack, NJ

Div1AME:  Finn Miller 22nd, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 24th, Felix Yin 27th, Sergey Suponya 28th, Max Chernyshov 34th, Tom Tishman 35th, Ethan Clark 51st, Terry Su 52nd, Oliver Slayne 57th

Div1AMF:  Max Lewicki 6th, William Gaziano 9th, Yash Srivastav 20th

Div1AMS:  Vaughn Rice 33rd, Matthew Monteverde 44th, Jack Marsden 46th

Div1AWE:  Ashley Cherry 8th, Jessica Lin 10th, Diya Kulkarni 23rd, Arianna Minassian 25th, Jillian Yao 27th, Janice Midgley 31st

Div1AWF:  Brooke Stanicki 18th



Bucks County Academy of Fencing 18th Annual Robert Flynn Memorial Epee - Lambertville, NJ

M/WE:  Laura Boden 14th



Rockland Fencers Club Foil & Epee Division 2 & Y14 - Nyack, NY

Div2WE:  Diya Kulkarni SILVER



Escrimeur Fencers Club Division 3 & Open Sabre - East Brunswick, NJ

M/WS:  Luke Errickson 26th

11/11/2016 - 11/14/2016

November North American Cup (JR, CDT, Y14 & CDT Team) – Milwaukee, WI

CME:  Zheng Yung 71st, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 107th, Finn Miller 119th

CMF:  Benito Hergert 210th

CTWE:  ‘Team KANYE 2020’ (representing Medeo) Chloe Daniel, Sofia Komar, Ariana Mangano, Ava Navarro GOLD

CWE:  Sofia Komar BRONZE, Jessica Lin 53rd, Vivian Zhao 58th, Kristina Khaw 59th, Honor Kovacs 64th, Hailey Hahn 103rd, Jillian Yao 154th

CWF:  Elizabeth Yugov 68th

JME:  Finn Miller 42nd, Jason Suh 53rd, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 58th, Zheng Yung 177th JMF:  Max Lewicki 44th, William Gaziano 129th

JWE:  Sofia Komar 15th, Dasha Yefremenko 35th, Jessica Lin 40th, Vivian Zhao 103rd, Honor Kovacs 113th, Hailey Hahn 129th

Y14MF:  Benito Hergert 21st

Y14WE:  Jessica Lin SILVER, Alexandra Drovetsky 24th, Katie Lin 63rd, Jillian Yao 84th


11/11/2016 - 11/14/2016

USA Fencing National Championships (rescheduled) – Milwaukee, WI

Y10ME:  Ethan Boroditsky 22nd

Y10MS:  Matthew Chan 21st

Y10WE:  Alexandra Drovetsky BRONZE, Katie Lin 10th, Victoria Chernyshova 19th

Y12MF:  Benito Hergert 56th



Hub City Fencing Academy Division 3 Men's & Women's Epee - Edison, NJ

Div3M/WE:  Haris Shareef 5th



Manhattan Fencing Center Youth Foil Liberty Cup - New York, NY

Y12MF:  Ryan Shadpoor 12th



Freehold Fencing Academy Unrated Sabre: Freehold, NJ

M/WS:  Samantha Magda 6th


Fall Back Epee Open at Medeo Fencing Club - Bridgewater, NJ

M/WE:  Theodore Droar BRONZE - Earns C! Ethan Clark 7th, Michael Tsiporukha 10th, Tom Tishman 11th, Oliver Slayne 12th, Kyle Mattson 14th, Xuemin Yin 19th, Phillip Ding 21st



Lilov Fencing Academy Gambit Veteran 3 Weapon - Cedar Grove, NJ

VM/WS:  Richard Brown 6th


11/05/2016 - 11/06/2016

Thrust Fall Regional Junior & Cadet Circuit (Region 3) - Suffern, NY

CME:  Finn Miller SILVER, Zheng Yung 17th, Allen Marakov 45th, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 48th, Alex Schmid 71st, Michael Tsiporukha 73rd, Phillip Ding 75th

CMF:  Benito Hergert 57th

CMS:  Vaughn Rice 17th, Matthew Monteverde 20th, Darren Lei 31st, Jack Marsden 34th

CWE:  Hailey Hahn GOLD – Earns B!  Arianna Minassian 5th, Jessica Lin 10th, Diya Kulkarni 14th, Alexandra Drovetsky 18th, Jillian Yao 30th

CWF:  Elizabeth Yugov 49th

CWS:  Zoe Kim 21st

JME:  Jason Suh BRONZE – Earns A!  Finn Miller 5th, Graham Matthews 26th, Terry Su 27th, Zheng Yung 30th, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 35th

JMF:  Max Lewicki 11th, Dominic Heise 48th, Benito Hergert 52nd

JMS:  Vaughn Rice 24th, Matthew Monteverde 37th, Darren Lei 51st, Alan Zu 52nd

JWE:  Jessica Lin 7th, Eva Petronchak 9th, Lola Constantino 10th, Hailey Hahn 13th, Arianna Minassian 15th, Laura Boden 29th, Diya Kulkarni 42nd, Christine Chan 44th

JWF:  Brooke Stanicki 22nd, Rebecca Errickson 34th, Elizabeth Yugov 41st

JWS:  Caroline Sullivan 16th



New Jersey Fencing Alliance Division III M&W Epee - Maplewood, NJ

Div3M/WE:  Brianna Moglianesi SILVER



Morris Fencing Club Division 3 Epee - Randolph, NJ

Div3WE:  Diya Kulkarni GOLD – Earns E! Christine Chan BRONZE


Fencers Club Senior Women's Epee Grand Prix II – New York, NY

WE:  Dasha Yefremenko 6th, Jessica Lin 10th, Lola Constantino 11th, Ashley Cherry 12th



Atlantic Fencing Academy Sunday Division 3 Epee - Tinton Falls, NJ

Div3M/WE:  Laura Boden 8th, Phillip Ding 10th, Alex Schmid 12th, Haris Shareef16th

10/29/2016 – 10/30/2016

European Fencing Confederation Cadet Circuit – Klagenfurt, Austria

CWE:  Sofia Komar 13th out of 213 fencers from all over the world!

CTWE:  Sofia Komar (team United States of America 1) 4th out of 38 national teams!   


10/28/2016 - 10/30/2016

Ben Gutenberg Memorial Super Youth Challenge & Cadet - Brockport, NY

Y10MS:  Matthew Chan GOLD

Y10WE:  Victoria Chernyshova SILVER, Anousheh Reid BRONZE

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan 14th

Y12WE:  Meghana Paturu SILVER, Alexandra Drovetsky 6th, Victoria Chernyshova 14th, Elizabeth Chan 15th, Anousheh Reid 21st, Sobia Reid 22nd, Ashley Luo 23rd

Y12 WS:  Zoe Kim GOLD

Y14WE:  Meghana Paturu BRONZE, Alexandra Drovetsky 6th, Sobia Reid 25th, Elizabeth Chan 27th

Y14WS:  Zoe Kim SILVER

CWE:  Christine Chan 6th

CWF:  Elizabeth Yugov 11th



Manchen Academy of Fencing Friday Night Foil Open - Whitehouse Station, NJ

M/WF:  Benito Hergert 12th



Temple University Women's Epee, Foil & Sabre Open - Philadelphia, PA

WE:  Ashley Cherry SILVER



Atlantic Fencing Academy Sunday Youth Saber - Tinton Falls, NJ

Y14M/WS:  Luke Errickson 6th

10/21/2016 - 10/23/2016

Cobra Fencing Club Regional Junior & Cadet Circuit Region 3 - Jersey City, NJ

CME:  Zheng Yung 9th, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 10th, Finn Miller 17th, Terry Su 29th, Michael Tsiporukha 54th, Mihir Dontamsetti 75th

CMF:  Benito Hergert 59th

CMS:  Vaughn Rice 9th, Matthew Monteverde 57th

CWE:  Lola Constantino BRONZE, Hailey Hahn 6th, Alexandra Drovetsky 16th, Arianna Minassian 18th, Jillian Yao 21st, Diya Kulkarni 22nd, Christine Chan 23rd

CWF:  Elizabeth Yugov 31st, Anna Peczak 32nd

CWS:  Caroline Sullivan 19th, Zoe Kim 29th

JME:  Zheng Yung 11th, Jason Suh 26th, Graham Matthews 32nd, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 33rd, Finn Miller 34th, Rourke Hillyer 37th, Terry Su 41st, Felix Yin 51st, Ethan Clark 68th JMF:  Max Lewicki 6th, William Gaziano 11th, Henry Engel 71st, Benito Hergert 81st

JMS:  Vaughn Rice 12th, Luke Errickson 39th

JWE:  Dasha Yefremenko BRONZE, Jessica Lin 5th, Lola Constantino 12th, Hailey Hahn 17th, Arianna Minassian 25th, Laura Boden 32nd, Diya Kulkarni 34th, Jillian Yao 36th

JWF:  Brooke Stanicki 15th, Rebecca Errickson 20th



Escrimeur Fencers Club Division 3 and Open Sabre - East Brunswick, NJ

Div3MS: Luke Errickson 15th



Bucks County Academy of Fencing West Youth Mixed Foil #2 - Hatfield, PA

Y12M/WF:  Lapper Whitney 7th


Uhlmann Women’s Epee Junior World Cup – Laupheim, Germany

JWE:  Sofia Komar 34th, Dasha Yefremenko 102nd    


10/15/2016 - 10/16/2016

Durkan Fencing Academy Fall Regional Youth Circuit Region 3 - South Hackensack, NJ

Y10ME:  Ethan Boroditsky SILVER, Hudson Lee 7th

Y10MS:  Matthew Chan SILVER

Y10WE:  Anousheh Reid GOLD

Y12ME:  Ethan Boroditsky 8th

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan 9th, Pierce Jackson 26th

Y12WE:  Alexandra Drovetsky GOLD, Katie Lin SILVER, Elizabeth Chan 6th, Judy Gao 8th, Anousheh Reid 9th, Victoria Chernyshova 11th, Ashley Luo 16th, Sobia Reid 18th, Meghana Paturu 19th

Y12WS:  Clara Liang 17th

Y14ME:  Clark Kokenge 9th

Y14MF:  Advaith Rege 16th, Benito Hergert 42nd

Y14WE:  Diya Kulkarni SILVER, Alexandra Drovetsky BRONZE, Cindy Long 5th, Katie Lin 9th, Elizabeth Chan 10th, Jillian Yao 13th, Judy Gao 15th, Emma Ni 16th, Ameera Ebrahim 17th, Sobia Reid 19th, Lindsay Lee 20th

Y14WS:  Zoe Kim GOLD



Manchen Academy of Fencing Friday Night "U" Foil - Whitehouse Station, NJ

MF:  Adam Coe SILVER

10/7/2016 - 10/10/2016

October North American Cup (DV1, DV2, CDT & WCH) - Detroit, MI

CME:  Finn Miller 38th, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 99th

CMS:  Vaughn Rice 34th

CWE:  Jessica Lin 20th, Hailey Hahn 25th, Vivian Zhao 30th, Sofia Komar 34th, Honor Kovacs 42nd

CWF:  Elizabeth Yugov 126th

Div1ME:  Finn Miller 40th, Alexander van den Bergh 68th, Jason Suh 74th, Tristan Decker 100th, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 188th

Div1MF:  Max Lewicki 13th, Christopher Saulys 65th, William Gaziano 99th

Div1WE:  Dasha Yefremenko 23rd, Jessica Lin 27th, Sofia Komar 48th, Eva Petronchak 89th, Hailey Hahn 96th, Vivian Zhao 115th, Kristina Khaw 143rd

Div1WF:  Brooke Stanicki 90th

Div2MS:  Vaughn Rice 73rd

Div2WE:  Jessica Lin SILVER – Earns B!  Honor Kovacs 27th

Div2WF:  Brooke Stanicki 17th, Rebecca Errickson 31st, Elizabeth Yugov 45th


Rockland Fencers Club Foil & Epee Y8/Y10/Y12/Y14 - Nyack, NY

Y14M/WE:  Clark Kokenge BRONZE, Diya Kulkarni BRONZE, Cindy Long 8th



Zeljkovic Fencing Academy Open Foil & Open Epee - Willow Grove, PA

M/WE:  Kyle Mattson BRONZE


Fencers Club Senior Men's Epee Grand Prix I - New York City, NY

ME:  Finn Miller 12th



Lilov Fencing Academy Gambit Men's & Women's Sabre Open – Cedar Grove, NJ

M/WS:  Matthew Monteverde 11th



Start Your Engines Men's Epee & M/W Sabre at Medeo Fencing Club – Bridgewater, NJ

M/WS:  Alan Zu GOLD – Earns E!  Neil Chahil 8th

ME:  Jason Suh GOLD, Theodore Droar BRONZE – Earns D!  Earl Hergert BRONZE, Ethan Clark 5th, Oliver Slayne 9th, Stephen Stilianos 10th, Michael Tsiporukha 11th, Max Chernyshov 14th, Phillip Ding 17th


09/24/2016 - 09/25/2016

Mission Regional Junior & Cadet Circuit 2016 (Region 3) – Rocky Point, NY

CME:  Finn Miller SILVER, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 16th, Terry Su 24th

CMS:  Luke Errickson 56th

CWE:  Jessica Lin 5th, Arianna Minassian 15th, Diya Kulkarni 16th, Jillian Yao 29th

CWF:  Elizabeth Yugov 42nd

CWS:  Caroline Sullivan 10th, Zoe Kim 14th

JME:  Finn Miller 7th - Earns A!  Felix Yin 8th – Renews A!  Aiden Banyon-Mrak 11th – Renews B!  Terry Su 52nd

JMF:  Dominic Heise 15th, Henry Engel 69th

JMS:  Vaughn Rice 26th, Matthew Monteverde 50th

JWE:  Eva Petronchak SILVER, Vivian Zhao 18th

JWF:  Brooke Stanicki 30th, Rebecca Errickson 44th, Elizabeth Yugov 57th



Manchen Academy of Fencing Friday Night "U" Epee - Whitehouse Station, NJ

M/WE:  Kyle Mattson GOLD - Earns E!



13th Annual Porcupine Open Brooklyn Fencing Center - Brooklyn, NY

WF:  Rebecca Errickson 18th



Hub City Fencing Academy Division 3 Men's & Women's Sabre - Edison, NJ

M/WS:  Stephen Stilianos BRONZE


NYFA Youth Challenge #1 Epee Y8/10/12/14/Juniors, Brooklyn, NY

Y10 ME: Ethan Boroditsky – GOLD

09/17/2016 -09/18/2016

The Neil Lazar RYC /Cadet/Veteran ROC, New Haven, CT

Y10 WE: Victoria Chernyshova,  – GOLD

Y12 WE: Ashley Luo – BRONZE, Victoria Chernyshova – 7th, Judy Gao – 9th.

Y14 ME: Eric Wang -35th

Cadet WF: Elizabeth Yugov – 10th.


Fencers Club Senior Women's Epee Grand Prix I, New York, NY

WE:  Lola Constantino BRONZE

09/10/2016 - 9/11/2016

2016 Kick Off Open Div 1A, Div 2, ROC, Fredericksburg, VA 

Div 1A ME: Felix Yin – 21st, Alec Wrana 54th

Div 1A WE: Vivian Zhao – 5th

C & under WF: Elizabeth Yugov – 17th, Emily Saul -20th

09/10/2016 -09/11-2016

Thrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC) Rockland Community College - Suffern, NY

Y10ME:  Ethan Boroditsky SILVER

Y10MS:  Matthew Chan SILVER

Y12ME:  Ethan  Boroditsky 11th

Y12WE:  Meghana Paturu 5th, Alexandra Drovetsky 6th, Elizabeth Chan 7th, Katie Lin 9th, Victoria Chernyshova 16th

Y12WS:  Zoe Kim GOLD

Y14ME:  Clark Kokenge 19th, Eric Wang 42nd

Y14MF:  Advaith Rege 13th, Benito Hergert 35th

Y14WE:  Jessica Lin SILVER, Meghana Paturu 7th – Earns E!  Alexandra Drovetsky 9th, Jillian Yao 11th, Katie Lin 16th, Cindy Long 23rd

Y14WS:  Zoe Kim 14th


2016 New Jersey Senior Olympics Woodbridge High School - Woodbridge, NJ

VetM/WE:  Tom Tishman GOLD

VetMF:  Tom Tishman 6th

VetMS:  T. Michael Malecki BRONZE

VetWS:  Mary Malecki 7th


Manchen Academy of Fencing Friday Night "U" Foil - Whitehouse Station, NJ

MF: Advaith Rege GOLD – Earns E!  Adam Coe 6th



Bucks County Academy of Fencing M/W Epee Open - Lambertville, NJ

ME:  Lucas Huizenga 13th

09/03/2016 -09/04/2016

American Challenge ROC Region 3 at SMG SportsPlex - Metuchen, NJ

Div1AME:  Felix Yin 39th, Jason Suh 43rd, Finn Miller 57th, Terry Su 64th

Div2ME:  Ethan Clark SILVER, Terry Su 27th, Rafay Chaudhry 41st

Div1AMF:  William Gaziano 9th, Dominic Heise 52nd, Advaith Rege 82nd

Div2MF:  Dominic Heise GOLD – Earns C!  Advaith Rege 23rd, Benito Hergert 29th, Adam Coe 32nd, Paul Wang 50th, Henry Engel 55th

Div1AMS:  Vaughn Rice 23rd, Jacob Tharayil 53rd, Matthew Monteverde 57th

Div2MS:  Vaughn Rice 9th, Matthew Monteverde 41st, Alan Zu 42nd, Jacob Tharayil 52nd

Div1AWE:  Dariya Yefremenko SILVER, Lola Constantino 6th, Jessica Lin 7th, Kristina Khaw 15th, Arianna Minassian 27th, Eva Petronchak 29th,  Jillian Yao 31st

Div2WE:  Jessica Lin SILVER, Arianna Minassian BRONZE – Earns D!  Janice Midgley 13th, Jillian Yao 14th

Div1AWF:  Brooke Stanicki 34th, Anna Peczak 53rd, Elizabeth Yugov 57th

Div2WF:  Rebecca Errickson BRONZE, Brooke Stanicki 5th, Anna Peczak 7th – Renews E!  Elizabeth Yugov 13th

Div2WS:  Caroline Sullivan 7th


Freehold Fencing Academy Division III Foil - Freehold, NJ

Div3WF:  Laura Fan 12th


Medeo Fencing Club Last Days of Summer Division II Epee - Bridgewater, NJ

Div2M/WE:  Ethan  Clark GOLD, Jessica Lin SILVER, Theodore Droar BRONZE, Laura Boden 5th, Phillip Ding 6th, Emma Ni 8th, Shanmukha Akkapeddi 9th, Jillian Yao 10th, Cindy Long 11th, Edward Matto 12th, Kavin Elamurugan 13th, Ameera Ebrahim 14th


Rockland Fencers Club Foil Epee ROC Warm Up - Nyack, NY

ME:  Felix Yin 5th


New York Fencing Academy Pre-season Y12/Senior Mixed Epee #3 - Brooklyn, NY

Y12M/WE:  Ethan Boroditsky 8th, Alexandra Drovetsky 13th, Victoria Chernyshova 15th

M/WE:  Dariya Yefremenko 9th, Finn Miller 14th, Jessica Lin 25th, Michael Tsiporukha 35th



Attila Petschauer Sabre Open at Walker Field House - Poughkeepsie, NY

M/WS:  Vaughn Rice 8th, Matthew Monteverde 12th



New York Fencing Academy Pre-season C & Under Mixed Epee #2 - Brooklyn, NY

Div2M/WE:  Jessica Lin 14th, Michael Tsiporukha 26th

Y12M/WE:  Ethan Boroditsky 8th, Alexandra Drovetsky 10th, Victoria Chernyshova 16th



Freehold Fencing's Unrated Sabre - Freehold, NJ




New York Fencing Academy Pre-season Y14/Senior Mixed Epee #1 - Brooklyn, NY

Y14M/WE:  Ethan Boroditsky 11th

M/WE:  Finn Miller BRONZE, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 7th, Nisha Srinivas 14th



Bucks County Academy of Fencing Mixed Foil Open - Lambertville, NJ

M/WF:  Stephen Stilianos BRONZE Renews D!



Freehold Fencing Academy's Div III Epee - Freehold, NJ

Div3M/WE:  Kyle Mattson BRONZE, Shanmukha Akkapeddi 6th



08/06/2016 - 08/07/2016

New York State Fencing Summer Spectacular at Vassar College Walker Field House - Poughkeepsie, NY

M/WE:  Felix Yin 11th, Jason Suh 19th, Zheng Yung 20th

WE:  Lola Constantino GOLD Earns B!



Congratulations to all fencers, parents, and coaches!

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