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Medeo is the world famous, high mountainous skating rink. It was constructed in 1972 in a pictorial canyon 15 kilometers from Almaty, which was the capital of Kazakhstan until 1998. Its ice field surface is 10500 square meters and is the best place for international competitions in speed skating, hockey, figure skating, as well as other winter sports. The special refrigeration machinery allows the ice to be kept up to 9 months out of the year and skating tracks are supported year round.







The idea behind our fencing club being named for this extraordinary facility is the nickname that it received by the community throughout years of existence, it is named “The Champions Factory” for consistently producing high quality athletes.


Medeo Fencing Club (est. 1998) is one of the most successful fencing programs in the United States. For the past decade we have been teaching children and adults the safe and exciting sport of fencing. We offer classes for beginning and experienced fencers age six through veteran, as well as training for competitive fencers.

Over the years, we have produced National Champions, NCAA collegiate fencers, many HS State Champions, US National Team members as well as generations of recreational fencers.

We are dedicated to providing instruction and training to fencers of all ages an abilities.

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3E Chimney Rock Road, Unit B, Bound Brook, NJ 08805

Tel: 973-317-6446


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