2022 Medeo Elite Camp

with Guest Coach

(Coach Bio can be found below)

Aug 15 - 20 (6 Days)
*Min. 1-yr Competitive Experience, Ages 9 & Up
**Ages 9 & Up

9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

 Single & Half Days Available!

Bring Lunch for 60-minute break (12-1 PM)

$120 per day/ or $110 per day for Annual Members

Full week camp payments include $100 non-refundable deposit/$100 required with application (week’s

balance due first day of camp)

 Daily physical conditioning, footwork, fencing drills, group lessons, bouting, a tournament and ice cream Fridays. World Class guest coaches. Scoring machines. Metallic strips. Fitness machines. Fencing equipment provided for beginners.

Vending Machine, Refrigerators, Microwave oven, complimentary. Fencers must bring their own lunch. Wi-Fi access on premises.

Being at Medeo Summer Camp for one week is like fencing an additional 1/4 of a season! This is one of THE best ways that fencers can improve quickly. It is also a way to interact and fence with fencers from MANY different schools and programs.

For more info. E-mail: medeofencing@aol.com or call: (732) 469-2244