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07/01/2017 – 07/10/2017
2017 USA Fencing Summer Nationals and July Challenge – Salt Lake City, UT

CMF:  Benito Hergert 170th

CWE:  Lola Constantino 8th PLACE MEDAL – Earns A!  Jessica Lin 41st, Diya Kulkarni     43rd, Honor Kovacs 65th, Meghana Paturu 70th, Jillian Yao 98th, Alexandra                       Drovetsky 103rd

CWS:  Zoe Kim 7th PLACE MEDAL – Earns A!  Caroline Sullivan 25th

Div1AME:  Ethan Clark 81st, Terry Su 86th, Finn Miller 125th, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 157th

Div1AMF:  Max LewickI 9th, Christopher Saulys 18th

Div1AMS:  Vaughn Rice 102nd

Div1AWE:  Sofia Komar 14th, Dasha Yefremenko 38th, Lola Constantino 42nd, Kristina   Khaw 59th, Ashley Cherry 74th, Laura Boden 109th

Div1AWF:  Rebecca Errickson 89th

Div1ME:  Finn Miller 22nd, Benjamin Wieder 58th, Alec Ajnsztajn 101st, Terry Su 120th

Div1MF: Christopher Saulys 70th, Max Lewicki 105th

Div1WE:  Jessica Lin 34th, Sofia Komar 35th, Eva Petronchak 43rd

Div2ME:  Allen Marakov 60th, Terrry Su 150th, Daniel Shell 167th

Div2MF:  Dominic Heise 31st, Advaith Rege 109th, Benito Hergert 179th

Div2MS:  Matthew Monteverde 117th

Div2WE:  Jessica Lin GOLD MEDAL - NATIONAL CHAMPION!  Laura Boden 32nd,           Honor Kovacs 36th, Diya Kulkarni 75th, Cindy Long 104th, Brianna Moglianesi 108th, Arianna Minassian 136th

Div2WF:  Elizabeth Yugov 32nd, Rebecca Errickson 130th

Div2WS:  Caroline Sullivan 71st

Div3ME:  Daniel Shell 47th, Allen Marakov 130th, Phillip Ding 131st, Nicholas Bhimani     139th, Clark Kokenge 144th

Div3MF:  Dominic Heise GOLD MEDAL – NATIONAL CHAMPION & Renews C!            Advaith Rege 16th - Renews E!  Benito Hergert 55th, Henry Engel 75th

Div3MS:  Matthew Monteverde 21st

Div3WE:  Laura Boden 6th PLACE MEDAL, Brianna Moglianesi 27th, Cindy Long 40th,   Arianna Minassian 42nd, Diya Kulkarni 47th

Div3WF:  Elizabeth Yugov 27th, Rebecca Errickson 34th

Div3WS:  Caroline Sullivan BRONZE MEDAL

JME:  Jason Suh 7th PLACE MEDAL – Renews A!  Finn Miller 39th, Aiden Banyon-Mrak 80th, Rourke Hillyer 132nd, Terry Su 172nd, Ethan Clark 211th

JMF:  Max Lewicki 20th, Dominic Heise 227th

JMS:  Vaughn Rice 80th, Darren Lei 188th, Matthew Monteverde 201st

JWE:  Dasha Yefremenko 28th, Honor Kovacs 53rd, Sofia Komar 67th, Lola Constantino   69th, Jessica Lin 72nd, Hailey Hahn 82nd, Eva Petronchak 87th, Ashley Cherry 100th, Laura Boden 106th

JWF:  Rebecca Errickson 159th

JWS: Caroline Sullivan 46th

STWE:  Sofia Komar, Ashley Cherry, Lola Constantino & Yuliya Ganser 6th

Vet40WE:  Yuliya Ganser 5th PLACE MEDAL

Vet50ME:  Sergey Suponya BRONZE MEDAL, Earl Hergert 11th

Vet60ME:  Tom Tishman 33rd

Vet60MS:  Richard Brown 6th PLACE MEDAL

Vet60WE:  Janice Midgley 7th PLACE MEDAL

Y10ME:  Ethan Boroditsky 5th PLACE MEDAL

Y10MS:  Matthew Chan BRONZE MEDAL

Y10WE:  Sarah GU 5th PLACE MEDAL, Ashley Luo 10th, Victoria Chernyshova 15th,  Anousheh Reid 23rd

Y12ME:  Ethan Boroditsky 87th

Y12MS:  Matthew Chan 21st

Y12WE:  Alexandra Drovetsky 5th PLACE MEDAL – Renews E!  Katie Lin 9th, Meghana  Paturu 24th, Elizabeth Chan 26th, Judy Gao 53rd, Ashley Luo 55th, Sobia Reid 69th, Victoria Chernyshova 76th, Anousheh Reid 88th, Sarah Gu 90th

Y12WS:  Zoe Kim 17th, Joanna Rizkala 33rd

Y14ME: Allen Marakov 122nd

Y14MF:  Advaith Rege 53rd, Benito Hergert 96th  

Y14WE:  Jessica Lin 9th, Alexandra Drovetsky 22nd – Renews E!  Diya Kulkarni 32nd, Katie Lin 40th, Meghana Paturu 55th, Elizabeth Chan 75th, Judy Gao 84th, Sobia Reid 132nd

Y14WS:  Zoe Kim 24th, Joanna Rizkala 108th

Medeo Fencing Club: One of the Best
Clubs at 2017 Summer Nationals

The recent USA Fencing National Championships and July Challenge (the Summer Nationals) attracted 4,052 fencers from 362 clubs, down from 412 clubs last year. Billed as the world’s largest fencing tournament, the Summer Nationals were held at The Salt Palace Convention Center in Temple, Salt Lake City, UT and included 78 individual and 6 senior team competitions in all three weapons: epee, foil and saber.

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