BA, MA in Physical Education, Graduated from Academy of Physical Education, Wroclaw, Poland in 2002

Specialization: fencing, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and sport management.

24 years of fencing experience, 12 years of coaching experience

Member of Polish National Team since 1995

Highlights of his fencing career:

  • Produced: 2005 DIV2 Summer Nationals Bronze medalist Adam Pantel

  • 2000 – 5th place in seniors

  • Polish National Championships Junior World cup

  • 1997 – Junior National Champion 1996 – 6th place in Germany

  • 1996 – 2nd place in junior category 1996 – 2nd place in London

  • 1996 – 5th place in seniors 1996 – 5th place in Bratislava

  • 1995 – 3rd place in junior category 1995 – 5th place in Budapest

  • European Junior Championship Senior World Cup

  • 1997 – 6th place France

  • 1996 – 6th place in Hungary 1996 – 6th place in Russia

  • Junior World Championship

1996 – 5th place in World Championships in Belgium

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