Fourteen medels & Two National Champions Return from 2016 Summer Nationals

2016 USA Fencing National Championships & July Challenge - Dallas TX

CWE:  Sofia Komar 6th; Kristina Khaw 21st; Vivian Zhao 27th

Div1WE:  Sofia Komar 11th

Div1AME:  Jason Suh 32nd

Div1AMF:  Max Lewicki BRONZE MEDAL

Div1AWE:  Sofia Komar 5th; Eva Petronchak 13th; Vivian Zhao 18th; Dasha Yefremenko 19th; Kristina Khaw 25th

Div2ME:  Finn Miller BRONZE MEDAL

Div2WE :  Kristina Khaw GOLD MEDAL; Vivian Zhao SILVER MEDAL; Eva Petronchak 17th

Div2WF:  Brooke Stanicki 23rd

Div2WS:  Caroline Sullivan 32nd

Div3ME:  Earl Hergert 10th; Daniel Shell 12th; Theodore Droar 14th

Div3MS:  Vaughn Rice 17th

Div3WE:  Eva Petronchak 6th

Div3WF:  Elizabeth Yugov 22nd

JWE:  Hailey Hahn 31st

STWE:  Yuliya Ganser, Sofia Komar, Eva Petronchak, & Vivian Zhao BRONZE MEDAL

Vet-40ME:  Michael Mrak 21st

Vet-40WE:  Yuliya Ganser GOLD MEDAL

Vet-60ME:  Tom Tishman BRONZE MEDAL

Vet-60MF:  Tom Tishman 30th

Vet-60MS:  Vincent Paragano 9th; Richard Brown 12th

Vet-60WE:  Janice Midgley BRONZE MEDAL

Y-14WE:  Jessica Lin 23rd

Y-12WE:  Jessica Lin 7th

Safety Disclaimer:  For the safety of our fencers and pursuant to the United States Fencing Association regulations, we are requiring all fencers to wear FULL uniform when fencing. This includes knickers, jacket and underarm protector. If you are not wearing any one of those items, you will be asked to stop. Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience.

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