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Coach Yakov

            COACH YAKOV DANILENKO, Founder & Head Coach of Medeo Fencing Club

Yakov is a distinguished professional fencing coach with a wealth of accolades and achievements. He holds two higher education diplomas: a Master's degree in physical education specializing in fencing coaching and teaching, and a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

Recognized for his outstanding contributions to coaching the Kazakhstan National Team from 1990 to 1995, Yakov was honored with the title of Merited Coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan, bestowed upon coaches who demonstrate exceptional national and international success.

Since 1996, Yakov has continued his coaching career in the USA, where he has cultivated remarkable talent. His accomplishments include producing a Junior World Champion, as well as two Silver Medalists and three Bronze Medalists at the World Championships. Additionally, Yakov has coached numerous World Cup winners and medalists in cadet and junior categories, along with mentoring 23 US National Champions across various categories, in addition to hundreds of National medalists, A-rated fencers, and High School Champions.

The impact of Yakov's coaching extends beyond the fencing field, with hundreds of his students gaining acceptance to prestigious universities such as Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Northwestern, NYU, Penn State, Princeton, Stanford, Stevens, Temple, UNC, UPENN, Yale, and others.


Yakov possesses a remarkable ability to connect with students of all skill levels. Under his guidance, aspiring fencers tap into their own natural and unique abilities to help them reach their fencing potential. 

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