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AMY TONG, Mental Strength and Conditioning Coach

Amy helps their students build and hone their strengths, both physically and mentally. Their footwork and conditioning classes are tailored to their students’ goals and needs, while also designed to improve mobility, sharpen technique, and build explosive strength overall. In addition to classes focused on physical strength, Amy also offers private mental strength lessons, where they support students’ journeys toward developing grit and resilience and teach strategies for facing adversity in competition and other high-pressure moments in their lives.


Amy has been fencing at Medeo since 2008. The sport led them to Columbia University, where they were captain and starter of the three-time Ivy League championship and two-time NCAA championship team. Before college, they were captain of Ridge High School's team, where they were a champion in the state individual and squad events. After college, Amy worked as a teen health educator and is now building a peer counseling collective to provide informal mental health care for people of color in NYC. They love talking to young people about how to feel comfortable and strong in their bodies.

Columbia University:
Graduated in 2018 with a BA in Neuroscience & Behavior and Anthropology and Senior Marshal Honors.
Team Captain
Ivy League Team Champion (3x)
NCAA Team Champion (2x)

Silver NAC 2013 – Louisville, KY
5th Place Junior Olympics 2013 – Baltimore, MD

High School:
Team Captain
NJ Individual Champion 2013
NJ Squad State Champion (2x)
NJ Cup 1st Place (2x)
District Squad Champion (3x)
District Individual Champion (2x)
Ridge High School Athlete of the Month (3x)

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