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Sabre coach, Coach George Parfenov!

George graduated from the Russian University of Sport «GTSOLIFK» 
The Russian University of Sport «GTSOLIFK» is the largest higher educational establishment in Russia and abroad  in the field of physical education and sports.

During its existence, «GTSOLIFK» has established itself as a leading sports university for the training of highly qualified staff. During the activity of the university, more than 60 thousand highly qualified specialists have been trained, including about 5 thousand foreign specialists from 115 countries of the world. Among its students and graduates, there are more than 200 Olympic champions, European and world champions.


George started fencing when he was 12 years old in Russia, studying with European Champion, Dmitry Kustov, and World Champion Elisaveta Gorst among others.

Some of his awards as a young sabre fencer:
1st Place Moscow (Cadet Age) Championships 
Bronze- 2001 Russian Championships (Cadets) in individual & team championships
Bronze- 2002 Jr Championships Moscow

George has been coaching students of all ages for 15 years, including group and individual training, competition prep as well as organizing sports camps in the leading fencing clubs in Moscow , Russia, and Podgorica, Montenegro.

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